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Peugeot 206 S 1.1 3dr

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    5 Reviews
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      16.07.2012 16:13


      • Reliability


      Very Reliable but if you have children wouldn't recommend

      This car is very reliable and has never had any problems in my 4 years of ownership. I use this car for all types of travel both business and for pleasure and it is still coping well. It was 5 years old when I got it so is now fast approaching the ten year mark, this is proof that it's reliable to never have broken down once in that timeframe is pretty impressive. Last year had to get some new break pads but other than that very little maintenance required to keep this car running. The back seat is a tight squeeze for even my younger cousins let alone adults(definitely not built to be spacious) The boot is also not very useful if you are someone looking to do a big shop once a month. It is quite a smart car to look at, even though I think the consensus may be it is more of a girls car ;-) but the style actually makes it unisex.
      The big downside for guys is the 1.1L engine and therefore the acceleration or lack of is very poor. I am in the market for a new car now as my insurance has come down enough now so that I can go up to around the 1.4L engine size without fainting at the cost. In that respect it is a good car for first time buyers. All in all I would recommen this car to people of all ages and gender, unless you really need some speed and acceleration then I would look for either an upgraded model or different car type.


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      10.08.2011 12:25
      Very helpful



      Overall a decent entry level car

      Peugeot 206 1.1 litre petrol 55 plate.

      The Peugeot 206 is a french manufactured car.
      The particular model I own is the 3 door 1.1 litre petrol engine (1124 cc) 60 PS (59 hp/44 kW) model.
      I bought the car when it was 2 years old and it had only 14k miles from 1 previous owner.

      Lets first give you some basic stats on the car itself

      Body Type-----------Hatchback
      Fuel Type------------Petrol
      Insurance Group---2, 3
      Engine Size (cc)----1124
      Towing Limit (kg)---700
      Boot Capacity (ltr)-1130
      Transmission type---5 Speed Manual Gearbox
      Classification---------Compact Car
      CO2 Emissions-------148 g/km - (Man)
      Emissions Class------EU3
      NCAP Rating----------NCAP 4 Star Rating
      Acceleration-----------(0 - 62 mph) 15.1 seconds - (Man)
      Max Speed (mph)----98
      Warranty--------------3 years / 60000 miles
      Fuel Cap (litres)------50
      Torque------------------70@2800 lb/ft
      Driven Wheels--------Front (FWD)

      LOOK and FEEL
      To be honest the look of the car is quite nice for a small compact car and in comparrison to the other 3 door hatchbacks out there. It's sleek and well shaped. Very easy to clean as its so small. It has good visability from the drivers seat which is a plus. The engine is one of the rare few that if your willing can be tinkered with without the need for specialist equipment. I myself changed the radiator on it with ease and i'm no mechanic. The dials ind instrument panel while plain is still functional.
      one gripe though is the location of the window switches to move them up and down... can be awkward to find whilst your driving. I much prefer them actually on the door itself instead of next to the gearstick .

      If you are after a car with ANY kind of power and vroom then this isnt the car for you. The statistics say 0-62 mph in 15.1 seconds, which might be right if the car is empty or going downhill. Reality is that its VERY slow. and with the boot full with shopping and a passanger then you'll be lucky to actually get to 70mph before you die of old age.

      Other than that its really easy to drive. it isnt the most comfortable car but it is perfectly fine for day to day use. In the wet weather the front wheels tend to understear a little. Probably due to the tiny wheels and tyres with the lack of grip. This car really is just for the in town and going to the shops type girly car.

      Its very easy to park and subsequently great for multistory carparks and the urban jungle.

      And the economy isnt bad either. This 1.1 petrol gets around 35mph combined and a little more on a run
      around 40 to the gallon.

      Other than electric windows and a cd player, there isnt much extra, it really is a bare bones entry level 206. No luxuary extras here.

      If your after a cheap and chearful, decent looking and ok economy small car that's great around town
      but very slow then this is for you. But dont expect to break the sound barrier.


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      17.03.2010 20:31
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Very good would recommend

      After year from passing my driving test i was fed up of driving my old micra banger car and wanted to find something abit more stylish.
      My mum has always had peugeots and always said they were good reliable cars and you always see quite a few pf them around so therefore other people must share ny mums opinion.
      After looking at various similar cars, i decided on get a peugeot 206 as they seemed good value for money and a perfect run around car to me to work and back and any other short trips i would take.
      From the minute i got i fell in love with it and was proud to drive it un like my previous car.
      I don't have children and therefore do not have many people seating in the back of car. I could imagine it wouldn't be a very good family car, as the catches on the seats to allow people to climb into back are a abit tempermental. My passenger one has actually fallen off and i don't believe this is due to people taking little care while using it. I do feel it a design fault as if you don't get the handle in exactly the right place it makes a horrible noise. Therefore this may be a big problem if you were planning to have people seating in the back alot of the time.
      A big advantage of this car is very cheap insurance as it is only a 1.1. This is particalary useful for me as i only passed my driving test a couple of years ago anf therefore have not got that many years no claims bonus so anything that helps lower the cost of car insurance is definately a big help.
      I think this car is more pratically for shorter people. My partner is over 6 foot and finds it very difficult to drive. However i quite bit smalled and it suits me just perfect a very compftable drive.
      I think it is an extremly good car as it very good value for money and pleasing to the eye to look at and touch wood it hasn't broke down on me yet!


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      14.03.2009 11:04
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      This car is great for first-time drivers or experience drivers and has something to suit everyone!

      I have just replaced my 04 Volkswagen Beetle with a 2.0 litre engine for one of these and I have to say, this is much more fun to drive! I sold my Beetle because I'd taken out finance on it and still had quite a lot outstanding, however work commitments meant that I was now getting the train to work and barely using my car, so it seemed that I was paying a fortune a month for something that I wasn't using!

      When looking for a new car, my main search factors were for something smaller, cheaper and less costly on tax, insurance and petrol. I wasn't particularly fussy about models, though there were a few I knew I didn't want! After a long weekend of searching we found the perfect car for me, a Peugeot 206 (2003 registration) in a light metallic blue colour (moonstone I believe it's called!) and the exact specifications were that it was a 1.1 Verve model. So that is the car that I will be reviewing from my first impressions after two weeks of ownership!

      The model
      The Verve model comes with all the extra little bits that you want to have in your car. I like my mod cons and having just had a car that had all those, I didn't really want to go back to the era of cassettes and stuffiness. The Verve has air conditioning (an absolute must have as far as I'm concerned!), heated rear window and door mirrors, steering wheel radio controls and a cd player. I'm not entirely sure what comes as part of the standard model so there could be extra bits which come with the verve but I just want to list the things that I know aren't standard.

      The look
      Peugeot 206's aren't one of those happy smiley looking cars - their head lamps make them look a bit more growly and sporty, yet they are still cute and fun looking at the same time! The body is slim and the design has been kept for going on ten years now and new models are still popular, so it's look is obviously well loved and still trendy today.

      The interior
      I say I'm not fussy, but some cars have awful looking interiors with weird and ugly seat cloth and I wonder why manufacturers do that? The peugeot 206 seat cloths are usually plain, however some models have a seat cloth that I was not willing to contend with - velour. Now velour seats are probably fine if you're a man that always wears trousers, however for us women they can be a nightmare! If you sit on a velour seat with bare legs it feels really itchy and uncomfortable and I've always had to put a jumper or something down to sit on in other people's cars in the summer when I'm wearing a skirt or shorts. So ladies, consider that a warning! Luckily my model has grey cloth seats so I'll be itch free this summer! They are quite plain with no unsightly patterns or colours so easy on the eye too.

      The dash is simple but efficient and there is an electronic display which tells you the time and what radio station you're on. It's in a good location so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to be able to check out whether you're running late or not. It also has the usual speedometer etc and a rev counter (very good for people that are learning to drive!). The radio controls are easy to use and in the Verve edition you also have radio controls on your steering wheel which is a complete novelty to me but very handy if you don't like listening to talking or adverts and just want to flick around to find stations actually playing music! The air conditioning and heated rear window/door mirror buttons are also on the dash. Everything is within easy reach and you're not going to veer off the road because you're desperately trying to reach the button to turn the air con on! The glove box is quite large compared to my Beetle and is lit which is quite handy and the boot is also quite large, with more space than other similar models if I remember rightly!

      I have found this car to be quite comfortable so far. When I read reviews of this car before buying it there were complaints of feeling that you're too upright but if you adjust the seat accordingly this needn't be the case. I generally sit in quite a relaxed position when I'm driving and I've not had any problems. I've also sat as a passenger in my mum's 206 (she's a driving instructor so has a newer but similar model) and have always found it to be comfortable.

      I've found this car really fun to drive! For a 1.1 engine it gets up to speed quite quickly and it's not too noisy at high speeds and on the motorway. The gear change is easy and it slips into reverse easily as well - something which I've found that some cars have difficulty with! The steering is very light and this is what gives it the fun factor - at high speeds it feels like you're flying! That might just be my own interpretation though as my last car was quite heavy and sturdy. I've read complaints of the pedals being at a weird angle - I think that again you need to adjust your seat appropriately and sit a little further back than you do in other cars. It has a foot rest by the clutch pedal which I don't use but I occasionally catch my foot on if I have my feet quite high up on the pedals, however it's not the sort of thing that you'd get your foot caught on and doesn't affect your driving, you just feel it there sometimes.

      The visibility is good, I haven't noticed a lot of blind spots and therefore I was comfortable maneuvering it straight away. My Beetle was really difficult to manoeuvre so this is a breath of fresh air in comparison!

      Overall, the drive is nippy and fun and the car adapts comfortably between town and motorway driving.

      My car has dual airbags and the seatbelts have pretensioners like most cars do these days so that they lock into place on impact, stopping forward movement. The car has a 4 star Euro NCAP rating for adult occupants and 2 stars for pedestrians.

      The tax on my model is £120 a year and the insurance is also very cheap as it is a small car with a small engine. It seems to be quite fuel efficient but it's all to do with how you drive it - if you're going to floor it everywhere because it only has a small engine, then you're going to use a lot more petrol than you would driving it efficiently!

      These cars have been around for around ten years now, so you can get an older model at a bargain price or a newer model with more mod cons for a more expensive price, so there really is a model to suit every budget!

      This is my third car and I can thoroughly recommend it for first-time drivers and experienced drivers alike. My mum is a driving instructor and she loves her 206, her pupil's love driving it and find it easy to drive, they often go on to buy one as their first car because they've had such a good experience in them. It is comfortable and fun to drive, nippy around town, with a good level of mod cons and plenty of storage space.


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        29.04.2008 22:57
        Very helpful



        Would love a CC version...maybe one day (sorry Pete)

        ~~**~~ Peugeot 206 S 1.1. 3DR~~**~~

        First of all let me explain something - I've not got a clue about cars and the lingo that is unfortunately synonymous with them, however, I do feel I'm qualified enough to talk about comfort, driveabilityness and whether the free mats were worth arguing for.

        In the beginning I had a mini (a real mini) that was my pride and joy. A hand-me-down from granny who unfortunately decided to purchase it unbelievably in diarrhoea colour hence it was known as the Poomobile and the whole of the county recognised her - it was great. Regrettably, her floor fell through and she went to the great scrapheap in the sky. After a period of mourning, I had a number of small cars after that - fiesta (fell apart), 106 (brother drove it into a tree), yaris (god I hated that car) and another mini that was the death of my bank balance - two grand out of pocket, the parents stepped in and announced they were going to get me a decent car that wouldn't have me ringing to ask for the AA's number yet again (who by the way are fantastic).

        After much debate about whether to buy brand new and get free insurance blah blah blah we went with second hand but not too old and from what mother announced was a 'reputable dealer' and definitely not ebay. Henceforth, with the premise of a vaguely free car (paying parents back rarely occurs though dammit he made me set up a DD), I dragged them through every dealership in the North West. I decided on the 206 after a meagre test-drive where I swung it round corners and tested the acceleration with aplomb to announce once safely back that it's a nippy bugger and I'd like it please mummy and daddy x x We got a good deal on the crusty escort (oh yeah I had one of those at the time) and I blagged free mats too and a key ring. Yep I know how to drive a hard bargain. And that was that...

        Pete is brilliant. Many vehicles that I've abused over the years have not come close to having a name but he's a star. I rag him through the country lanes and he's not keeled over yet. I'll now sum him up under important (to me) headings:

        Durability: "Oo you should never buy a Peugeot, it'll never last" - why do people bestow you with this information after you've made the purchase? Well, ha, he's lasted til now. Ok, it's been 4 years since his birth and only 2 since I've adopted him from the mean lady who gave him away but there's no sign of rust and the things that I've had replaced are bulbs, an exhaust (idiots at Perry's dealership broke it) and 4 tyres (but I drive like a tit so I guess that's my fault). In my eyes he's lasted well so far.

        Reliability: We've had the AA out twice - Perry's are muppets - first time powersteering fluid was all gone as they'd not connected it properly after servicing, and second cos Perry's had not connected pipe properly to radiator thingy after MOT (which was free after the servicing incident) and it overheated and flashed wildly at me. Touch wood, that's it. Mother thinks it's unreliable but that's not Pete's fault really.

        Attractiveness: He's a stunner. 3 Door svelte black and a twinkle in his striking headlights - he certainly turns heads. Actually he doesn't because there are billions of 206s out there but I think it's a good looking car that I'm not ashamed to be seen in. I've got the S version which I believe means 'Super interior' - red and black inside - I like it but mother thinks it's garish, bless her.

        Driveability: Apart from the mini, I've never had such an easy car to park. I can even do the reverse parallel thing which impresses passengers no end (my friends don't get out much). It's nippy so I can get past tractors and infuriating Sunday drivers but there's not much go in it for the motorway, however as he's regularly on the M6 I know he can hold his own at 90mph. He does all the bends with confidence throughout the Trough of Bowland and I love rallying him home from mother's house at night (she lives in the middle of nowhere, literally).

        Comfort and Space: There's plenty of room for my big ol butt and I've driven him on a few 5 hour journeys only stopping for petrol (no leg cramps unlike the crappy Yaris). Also there's loads of room for passengers and their hand-bags - mother enjoyed our trip to the midlands in it with her only comment being that it smelt - score one to Peugeot but a bit of slap for me for not spraying air freshener around after having wet dog in the boot - which by the way is roomy enough to put 3 Labradors, or by putting the seats down, a table and 4 chairs - bargain. My back seat is currently filled with rubbish but should a person want to sit there comfortably, they could - if only I had enough friends to use the back seats.

        Extras: There's a flip top bit in the front for a McDonalds fund and some weird little compartments in the centre armrest that are good for nowt. The glove compartment is fairly roomy but has no lock on it but the saving grace is the side pockets which are perfect for the Maccy Ds coke containers and cans of normal sizes but not bottles of pop. I'm not saying you should base the purchase of a 206 on this information alone but I do feel it's an important aspect! There's also a cigarette lighter - essential for Tomtom and ipod use alike. The stereo system it came with is fine - it's nowt exciting, it's just fine. As I recently found out, the spare wheel is one of those pants temporary ones but I suppose they're all now these on the more modern cars. Mine has remote locking, air con (like that's needed in this country) and electric windows - the switches for these are ridiculously positioned in the middle near the armrest so that when you and your passenger both want to put the windows down you touch hands and have that awkward moment when you want to say sorry but I'm not a lesbian and a dubious silence follows, however, the saving grace is that should you forget to put the window up when you've turned off the engine, you can still close them for a while after before opening the door. Wow, I hear you cry. Yes indeed, Wow.

        Overall Pete with his 04 plate cost £5000 2 years ago. I hope he'll stay with me for a lot longer but if times get tight, at least I know he'll hold his value fairly well (apparently). His tank holds £40 but I dunno how many miles it does because I'm not that organised, when he's thirsty I put petrol in, when he's full I rejoice at not having to bother again for a few days. Hope this review has been of help - I feel I've covered the aspects important to me as a car buyer. Just remembered I had a metro too - not sure the demise that befell it but it can't have been a very memorable car! Yep, the 206 is so far the best car I've had and definitely the least embarrassing. I've given it 4 stars because I don't want to jinx it!

        Random Peugeot Information:
        It's not bad for insurance (Group 4 according to Peugeot website or 3 according to Ciao) making it cheap(ish)
        You can get Pete on ebay for £4295 - bargain.
        Peugeot made one of the Pope's armoured vehicles - told you they were durable.
        The 206 has consistently been the top seller in its class since 1998 - how exciting.
        The free mats were average.

        Thanks for reading.
        May appear on other review sites if I have the energy...


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