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Help - dooyooMiles

by dooyoo | 07.03.2014

dooyoo values member contributions so we like to reward our members with dooyooMiles! dooyooMiles can be redeemed for cash or amazon.co.uk vouchers or donated to charity.

Browse this section to find out how you can benefit from the dooyooMiles system.

1. What are dooyooMiles?

We really appreciate your participation as an active member in the dooyooCommunity, which is why we reward your activity with dooyooMiles. You are eligible to earn dooyooMiles if you are 18 or over and you're a resident of the UK.

You can earn dooyooMiles in four ways; by writing Premium Reviews (reviews with more than 150 words of genuine, useful consumer opinion), if you are awarded a Crown for a particularly excellent review, by taking part in the dooyoo Competitions, and when other dooyoo members read your reviews. Your review will continue earning dooyooMiles for a full six months from the date that you post it on the site.

2. How many dooyooMiles do I get?

How many dooyooMiles you earn depends on the categories in which you like to post your reviews. The product categories on dooyoo are divided into three levels, with different amounts of dooyooMiles being awarded in each.

For a Premium Review in the more complicated and sought-after categories, such as for many electronic items, you'll receive 600 dooyooMiles for posting your review plus 20 dooyooMiles for each member reading you receive (Level 1). For slightly less tricky or more common categories, you'll receive 300 dooyooMiles when you post your Premium Review and 15 dooyooMiles for each member reading (Level 2), and for reviews in categories that are less popular with consumers researching their products on dooyoo, you'll receive 100 dooyooMiles for your review plus 10 dooyooMiles for each member read (Level 3).

You can find out exactly how many dooyooMiles you'll receive for reviews in your favourite categories by checking the site map (you must be logged in).

Outstanding reviews are rewarded with a Crown. Apart from the honour and glory, a Crown will earn you an additional 1,500 dooyooMiles. We also award bonus dooyooMiles to our competition winners each month- please see the Competitions page for the full info about entering and prizes.
Reviews in the dooyoo Lounge discussion categories are handled a little differently, these do not earn dooyooMiles when they are posted, but will accrue 10 dooyooMiles each time they are read by other members.

The only other exception is reviews posted in our Archive section. Products in this section are usually out of date and therefore will not accrue dooyooMiles. If you want to write about a product that is listed in our Archives, but you believe it is still current, please contact the dooyoo Team.


Level 1

600 dooyooMiles per review/20 dooyooMiles per reading

Level 2

300 dooyooMiles per review/15 dooyooMiles per reading

Level 3

100 dooyooMiles per review/10 dooyooMiles per reading


10 dooyooMiles per reading

3. How do I know how many dooyooMiles I've earned?

To check how many dooyooMiles you've earned, simply log in and visit your account at 'My Account'. There you will see how many dooyooMiles you have earned, how many you have waiting to be redeemed and how many you have already redeemed.

4. What can I do with my dooyooMiles?

You can exchange your dooyooMiles for:

Amazon.co.uk e-vouchers

Once you have earned at least 20,000 dooyooMiles you can redeem them for an Amazon.co.uk voucher, and once your request has been processed by the dooyooTeam the gift voucher code will be emailed to you directly from Amazon.co.uk. You will usually receive the email from Amazon within 10 days of redeeming your dooyooMiles.

5. How do I cash in my dooyooMiles?

Redeeming your dooyooMiles is easy. Just follow these steps to get your reward for all your contributions:

* Log in
* Go to 'My Account'
* Click on the 'Redeem My dooyooMiles' tab in the menu on the left of the screen.
* Three options are available for you to convert your dooyooMiles: cash, Amazon.co.uk vouchers, or donation to a charity. Click the link below your chosen option - 'You have enough dooyooMiles for an amazon voucher / to convert to cash / to donate to a charity'
* Follow the instructions and fill out the details required.
dooyoo will send you a confirmation email once your redemption request has been received and your payment will be processed within 10 working days.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours contact the dooyoo Team with your username and email address so that we can rectify any problem for you.

6. What are pending dooyooMiles and when can I redeem them?

As soon as you earn new dooyooMiles they are added directly to 'pending' section of your dooyooMiles account. The dooyooMiles remain in 'pending' status for a period of 72 hours, to allow for the standard security checks of the site to be run. The dooyooMiles are then automatically transferred into your 'redeemable' balance, and are available for you to redeem.

Of course it is very important to us here at dooyoo HQ, not to mention all our upstanding, law-abiding members, that all dooyooMiles are earned honestly, so even if the 72 hour security period has passed, any dooyooMiles earned through breaches of the Site Rules will still be removed.

7. Do dooyooMiles expire? How long do I have to redeem my dooyooMiles?

dooyooMiles can be exchanged for vouchers with a cash value and therefore are treated as currency by the dooyoo bean counters. For this reason it is necessary to have a limitation on the validity of dooyooMiles. Don't worry, you still have plenty of time to accumulate and redeem your dooyooMiles before they expire.

dooyooMiles expire 12 months after the date they are earned, and you will be alerted before this happens - any dooyooMiles in your account that will expire within the next month are displayed in the 'Will expire (30 days)' column of your dooyooMiles account. If you see a number other than zero in this column it's time to get busy and write some new Premium Reviews so that you can redeem your dooyooMiles!

8. I didn't get any dooyooMiles for my last review / my dooyooMiles seem to have decreased. Is there something wrong with my dooyooMiles account?

To answer this question, we first need to ask you a quick question... did you recently write a review in either the dooyoo Lounge or Archive category? You can check this by visiting your account and clicking on the Premium Reviews link under the My Reviews heading on your profile page. For each review, the review title, reviewed product, and category are shown.

If the category is either 'Discussion' or anything starting with 'Archive' then your review is not entitled to a dooyooMiles writing bonus. Reviews in the dooyoo Lounge / Discussion category do, however, receive 10 dooyooMiles for every member read they receive. This is the most common reason why you might think that your dooyooMiles have not been correctly tallied.

If you're sure that a dooyoo Lounge or Archive review is not behind your dooyooMiles confusion, there is another possibility. This applies when it looks like your dooyooMiles have decreased. It is uncommon, however unfortunately sometimes necessary, that we remove members from the dooyooCommunity for serious breaches of the dooyoo Site Rules. When a member is removed from the site, so are all the ratings that they made, as these are often associated with their abuse on dooyoo.

Therefore, if this sneaky person has read a lot of your reviews, you might notice a dip in your dooyooMiles total when they are removed from the site. We're sorry that this can sometimes effect honest, upstanding members of the dooyooCommunity but it is necessary to maintain the security of the site and keep dooyoo fair for everyone.

The last reason for a decrease in dooyooMiles is if one or more of your reviews have been locked. If your review is locked it will be highlighted in your My Reviews table on your personal profile with a red 'Locked Review' message. See the help section 'My review is 'locked', what does this mean?' for more information.