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Marmaris (Turkey)

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    45 Reviews
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      07.07.2011 13:44



      a beautiful location, a great get away for 2 weeks at max

      In General nature and food are amazing there, and you have a variety of activities there ranging from boat trips, diving, fishing, jeep safari, horse safari or just laying on the beach.

      First, they have two types of boat trips, one is short within the bay (I recommend it) where you can jump at the water at some nice spots and visit nearby villages, a lunch meal is included and it was amazing. while the second boat trip is in larger boat for a longer ride to the other side of the Mediterranean and it takes about two hours each way, it's a great feeling to be at the open sea, but the mud bath we visited was nothing special, and the river ride at the other side was too much long and nothing much to see, and the food was not wow at the bigger boat trip.

      Horse ride safari, it's good for senior people and children because horse are small like donkeys and slow, you walk in the woods and ride the horse across a river.

      Night life, is a bit tricky, try to avoid the bar street as so many troubles occur there and its gets violent sometimes, to stick at the beach where majority of attendants are tourists. What surprised me is the all bar tenders are males, even the dancer at bars, boats or wherever are males.
      For the ladies, the Turkish men (specially who works on the beach or at bars) are so much pushy and rude sometimes. As you are a female tourist in a vacation and trying to enjoy, the Turkish guys thinking that you are an easy target for getting laid, and the way they approach females "Sucks and rude". That doesn't mean that many of them are nice guys and helpful.

      Before buying a sandwich or a drink, ask about the price, because if you don't, they might double it when you finish your meal, you got to bargain about everything, and becareful when you cross the streets, because they don't give it a damn, and I guess at all cars breaks are not working.

      Finally, authorities and police are very supportive for tourist, don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it.


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      26.05.2011 21:17
      Very helpful



      I love it.

      As the moon glazed the dark realms of sea with a glittering layer of silver light, the boats floating in the far distance were like tiny colourful fireflies fluttering vibrantly into the night. The blanket of stars were like the tiny grains of sand that had been washed up on the universe's shore, dazzling the eyes of every audacious young lover that lay snug on the beach that night. We had found a tiny little world of own. Laying together warm and cosy, we cherished the serene silence of the secluded beach, embracing the invigorating sensation of the icy sea water trickling at our toes, creeping further up our ankles with every swift swash and slow backwash of the waves. We could hear nothing but the quiet chittering of grasshoppers playing in the balmy air. This is place where my love for my sweetheart blossomed, and his name was Marmaris.

      Once a sleepy fishing village, this small Turkish town blossomed into the biggest resort in the country. Although I may have tricked into believing this is a serene resort with beautiful hibiscus flowers and long, sandy beaches, Marmaris itself is a fairly busy resort. The area I had found was far along the beach and almost into the sister resort, Icmeler.

      The beachfront appears to be clustered with pinpricks of colourful light. Strobe lights pierce in into the night sky, swirling and swaying, filling your body with a sense of excitement. The night comes to life as a sea of enthused holiday fill the atmosphere with the sound of laughter and the sound of high-heeled shoes clattering against the cobbled streets, being incited by the sweet sound of blaring disco music. The beachfront is buzzing with the intense atmosphere, electrifying your body and pulling you into the nightlife like a magnetic force.

      Young ladies are showered with compliments as the sweet-smelling, cinnamon-skinned locals try to charm you and flatter you, smiling with their pearly white teeth and gleaming eyes. Some may cringe and curse the locals, but it's inherent in their nature to be friend, charming, and bring a sense of joy and happiness to people.

      Whilst further in the distance, kids are dancing, cheering, and playing enthusiastically in the parks and golf courses, giggling as they perform the cha cha slide better than their mothers staggering in 8 inch heels. They enthusiastically run into any of the fun pubs which are packed in together in the busy resort with the promise of Play stations, pool tables, WiFi, robot shows, Michael Jackson performance, break dancing, belly dancing, and vibrant, colourful 'children's cocktails' dazzling before their eyes with sparklers and toys peering out the glass.

      It's safe to say this resort has a little something for everyone. I have been as a child, I went a party-loving adult, and I know go as a Muslim adult. I enjoy Marmaris just as much as I did when I was younger as I do now that I am a complete bore.

      **What to do**
      As I said before, Marmaris has a little something for everyone.

      -- Mr. "I want to experience the culture of every country before I die":
      If you believe you are this man, then this resort is definitely for you. Turkey is jam packed full of culture and is an enjoyable experience for all culture lovers. The pure beauty of Turkey is that it is a country with is predominantly Muslim so there's a lot of Islamic culture to be taken in, although it's officially a secular country, so tourists can enjoy their stay without having to adhere to any Islamic rulings. It is seen as perfectly acceptable for women to wear bikini or short dresses so there's no worry of upsetting anyone's beliefs of offending anyone. If you wish to take a visit into any rural towns or a mosque, it's advisable for both men and women to dress modestly as in keeping the chest area covered and wearing clothing down to the knee. If you would like to enter a mosque, it was be a very respectful gesture for women to wear a head covering. This can be a bandana-style head covering, a shawl, a hat, a hood, or anything like this, and both men and women should avoid wearing shorts or long tops. Shoes absolutely have to be taken of inside the mosque otherwise it we are unable to pray inside. Many people have asked about the ritual washing before entering a mosque. This is not compulsory unless you are a Muslim intending on praying inside, but if you would like the full cultural experience, you will find tiny wash basins beside mosques. The ritual is washing the hands, rising the mouth with water, rinsing the nose with water, wiping the entire face, wiping a wet hand over the hair, washing the wrist to the elbows, wiping the ears, and washing the feet (all three times).

      Nearly every hotel in Marmaris will set up a Turkish night. This is where they bring a belly dancer, dressed in a dazzling outfit to dance and amaze you with her magnificent moves. Sometimes they even bring a snake with them which I really don't like the ideas of but if it's your sort of this then cool. They may then even bring in some Turkish folk dancers to dance to some very cultural music. They may even put on a tiny play, a very common one is about a man trying to win a girl's love but she constantly refuses him. It is very fun and entertaining and the music really gets you into it. Some young boys and girls dressed in Turkish attire will come around tables and place some henna on your hands to make you feel apart of the wedding. This is what is done in Turkish weddings before a woman in about to get married, all the ladies place the henna on their hands and this is a clear symbol that they have celebrated a Turkish wedding.

      The best part about these Turkish nights are is the food. They place a range of Mezes, kebabs, octopus salads, rice dishes, gozlemes and other goods from the Turkish culture that tastes absolutely delicious. It is definitely the best way to get a taste of the Turkish food as Turkish nights are usually very cheap. About £8 per person for the meal, the entertainment, and usually a free drink at the start. They continue the night with other shows that have nothing to do with Turkish culture but it is a fun night nevertheless.
      You can get a boat trip with looks like a very Arabic Aladdin-style long boat where everyone sits in a line and they are given Turkish delight, Turkish tea, and a belly dancer. I wouldn't waste my money on this again but if you really like this sort of thing then it's a good experience.

      You can also take a trip to Ephesus. If you are religious regardless if you are Christain or Muslim this is a very interesting trip for everyone. Ephesus is an ancient Greek city, which is now known as Turkey. The gospel of John is believed to have written here, giving it great religious importance. It was also believed the be the birthplace of John, which I am sure for Christians is very interesting. There is usually a lot of pilgrimage here as the house of the Virgin Mary (Islamic name: Maryam mother of Isa(saw)) was here also the last house that she lived in, the three recent popes have visited her home here.

      You can book a trip to Ephesus either through your holiday rep or through any travel agent in Marmaris.

      There is also a castle in Marmaris that you can visit, it is not incredibly big, in fact it is very small but it has a lot of history about the Ottomon empire which is very interesting and it is very cheap for entrance (80p per person last time I checked)

      Turkey is jam-packed full of culture, it is unfortunately being lost to the modernisation and westernisation of Turkey, so catch it all whilst you can.

      -- Miss " I love partying and want to drink until my head falls off".

      Marmaris is definitely for you too my friend. As I explained before, Marmaris is full of clubs and pubs at every corner. Prices are very very expensive in "Bar Street", which is in the old town of Marmaris beside Marmaris Castle. It is £2 for a bottle of water and the prices for alcohol increase incredibly.

      There's something for everyone from the largest nightclubs in Marmaris: Crazy Daisy, Greenhouse and Club Arena to rock bars. These clubs are very busy and I have to warn you sometimes they can be very dangerous. A lot of fights takes place here and there has been reports of drugs being passed around this area, it's a shame that it's the tourists who ruin this area for Marmaris and I don't recommend anyone under 18 goes here even thought under 18's are allowed to drink and club here.

      If you don't fancy the high-priced clubs and all the bother, you can go to some of the smaller, yet still as loud nightclubs on the beachfront. They are still fairly pricey but nowhere near as bad as bar street. They have all the latest Music and serve a range of drinks including imported drinks.

      There is also fun pubs everywhere in Marmaris, most of which are child friendly and put on shows such as fire shows or dancing shows, and will definitely get you up on you feet.

      -- Little Miss "I'm boredd!"

      Marmaris is a place which is great for kids. There are two large water parks in Marmaris. One is on top of a large hill and takes a taxi to get to. It's called The Aqua dream. If you don't like the look of high heights and sliding down a shoot when you can see the whole of Marmaris under you, then maybe it's better to go to the one on the beach front. The one on the beachfront is great because if you eat in the restaurant that the water park owns, you get a free ticket for the next day. The food and drink inside the water park is quite expensive, so you may have to take some food with you.

      Another great day out for either the kids or yourself is the jeep safari. If you love getting wet, if you love getting muddy and dirty diving round the edge of mountains on a fast jeep, then this is for you. Everyone takes a water gun and the jeeps drive around mountains and land squirting each other with water, they drive at really high speeds over sandy hills and it really gets you thrilled. You then stop off for a BBQ before making your way back to the main resort and being dropped off at your hotel in a large jeep. This usually costs around £10

      If you want to get even more dirty and adventurous, there is the Quad Safari. Two people sit on a quad and go on an adventure on a fast speed Quad. This is also around £10.

      Your kids can have the opportunity to swim with dolphins at Marmaris Palace or even go ice skating in the middle of July!

      -- Miss/Mr "I want to be brown before I leave here".

      If you want to get the best of the sun, then a boat trip is definitely for you. Again, priced at around £10 you can get an all inclusive trip with unlimited drinks and ice creams for the kids. The boat is open top full of sun beds, and you lay back as you float through the sparkling seas and past some of the most beautiful mountains and caved architecture. You can lay (completely hung-over may I add) and sunbath in 45 degrees heat getting the best of the sun as you are at a high altitude and near the sea, whilst not feeling any of the heat at the soft breeze cools you down and stops you from over-sweating.

      They take you to may exotic islands including "Turtle beach". You are taken to the whitest sands where you can see some turtles, or you are taken to dolphin Island.

      ***The beach***
      The beach in Marmaris is not very good. It is pebbly and most of them are owned by hotels or bars, so if you want to use them you have to pay for drinks. It is not possible for kids to play with the sands as they are just small stones and is not suitable for building sand castles and such. The beach is actually imported

      However, a 10 minute bus ride away is the sister resort Icmeler. The sand is a lot nicer there and it is more suitable for children. It is a quieter resort and the kids can play as you lay peacefully on a beautiful beach, then getting an 80p bus back to your resort.

      There are a range of different hotels that you can book into. If you are looking for a cheap holiday, there are many £10 a night hotels that are good just for groups of young guys wanting a clubbing holiday which give you the basics of a hotel and are a little bit away from the front probably in the Armutalan area. However, if you want a great family holiday, you are best to book via First Choice such as Club Alize where you have kids clubs and large pools with slides. There are some very lush five star hotels are such as the beach hotel 5-star Elegance hotel, or the biggest hotel in Marmaris with a large indoor pool, dolphin pool, and ice rinks.

      You are absolutely not stuck for choice for food. There are restaurants in every corner and you can get British, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, and Indian. All food is halal which simply means the meat has been slaughtered according to Islamic law and although pork is served it may be quite awkward asking for it.

      You can buy many fake designers in the bazaars or the Thursday market which you can get the bus to. Prices are very cheap but be warned, they will purposely put the price up perhaps 10YTL more expensive than the original price because they know that everyone is going to haggle them. Please don't be shy to haggle because they are used to it and expect it, you will pay a fortune if you don't.

      Turkey is nowhere near as cheap as it used to be. However, now that the Euro is "a pound for a pound", it is a lot cheaper than any European country. Restaurants and bars near the beachfront is more expensive as they price the products a lot more expensive than what it is if you go and eat and drink in Armutalan, the tiny area at the back of Marmaris.

      Here is what the exchange rates are roughly:

      £1 - 2.50 YTL
      £2 - 5.00 YTL
      £4 - 10.00 YTL
      £8 - 20.00 YTL

      **how to book**
      Booking depends on what sort of holiday you are looking for. If you are looking for a family holiday, a package with Thomas Cook or First Choice is the best option. However, if you are going with a group of friends, booking your flights and Hotels separately would be a lot cheaper.

      The Marmaris Airport is Dalaman airport which is an 80 minute drive away.

      Books flights via:

      Transfers can be booked through:

      Hotels can be books through:

      **useful phrases**
      Merhaba - Hello
      (enter place name here) nerede? - Where is (enter place name here)
      kader ne? - How much?
      Tesekkur ederim - Thankyou
      Yes - Evet
      No - Hayir


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        04.01.2011 07:02
        Not Helpful



        It's really great thing to use private transfer from the aiport.

        The easiest way to start your holiday in style and comfort. A private and luxurious transfer service taking you from Dalaman airport to your desired destination.

        It is possible to access companies online and make your bookings. Just as important as confirming the your flight you will need to reserve this prestige service in advance.

        Confirmation and realiability of booking your transfer service is highly important to garantee that somebody is waiting for you on arrival. You don't want to arrive and wait or search for transport to your destination.

        Otherwise you might obliged to take a taxi which can be very expensive. Regardless of your group size it can be costly.

        The obvious option is that a private transfer services is both cheaper and reliable than airport taxi services. And also another alternative is shared transfers or you can have your transfer by HAVAŞ which ensures inner city bus transportation.

        We recommend <a href="http://www.qxygene.net/">Dm Transfers</a>


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        20.09.2010 13:57



        Excellent resort, night life and family attractions

        Marmaris is possibly the best place i have ever visited in regards to Friendliness, affordability, shopping, eating out and nightlife. It really does have something for everyone. During the day you can relax on Marmaris beach or if you fancey a stroll you can go to Icmeler beach. I personally like to get the boat taxi to Turunc as it is much more secluded and relaxing. If lazing about is not your style then why not get some bargains from the grand bazar or the weekly markets.It even has watersports and horse riding for the more active among your group. At night it transforms into a family orientated resort offering lots of free entertainment whilst you enjoy your evening meal i can recommend Amadeus Restaurant in Armutalan Marmaris as it is one of the best i have been to in reagrds to affordability, free enterainment and menu choice not to mention the beautifull food that is cooked just to your liking and the staggering 101 cocktails they have on their menu at Buy one get one FREE.
        I have been going to Marmaris for over 10 years now with my family and we return at least twice a year... it is a place you either love or hate. Since 2008 the local government have cracked down on all of the street sellers and the hastle that shops and restaurant owners use to pull in passing trade. You will still get the asking you if you want to come into the restaurant but a simple yes or no answer can sort out any hastle.
        On that note if you have already booked have a great trip and if you havent booked yet... what are you waiting for...give Marmaris a try!


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        02.09.2010 15:07
        Very helpful



        T√ľrkiye'de fantastik!!!!

        **Marmaris. The Place.**

        Marmaris is a fantastic city situated in the SouthWest of Turkey. Marmaris is originally a port city on the Mediterranean Coast in the Mugla Province.
        The main source of income for Marmaris these days in Tourism. With many people leaving home to find work in Marmaris. Marmaris has come a long way since the construction boom in the 1980's and the quiet sleepy village is well in the past. With the count of holidaymakers topping 300,000 to 400,000 in just one holiday season. The holiday season in Marmaris spreads from May until the beginning of October. Marmaris is an amazing location situated between the natural beauty of the Turkish mountains by the sea. Marmaris is a major location for diving and sailing as it holds two fantastic marinas. It is also a regular winter stop for cruising boaters.



        ***Marmaris Value***

        Marmaris is amazing for making the pound stretch, as the country is not currently in the EU they still go by the Turkish Lira (TL). This beats the Euro rates hands down, meaning you can get a pint of beer for around £1.50 and a meal for 2 with drinks for around £20.
        Apartments can be rented for around £15 a night, which I think is amazing value. It is pretty much the going rate. And with these types of prices if your travelling without children it may be worth the risk to get your accomadation once there.

        ***Marmaris Neighbours***

        Marmaris is a larger tourist area. However, if your looking for somewhere a little quieter to stay and just visit Marmaris then the closest option is Icmeler. This is a beautiful place with many restaurants and bars. It is only 20 minutes or so from Marmaris on the bus. These buses run frequently between Icmeler, Marmaris Town Centre and Armutalan. So even if you are quite a walk away from the beach, the bus is always available. They come every five minutes or so and will pick you up from the side of the road. And you never pay more than 2 TL. Quick and easy way to get around. I would suggest that you use the buses rather than the taxi services as it is a set price. Sometimes you can find that taxi drivers, as in all places, will try to get away with charging you that little extra if your not sure where you are and have not yet got your bearings.



        On every street in Marmaris there are at least five opportunities to book yourself and your family or friends on an excursion. The most popular excursions available in Marmaris are as follows :

        Turkish Bath.............................20-30TL
        Rhodes Boat Trip......................80 Euro (this is usually charged as euro not TL)
        Jeep Safari................................30-40TL
        Mud Bath..................................20-30TL
        Boat Trip (Turtle Bay/5 Islands)............30-40TL

        The above prices are what you would expect to pay for the excursions. There is not really much need to search around for a cheaper deal as the majority will be the same price.

        Turkish Bath - is a wonderful experience. It doesnt need to be booked far in advance as there are usually at least 2-3 trips a day to the Turkish Bath. I would advise to go to the Baths on your first or secoind day as it has been known for people to lose some of the well earned tan if left later.

        Rhodes Trip - If you and your family fancy a little trip to Greece. You are picked up from your hotel usually around 7.30-08.00 in the morning and taken to the pick up point where you meet the boat. It takes around 2-3 hours to get to Rhodes, here you will go through a type of airport check-in before being able to enter Rhodes. Go sight-seeing, sunbathing, shopping and then return to the boat around 15.00 in the afternoon before being whisked back off to Turkey.


        ***Bars And Restaurants***

        As you can imagine Marmaris is home to many a bar and restaraunt. The main areas fro the bars being the beach front, Armutalan and bar street. The beach front has recently succummed to many rennovations, which have had mixed reviews. Some of the previous bars have been relocated to bar street such as Bar X. However, other bars such as Salt'N'Pepa have grown massively in size. The beach front is not as lively as it has been in previous years, however the atmosphere is really good and is safe to go out for a family meal. The bars are friendly and all prices are about the same. With the exception of Aysha's Restaurant which costs a little more. However, I found the food very nice so was happy with paying the little extra. On the beach front you will find a large beer to cost about 6TL and cocktail around 8-10TL. Or why not try a fsh bowl for around 40TL?? Armutalan is home to a few bars as well as the only night club in that area to be open until 4.30 in the morning, PACHA! The bars around Armutalan are fantastic and lively, Parkhead, Chuckle Brothers and many more. However, Pacha is my personal favourite. This bar has wonderful staff, who are friendly and take care of their customers. During my time in TurK I have become good friends with the staff and have always had a fantastic experience whilst in their company. Pacha plays a mixture of R&B and Dance Music. The drink are a little pricier but due to it being a night club this is expected. With a large beer costing around 7TL.
        Then we move to bar street. Personally, I do not go to bar street as this is quite dangerous if your not familiar with the surroundings. The street is very narrow so you risk loosing friends amongst the crowd. I would not recommend this for families on an evening. However, there are a few bars that I have enjoyed down there. +44 is a dance bar near the centre of bar street, has great atmosphere, and friendly staff. However, be warned bar street is very expensive. A small beer with cost around 10TL. Which is a huge difference to the beach front.
        In terms of restaurants in the area. There is a wide range to chose from, from your basic full english and pizza places, you have Indian, Chinese, a traditional fish & chips restaurant. A full english will cost around 6TL. And again a meal for 2 with drinks will be around £20. So a pretty good bargin.




        When telling people how much I enjoyed Turkey I always seem to get a generic response.
        "oooo aren't the men really greasy"
        "don't you get pestered everywhere you go"
        More than half of the people with this view have never actually been to Turkey. I just need to set the record straight.
        Turkey hires Turkish men to front their bars as they believe in looking after their own first. There are very little jobs in Turkey, and tourism is the biggest business there, so is it any wonder these men all have jobs there? Is it any different going to say Zante or Kavos and having a street full of english men pestering you to get you into a bar?? Due to the Turkish culture,Turkish women do not work in bars, this does not mean that they are locked away at home cooking and cleaning either! Turkish men do not try it on with women anymore than and English man, Greek man, Spanish man, Italian man does. So you do not need to worry about locking up your daughter because she is blonde etc etc. Turkey is a beautiful country, the people are friendly and actually do take care of you. In Turkey it is very simple. If you show them respect then they have a lot of respect for you. If you do not respect yourself then they will not respect you. If you take time to get to know people i ensure you will make your holiday a lot better than you could have imagined.
        Rant Over :P

        ***Advice To Those Looking For A Long Stay***

        I am currently looking at moving to Turkey permanantly enrolling in school for next year and applying for residency. In October, I will be travelling to Marmaris, Istanbul and Bandirma (stand by for reviews).
        Usually people on a long stay in Turkey stay for the 90 days they have on their visa when entering Turkey and then take a day trip to Rhodes, on which reentering Turkey you are given another 90 days visa.
        However, whilst I was there this year there was talks about this being stopped and once your 90 visa is up you need to leave Turkey for 90 days. There are a lot of contradictions regarding this new law that has been applied. Some websites are advising this is true, whilst otheradvising it is not. So keep an eye and ear out for further information if you are thinking of spending a summer out there.
        If you are looking to work in Turkey, I strongly advise to get a working visa to avoid fines and even being deported. A working visa usually costs around £240 for 8 weeks, and requires a letter of sponsorship from the company that is willing to employ you.

        ***Useful Websites***


        ***Useful Words***

        How Are You?.........Nasilsin?



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          17.06.2010 20:25



          Everything you could ask for

          Turkey is one of the most best value holiday destinations to date, being in the Lira the local currency meaning your smashing the euro rates and can easily eat and drink for about £20 per day on average.
          A lot of people will not go to Turkey somehow is has got some stigma for being dirty and far away, this is definitely not the case. The healthcare is some of the best in the world and offer many of private treatments for holiday makers.

          Marmaris is on of the most popular resorts in turkey, and is a prime location for any holiday maker no matter what they are looking for.

          Where to book.
          Traditional holiday companies like Thomas Cook, Thomson and Cosmos offer packages but this usually bumps the prices up. I would definitely look at booking with teletext holidays, Goldtrail, Bookable holidays, or Your Holidays are all available on the teletext holidays website where you can pick up deals for as little as £120 per person including Flights from any local airport, transfers , baggage , and 4* All inclusive accomodation. BARGAIN !!

          Recommended hotels that I have stayed in.
          Blue Bay hotel, Armar Hotel and Club Pinetta Deluxe.
          Although these above are all inclusive it is worth it to get unlimited drink and ice cream, as it is cheep enough to eat out as the prices are so reasonable, for example £2 for a full english breakfast.


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          03.06.2010 08:28
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          a great place that once you go... you dont want to come home

          Marmaris is cheap, hot, friendly, clean and there is so much going on for people of all ages. The designer fakes are what its known for, along with turkish delight, turkish dancers and cheap booze! Most of the bars offer a free drink on entry or happy hour at different times of the day. The turkish people get a thrill out of making their tourists happy, they will do anything to make friends with you, make sure you always got a drink, ask if everything is ok, make sure the entertainment is of the highest standard; Michael Jackson acts, Robot shows, Belly Dancers, Local Dancers etc. Restaurants and Hotels have the best exchange rate as local foreign exchange charge commission, or may say "commission free" but will then tax you on your money. The food served is all what were used to over here in UK, and many menu's offer Turkish Mezé which is like a blown up pitta bread with dips. The trips which I have been on and enjoyed are: turkish bath, turkish mud bath, jeep safari- a big water fight whilst visiting rural turkey. The boat trips to Dalyan, Ichmeler or the day trip on boat stops at a few small beaches and coves and shows you some lovely sights. Its cheap to travel & stay, and also cheap to eat and go out etc.
          If you prefer not walking, you can hop on a dolmus (small bus) which run every 5 minutes, or you can haggle a price of a taxi- ask a price and you say 2/3rds of price!

          haggle with everything.. your'll save even more money!! :)


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            25.03.2010 20:32
            Very helpful



            give it a go and you will love it!

            Turkey didn't appeal to me a few years ago. I heard many good reviews about Marmaris and was told by friends that I would enjoy there. My husband and I then gave it a go. We have now been back three times. (2006, 2007, 2009)

            I can't say that we do a lot on holidays and we don't take many day trips, but I will let u know what I think about Marmaris.

            I think you can relax or have an up beat holiday in Marmaris, the choice is yours. We would relax around the pool most days and visit restaurants and bars in the evening.

            There is vast selection of bars and restaurants along the beech front, open until the early hour of the morning. We have eaten in many random restaurants along the front and havn't yet had a bad meal. They vary in prices. You can either choose to dine at a nice hotel e.g. Elegance Hotel (on the peer) or something more British e.g. The british Fish and Chip Shop! They really do cater for the British in Marmaris.

            Talking about catering for the British, they have a Manchester United and Liverpool bar, Irish and more British pubs. Plenty of a selection if you want that kind of thing.

            Their Kebabs are amazing, also there are plenty of chinese and Indian restaurants there.

            Their local beer is Effes which was priced at about £2.50 a pint last year. They do sell international beers but they do not sell Alcopops e.g. WKD, Smirnoff Ice etc.

            Further along the beech front you come to the harbour, where you will continue to see local people selling day trips etc. Remember to bargain, they all sell the same trips at different prices!

            Near the harbour is Bar Street. It's a narrow cobbled street full of clubs. Bar street doesn't get lively until after 11pm and is open until about 6am. Plenty of choice of clubs.

            Taxis run regularly through Marmaris but if you want something cheaper jump on the Dolmush (local minibuses), they run frequently (approx every 10 mins).

            The biggest mistake we made last year was stay in apartments the weren't on the beech front. I think this is a key to enjoying a holiday there. Although it was easy enough to jump in a taxi or on a bus, it wasn't as convenient as we like to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

            I would advise taking a taxi boat over to Ichmeler on market day, much better than going on wheels and experiencing a Turkish Bath, even if you do just go for a laugh!!

            We will return to Marmaris again and I would advise anybody to give it a go.


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              02.12.2009 01:53
              Very helpful



              Best place on earth.

              I went to Marmaris for the first time in August 2008 with my boyfriend, and returned again this year with my girls for a completely different holiday. I have also booked to visit again in 2010 - that is just how good Marmaris is.

              To start, the really high temperatures make Marmaris a great place for tanners and heat lovers. I have been in both July and August and the temperature has never been below 40c. Beware though, it is also high humidity.

              The beach is stones, and can be dirty at times. I do not consider the beach much of an attraction of Marmaris, I have preferred staying in a nice hotel with a nice pool area to sunbathe because the beach isn't anything special. However, visit the beach front for fantastic bars, restaurants and water sports.

              One thing you always hear about Turkey is how friendly the people are. When I visited I was expecting the stereotypical creepy 'Turkish man' and it just didn't happen, which was surprising considering I was with three other girls. Instead, the people are helpful, extremely friendly, fascinating and are fascinated by you! They want to know what England is like, where you are from, what football team you support ect. The people are the best I have ever met.

              What I love about turkey most - the prices! The current exchange rate on the GBP to Lira is 2.5, and you pay 3 lira for the average beer, this means you are paying about £1.30 for a pint of beer, as well as cocktails. Food is even cheaper, main meals of chicken steak and burgers being 7 lira everywhere, again around £3. For a steak you pay slightly more, about 15 lira, which is still only £6! You will be absolutely amazed by the prices, and they do not compromise on quality.

              Hotels in Marmaris are hit and miss, you can get a shambles or you can get luxury. One I would recommend is the 'Club Cettia' it is the best place I have ever been to, so if you wish to enjoy Marmaris in all of its greatness I would stay there!


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              19.08.2009 19:21
              Very helpful



              Just the job for a cheap, sunny holiday

              So, as I'm sure you eagle-eyed people are aware, I've been away for just over a week and the reason behind that is I've been on holiday...after reading this review you'll get no prizes for guessing! So here's a nice summary of what I came across during my time in Marmaris...

              Based in the south-west of Turkey, by most of the reviews I've read - here and elsewhere, it is widely regarded as the most 'European' of holiday destinations in Turkey. This year, most likely due to the exchange rate of the Euro, Turkey has been extremely popular with Brits as the Lira gives a good return.

              On arrival at Dalaman airport - about a two hour coach journey through the winding hills to Marmaris, at 4am it still measured over 20 degrees. An ideal temperature for us Brits, especially considering the dire summer we've had on these shores, but by the daytime the temperatures were consistently hitting 40 degrees - pushing the 43/44 mark at one point from what I saw.

              Marmaris itself is a town with a population just under 30,000. Based within a bay, it's harbour is a fantastic site. It has a very long beach, but is particularly narrow so me and my girlfriend only spent a day there due to a lack of space...with a pool the size of the one we had at our hotel then we were quite happy there instead!

              Staying in the Armutalan area of the town - towards the north, we stayed at the 'Royal Plaza' - a three-star location which had great staff and all you need for a holiday when there's no really reason why you should be spending too much time in your hotel room. A small bus 'depot' was directly opposite it (I use that term loosely as it just looked like a place where the drivers hung out!), which took us to the beach, dropping us off just outside a large supermarket and at the end of the road which if you turn left takes you to the harbour and turning right takes you to the beach. These minibuses run like clockwork until just after midnight and cost just 1.25YTL - about 50p per journey. Good times.

              On the beach front in Marmaris, as you'd expect, it's filled bumper to bumper with restaurants-cum-bars. Although I'm sure they mean well, the majority of westerns will be very irritated very quickly with the constant pestering of the waiters - "hello my friend, you come in and have some food?" "No thanks." "Well, just check my menu and see." "No thank you." "Have a drink and sit down"...etc. etc. It's the one word of warning I would heed to people visiting, but you get use to it - just try and avoid eye contact and don't slow down to look at the menus outside the restaurants!!

              Within Marmaris itself, it is also filled with restaurants, often labelled as 'fun pubs', which will stay open anywhere between midnight and 2am each night. Drinks prices here will cost for a beer between 3 and 5 YTL - predominantly Efes is the drink of choice - for those unfamiliar with the exchange rate, £1 is roughly 2.5YTL, so it's cheap. Spirits do cost much more though, especially if not buying the local vodka, brandy or raki (eugh!), but the majority of places do two-for-one offers on cocktails - usually costing you between 10 and 12YTL, so very, very reasonable by most British city prices.

              The one exception to this is Barr Street. It's the main 'hub' of nightlife in the town which sooner rather than later will become as well known as some of the bar strips such as Magaluf or Zante. It contains a whole host of bars and clubs, but this also means prices are far higher here. One night during our stay, we spent a night wandering to the various bars down Barr Street before ending up at "Club Areena" (yes, two e's) - the club is a large open-air one, but a bottle of beer will set you back 10YTL, or even 15 depending if you choose without asking for prices, and cocktails will be around 25YTL. Also, look out for most of the places here selling fish bowls...for those without a penchant for boozing that's basically a large concoction of spirits and mixers in a fishbowl, but can cost over 100YTL for one.

              Barr Street is quite concealed, but can be found on the harbour side of the town, rather than the beach side which is made up of more the restaurant/fun pub types. Around the harbourside there are also more 'posher' restaurants, some of which have cracking views. One night we splashed out on a meal at one of these - Sea View - which still wasn't too expensive for a chicken dish - less than a tenner per meal, but had some superb views.

              One think I don't like about the restaurants is that the majority sell 'British' food. If I had a pound for the number of times I saw one of these places selling an English breakfast or Roast dinner then I'd be a very rich individual now. Some places up in Marmaris and Armutalan were selling an English breakfast for just 2.50YTL, so just a pound, but I also feel when you're in a country, unless you've got young kids, you should try their cuisine. And believe me, you won't be disappointed.

              Three dishes I tried that I'd thoroughly recommend were a good old chicken kebab, but much, much better than the tripe you get in England. We went a couple of times to a place called Idil's which was at the harbour end of Barr Street, opposite Club Areena, and the chicken tasted chargrilled and extremely well marinated, all wrapped up with fresh salad in a tortilla-cum-naan bread wrap. A small one of these cost just 5YTL. Brilliant.

              Also recommend would be a turkish casserole, which is flavorsome and great despite the obvious heat. And then a Turkish pizza, or a 'pide'. A couple of nights we went to a restaurant called 'Violets' which was opposite out hotel and a mixed pide cost just 6YTL, which include mince meat in a bolognese-style sauce, pepperoni and a cooked egg on top. There were exceptionally big portions too, so for less than £3 that is simply amazing.

              There's plenty to do too. I could be here all day listing this, that and the other, but a couple of things we did included a good old fashioned boat trip. Along the beach front there are numerous blokes trying to sell you these, which will also annoy you, but I believe they all cost just £10, which includes a free meal - ours was a decent sized barbequed chicken, pasta, bread and salad, and all you can drink. Yes, all you can drink. For a day out, it's a great option.

              Another thing to add to the to-do list is the waterparks. There's two in Marmaris - Atlantis and Aqua Dream - we went to the former of these two and Atlantis is a great place, which I can't see Aqua Dream beating. There's 9 different slides and a pool with a small restaurant and plenty of sunbeds, all right on the beach front. It will set an adult back approximate 28YTL, however you can find online a 20% voucher for Atlantis, which we used and was accepted. Great times!!

              There's also the market - Thursday is market day in Marmaris. The number 2 bus, which was one of the minibuses which left outside our hotel, stops outside it on it's route. Naturally, it's full of cheap tat which very few people should go anywhere near as it'll either fall apart shortly after purchasing it or will be a horrible looking fake. Nevertheless, it's an experience, if just for the interesting English phrases that the Turkish market stallers have learnt over the years!

              So there you have it. It cost the two of use less than £600 for the flights, transfers and hotel for a week-long holiday having booked through teletextholidays.co.uk, and seeing as the peak season is starting to finish now, it'll probably become even cheaper and the weather will still be great. And as for spending money, as you can see from my review, the general prices for food and drink are very cheap. So do yourself a favour - spend a week away from DooYoo, and go to Marmaris. You'll love it.


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                05.08.2009 23:11
                Very helpful



                Worth A Visit

                My partner and I booked a last minute deal to Marmaris in June and departed Belfast on the 6th of July. For our flights, transfers and hotel we paid a total of £660, which I thought was pretty reasonable for July.

                We left our flat at 6pm on the 6th, Monday, and our flight was at 10.10pm that night. The flight is around 4 hours, and because we flew with Onur Airlines, I found it pretty boring ( I have already done a review on them, so won't get into again here). We arrived at Dalaman airport at about 5am Tuesday (their time). As my parents had been there before we knew to have an English £10 ready for each visa. However, no-one told us this even when booking, so be wary. After our money had been accepted and passport stamped then we had to queue again to have our passports scanned.

                Then it was outside to the hot temperatures....even at 5am it was boiling. The airport is well laid out and as you step outside there is a semi circle of wooden huts with each one being manned by a different travel company. Everything is well signposted. We had paid for Taxi Transfers, and so had to wait until or mini bus was full. It only holds about 8 people and so we weren't waiting long. The driver has a cool bag filled with small bottles of cold water which are 2 for £1....this is common on all the transfer buses, coaches and taxis. The transfer time from the airport to our hotel was about 2 hours although this included a quick stop at a small cafe for a drink, smoke, or just to stretch your legs.

                On arriving at our hotel, the Sayar Apartments, I was surprised by how clean and tidy everything was. We were checked in straight away and then came back down to get something to eat. We were able to have a full English breakfast for 5lira. This is about £2. A lira, when we were there was 40p. Anyway, went back to reception and paid for air con in our room...this was an extra £25, but well worth it. After having a sleep we were still too tired to do much so we ate again in our apartments and stayed for the evening entertainment.

                The next day we had our welcome meeting with the rep who told us more about Marmaris and how to get about it. We were told about the local bus, called the Dolmus. It runs about every 5 minutes and cost 1lira 50, about 60p. It drops you off anywhere you like, you just tell the driver to stop. Again these are small buses, only holding about 15 people. To get around Marmaris the bus is brown, and to go into nearby Icemeler it is a blue one. The main market is in Icemeler on a Wednesday. The rep also told us to be wary around the market for pickpockets and other general safety tips such as not flashing your money and be careful in the sun. She also tried to sell us trips which seemed very expensive so we said we would think about it. I have to say though there was no hard sell involved.

                On the Tuesday night we got the Dolmus into Marmaris town and visited the local bazzar. I hated it....everytime we walked past a shop the traders, who sit outside on stools, called out "Alright Mate" and tried to get us to go into their shop....they don't take no for an answer either....often following us down the street....although Caroline loved it, matter of opinion I think.

                On our way back to the bus we seen a little kiosk offering trips which seemed quite reasonable. We both wanted to visit the mud baths and so stopped to find out about it. The man started off wanting £45 each for the trip, which included loads of extras, but Caroline, a keen haggler, said no and starting walking away. He threw in a trip to the Turkish Baths and lowered the price to £40 each for both trips, so of course we said yes. We agreed to go to the Turkish Baths on Thursday and the Mud Baths on Friday.

                On Wednesday afternoon we decided to go to the market as we had heard that Turkish copies are the best. We paid about 70p for a 40 minute bus trip, again on the small buses. The market was very busy and a lot of the stalls sold the small things. I got 5 t shirts for £10, and Caroline got a Prada bag for £7. Yes, they are fakes but they don't try and sell them as real. Most of the stuff is advertised as "Genuine Fakes", they sell everything. Caroline bought some cushion covers and Turkish tea. A tip here is to bring some English money with you as they will give you a better deal if you use English to pay with. Also make sure you barter as they will drop prices dramatically....Carolines bag started off at 100 lira....£40...

                Thursday was the Turkish Bath, which I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to...I didn't want someone massaging me, but I enjoyed it. We were collected from our hotel and brought to what looked like an old house....Inside the man showed us a video of optional extras we could buy, but didn't force us to...We declined and were shown to a locker room to get changed. We were given rubber soled flip flops to wear and just wore our swimming costumes, you do not need a towel...We were then brought back upstairs and lead into a massive steam room. It is all marbled and has loads of alcoves and basins with running cold water. We were left her for 20 minutes, before the man came back in. Caroline and I each had an assistant who laid us on a marble platform and proceeded to rub all the dead skin away, then you have a shower and go back to the platform to get washed, another shower and then you are lead outside where another man wraps you in towels and offers you a drink. After this we were taken upstairs and given a 20 minute massage. This is great, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. During the entire time there is someone taking photos of you, and they get you to do different poses and action shots, like throwing water over each other. You can choose to buy these at the end. they cost 10 lira each or you can buy a CD with all 14 on it for 20lira. We choose the CD and have since printed them all off with no problems. You also pay for the drinks at the end, which I thought would be a rip off as no prices are shown, but it was only 2 lira each for a coke, about 80p. All in all this was a great day which I throughly enjoyed.

                Friday then was the Mud Baths which was the one I was looking forward to the most. We were collected from our hotel at 9am and driven to the port where we boarded a large boat which had two decks. Upstairs was full of sunbeds, and some at the front. There was a large section inside with tables, chairs and a bar. The bar served drinks, crisps and ice creams. Again these were paid for at the end of the trip. Overall all day we had 6 soft drinks, a bag of crisps and an ice cream and it was 24 lira, about £9.50.

                There is a meal included in the price of this trip, which was served about 11.30am. This was plain pasta, a burger in batter and salad with bread. It was quite nice.

                The trip starts with a boat trip of about 2 hours, where you end up at a smaller jet and transfer onto river boats. These play loud music and are very friendly with much smaller groups of just one nationally. These boats took us to Turtle Beach, where we were left to our own devices for an hour. This is a beautiful beach, although another tip is to make sure you wear shoes where you can go into the water as the sand is too hot too stand on.

                We were then taken on a boat trip of about 90 minutes through the reeds which is lovely, but make sure you have loads of sunscreen on as the boat is open and there is no shade.

                This brought us to the main event, THE MUD BATHS. We got dropped off at a small pier and had to walk up a small hill, which can be slippy, to the entrance of the baths. The smell here is quite bad, like an eggy smell, which is the sulphur pool. We went into the mud pool first and had great fun covering each other with the warm mud, then we had to stand to dry off, which doesn't take long in the heat. Then its over to the showers which are freezing, but very welcoming, to wash off the mud, which gets everywhere and I mean everywhere, before going to the sulphur pool. This is very hot, but also very deep. I don't like being in deep water and so only got in for a few seconds. I am just over 5 ft 5, and my feet didn't touch the bottom. After all this we went to the cafe here and had a coke while waiting on the rest of our party before going back to the boat.

                On the way back the boats stop at the Tombs of the Kings for you to get some photos before taking you back to the bigger boats for your trip back to Marmaris. On the way back they stop for about 20 minutes to allow diving and swimming. We just sat at the back of the boat with our feet dangling in the water.

                We arrived back at the deck around 8pm so it is really worth the price and I would go again.

                Saturday was spent around the hotel and playing in the pool. We also got a tattoo each this day, which was one we designed ourselves and were quoted £50 each in Belfast, well we got it done here for £15 and it looks well and has healed well. The tattoo palour was very clean and sterile.

                Sunday was another day of lazing about and doing very little apart from trying to get everything back into our suitcase.

                We were picked up form our hotel at noon on Monday and our flight was at 5pm with us arriving back into Belfast at 10pm our time.

                We had average temps of 42 degrees each day with nightime being about 20 degrees. I am already checking our prices for Marmaris in October as I would love to go back again. If you are stuck for somewhere to go this year, check it out.

                ~Average prices~

                small coke.....80p.....2 lira
                pint coke.....£2.00....5 lira
                small beer.....80p.....2 lira
                pint beer.....£1.60.....4 lira
                large pizza.....£2.40.....6 lira
                steak meal.....£8.00.....20 lira


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                  09.07.2009 18:37
                  Very helpful



                  great holiday

                  I recently went to Marmaris in Turkey on a group holiday. 11 of us (4 guys and 7 girls) all aged 18 & 19 went looking for a fun filled holiday on a student budget.

                  About Marmaris
                  Marmaris is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, which is in the southwest. It was originally a port town, thriving off fishing but it now thrives off tourism.

                  Located nearby is Icmeler, another tourist destination. It is also close enough to major tourist attractions, Pammukale, Dalayan and Fetyhie, that these can be done in day trips.

                  I believe that all flights in and out of Dalaman, from Gatwick at least, happen at night so keep this in mind if travelling with young children.

                  The Weather
                  When we went to Marmaris (end of June beginning of July) the weather was 35-47 degrees during the day and it didnt drop below 25 in the evenings. We were told that sometimes during August it can reach 60degrees and that the best time for visiting was in September.

                  The Food
                  We found a wide variety of food on offer in the main town. Everywhere did fried breakfasts for arounf 6lira (about £2.50) and there was always a good choice of burgers, chips & pizzas etc for a reasonable price. We also ate at a chinese restaurant one night (Tiffanies if your interested) where we found the food to be rather over priced but enjoyable.

                  A lot of places offer traditional Tukish food for very reasonable prices and the members of our group who had these raved about them! Another firm favourite were the Fajitahs which were about 20lira (£8ish).

                  As a young large group we were always offered discounts by the restaurant touts (usually 10%, free starter of huuuuuuuuuuge pitta bread and dips, and a couple of fish bowls or cocktails) so keep this in mind and dont be afraid to ask for deals and walk away if they dont, they usually come running after you!

                  Nights Out
                  We went out every night. The first night we went to a couple of bars on the street by the beaches. The touts were eager to get you in but werent agressive or pushy and offered our groups free drinks etc to get us in.

                  After this we did some bar crawls which were organised by our travel company. These took place on the infamous "Bar Street". Beware!! This place is VERY VERY expensive. Entrance to clubs and bars was included in the price that we paid for the crawl but im not sure whether they are usually free. Drinks were very expensive and the bar staff were often more "touchy" towards the female members of our group. No one felt intimidated though so this shouldnt put you off.

                  Our firm favourite of the week though was the Aussie Bar which was located just opposite our hotel. This place is open till 4am every day and offers cheap drinks/fishbowls/shots, free pool, karaoke and fantastic bar staff. The owner Gary takes a great interest in all his customers and our group made great friends with him over the week. They also do food in here.

                  Our group took part in several of the watersports offered down on the beaches. The first we did was some pedalows which were 20lira per pedalow for an hour. Do haggle for these as we got the price down by a third. These were great fun and 2 out of the three had slides on the back so there was lots of swimming too.

                  The phantom was also used by 3 of our group. This is an inflatable dighy that you hold on to and you get pulled along by a speed boat. They then try to throw you off at high speed! Everyone had lifejackets on and the men in the speedboat were always very caring and asked if you were okay when they tipped you off.

                  2 of our group members also went on some banana boats which were great fun and that lasted for about 20 minutes. These are great if you have a large group as they hold 8 people.

                  Some members of the group also went on jetski's on the last day which were apparantly very fun!

                  Turkish men have a reputation for learing at young western woman, especially those of a fair complexion with blonde hair. We found this to be true on several occasions but at no point was it unnerving or intimidating. They are trying to make money & it is just their way of life.

                  The locals were very friendly towards us and helped us on several occasions when we got lost. The bar staff are also very friendly.

                  The beaches
                  We only went to the beach twice when we were there but be warned that they are not very sandy and quite coarse. They are also very thin so perhapse not the best for small children. They are clean though and the water is very nice.

                  Overall we had a great time and would recommend Marmaris to other young groups looking for fun!


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                  20.02.2009 13:54



                  Great weather, great place, great atmosphere!

                  Me and my friends were planning a girly holiday away and we wanted to go somewhere different which none of us had been to before. We also had a price range between us so was looking for somewhere hot, cheap and with a party atmosphere.
                  When we went to the travel agents the woman pointed out Turkey. We were all abit apprehensive but after convincing from the agent and all the beautiful pictures she shown us, we were more than happy to book.
                  We were all excited on the day of flying and the flight took just over four hours. It was a smooth and pleasent flight and we arrived in the early hours of the morning. When we stepped off the plane, the heat instantly hit us and we all thought it was just brilliant for how early in the morning it was.
                  When we arrived at our hotel we were amzed at how beautiful it was for how little we played. It was in Marmaris but wasnt right by the centre which was ideal for us as although we wanted a busy nightlife, we didnt want to be in the crowded centre 24/7.
                  Taxi's were cheap in marmaris but be warned, they drive like maniacs! It was a little scary but we all just made sure we were strapped up in the car!
                  The heat was immense, every day, all day and although these sounds like an excellent thing, at times it was unbearable. For all those people that like to sunbathe all day, I definatly think you'll struggle. We were constantly in and out of the pool or sitting in the shade. It's also difficult for those who like to explore the place as it's really hot to walk around all day.
                  The night life was excellent. The turkish people are so friendly and always made us feel welcome and safe. They made us laugh with their jokes and games and were really confident. There are many bars and restaurants around which sell a mixture of foods. The bars range from karaoke's to nightclubs and theres always something to do!
                  I definatly recommend this to people who are looking for a fun and friendly, party atmosphere!


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                    02.02.2009 11:20
                    Very helpful



                    Great place for everyone

                    This was the place I went to on my last family holiday, and Im glad we did go.

                    When I first found out we were going here I was a bit dubious, I had never been to Turkey before and nor had any of my family. It seemed like a totally different world to where we would usually go (Majorca, Spain,Tenerife etc).

                    Its about a 4 and a 1/r hour flight which is about the time it takes to get to places such as Lanzorote, and we arrived fairly late at night about one in the morning, and what was unbelivable and I hadn't been rady for is stepping out of the air conditioned plane and into what seemed like an oven. Humid...I had never really understood what people meant by this but stepping out of that plane that word suddenley seemed to make so much sense. It's not a heat I have ever experienced and it does take some getting used to as it just feels as though you breathing in this warm dry air!

                    We stopped at 4* hotel and though it was much nicer then some hotels we have been in it only had air conditioning in the bedroom which would have been ok except for me and my sister were supposed to sleep in the sofas in the living room which turned into beds and there is no way you can sleep in an oven. This meant on the night two of us were sleeping on the floor in the bedroom, which isnt ideal by hey ho it's what you'll do to keep cool!!

                    Another thing about the heat is girls...it's hard getting ready to go out, hairdryers, straighteners all this extra heat you really dont need!!

                    Ok I know Im banging on about how hot it was but it was just because it was so immense and have never experienced weather like it!

                    Anyway lets get back to actual Marmaris! It is a loveley place and the turkish people I met have got to be one of the friendliest people. They would chat away to you while at the bars, and would be happy to help you out!

                    On the nights you'll find some great restaurants with a mix of everything from english, mexican,and turkish food all at really good prices. Then there are mainly bars (most are kareoke) and clubs. Luckily me and my sister are over 18 and my mom and dad are quite young at heart and so this was fine for us, however if your a family with young children there may not be as much to choose from on the night but saying this the hotels over there do tend to put on some good entertainment.

                    The beaches are also great in turkey and the sea is brilliantly clear.

                    During the day there are many activities to choose from from markets, boat trips and of course the turkish mud baths which everyone knows about!

                    Overall this was a great holiday and I am glad it was the last one i went on with my family as it was so memorable.


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                    13.01.2009 20:15




                    I recently travelled to Marmaris in Turkey. This is the first time I had ever been to Turkey and it wont be the last. I had a fantastic time. It's full of culture and the locals are very friendly.

                    The beaches are beautiful. The sea glistens as the sun shines off it. We went in July and the weather was very hot 40 degrees Celsius some days. You must go self catering if you travel to Turkey as the food is so cheap. There are so many restaurants to choose from you are spoilt for choice in Marmaris. They do anything from local food, to steak and pizza. The service you get from them is fantastic the locals can't do enough for you. The locals make a living from our tourism so they try hard to please you.

                    Turkey is so cheap for shopping also; we had great fun bartering with the locals. Marmaris is a very busy resort. But if you want to get away from it you can travel to Icemeler the next resort along on a Dolmush, this is a local bus. It only costs about 20p.

                    A must when visiting Turkey is to visit a Turkish bath, this was fantastic. We all had to go into a room at first. We all sat around the edges of the room, there were taps where you could fill up your little cups and throw cold water over each other, while we were sitting and waiting. Then eventually about 10 men with just a white towel wrapped around them entered the room. The men in the room were shocked as they thought women would be doing this sort of job not men. You should have seen their faces. They came in with big bags made of cotton full with soap suds. They then got you to lie on a warm marble slab in the middle of the room while they put all these soapy bubbles over you. It was so much fun. They then washed these off you. You then had to lie on the slab again while they exfoliated you with a rough mitten. It was so relaxing. After the excitement of the men in the towels we then had to take a Sauna and we had the chance to have a face mask. It was such a fun experience even my partner enjoyed it.

                    We also went to mud baths in Dalyan. This was so much fun. You have to take a small boat down the river to the mud baths. Then when you get dressed into your swim wear. First you take a dip in a sulphur pool which smells a big like rotten eggs to be honest, part of the fun though. You then get to take a dip in the mud. This was so much fun; you float in the mud once you get in. You get to plaster yourself in mud. It was so much fun. You then get to stand like an idiot in the sun waiting for it to dry. Once its dry you get to have a shower. The mud made my skin so smooth. It's a must experience.

                    On the way back you take the boat back up the river. We got to see the rock tombs which were amazing. We then carried on up the river to turtle beach. This is where the turtles lay their eggs. You can only get to the beach by boat. It was spectacular and we got to see a few turtles.

                    It is one of the most memorable destinations I have been too. I recommend it to anyone.


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                    "Marmaris is an important port city and a tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast, located in southwest Turkey, in the Muğla Province. Marmaris' main source of income for the city is tourism. As opposed to Bodrum, Ala√ßatı or similar Turkish coastal towns, its traditional architectural tissue has been less vividly preserved due to a construction boom of the 1980s, but Marmaris still retains its charm due to the exceptional natural beauty of its location. The district's population is estimated to reach 300,000¬Ė400,000 people during the tourism season."

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