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Bach Flower Remedies

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41 Reviews

A range of 38 remedies discovered by Dr Bach. The idea is that each remedy is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. To select the remedies you require, you think about the sort of person you are and the way you are feeling. Then you

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    41 Reviews
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      11.08.2012 22:09
      Very helpful



      A great aid and natural


      I have used Bach Flower Remedies for about 35 years.
      They do not seem to work for everyone, but they do work for some and that is good enough. I first came across them via a Homeopath friend who lent me the entire set as she did not have time to prescribe.
      I started to study them via a handbook and soon learned that each remedy has an emotional type.
      For instance, White Chestnut is for persistent unwanted thoughts and Crab Apple is to cleanse away impurity and feeling of disgust.

      My boyfriend had awful acne and used get nasty embarrasing pustules, and so with his consent, I put him on Water Violet as he was shy and lacked self-confidence and yet was rather aloof. I also gave him Crab Apple.
      He had had acne for years, but within 2 weeks it all cleared up and he NEVER had it again.

      Personally, I use the White Chestnut and Cherry Plum as I have anxiety and worry a lot and have had some trauma to get over. It works very well and in minutes.

      <How to Use

      What you do is put a few drops of your chosen remedies in some water and sip it slowly. Alternatively you can put say 4 drops of the actual remedy(ies) in another bottle containing spring water and keep it with you to take regularly.
      I also dowse for the correct Remedy using a crystal dowser. I have learned to do this over many years. If the right remedy is found the dowser will strart to rotate without my help.
      <How are they made?
      There are 38 remedies in the Bach remedy system. All of them were discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist. I have found his writings a bit old fashioned but I guess it was the times.
      Basically flowers are left in Spring water in sunlight for their energies to go into the water. Other flowers are boiled to obtain their 'essence' which is not juice or suchlike, but their life essence. These remedies are then preserved in grape alcohol and bottled.
      I have actually floated mint in water in sunlight and drunk the water. It had an effect on me, it was as though I was drinking in energy, not minty water!
      The most popular flower remedy is called rescue remedy. Rescue remedy is a combination of 5 flower essences which are Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. There is also a rescue remedy cream that contains these 5 flowers plus Crab Apple. Rescue remedy is suppose to be used during anxiety and panic attacks. I have used this with some success, even on animals. With animals you can put it behind their ears.

      <Does it work?

      Well, as I said, for some. In some clinical trials it is not shown to be effective.In some, it is.....
      I think you have to be 'on the wavelength' for such things to work. After many years struggling with ill health, I have come to believe some medical doctors are money grubbing quacks, some are excellent. In the same way, some modern medicines are fantastic, other a mere sop or are at worse, deleterious to the person taking them.
      Same is true with the complementary therapies.
      There are many ways to help yourself, and adding Bach remedies to your repertoire is a delightful way to harmonise with your energies and reflect on your state of mind whilst hopefully addressing emotional disorders. Personally, I think they work. I do not think everything works, I have, for instance never found homeopathy successful with my illness.
      All illness affects your state of mind, it seems a good idea to work on your state of mind and gain control over negative feelings.
      I must say, I also love crystals and all the healing arts, but as the daughter of a scientist, I also have my head screwed on. I also like to know how the crystals are formed etc.

      I believe the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and if it works for you, stick with it.

      There are many clinical trials on the remedies and some have surprising positive results, some not so.
      I belive Nelson's and Ainsworth's now make the Flower Remedies. They used to be made at Mount Vernon.


      You may buy the remedies at Holland and Barrett, sometimes Boots. They range from £5- £ 12 depending on size. There are 10ml and 30ml bottles. Rescue Remedy can be in glycerin, or as a cream as well as in alcohol. You can also get a spray.
      This is from the Bach Flower website at Mount Vernon:
      You can phone them-
      General information - no charge
      One mixed 30ml standard treatment bottle (up to seven remedies) including Bach Centre telephone consultation - £14.20*
      Subsequent repeat 30ml standard treatment bottles (no consultation) - £6.88*
      30ml standard treatment bottle only (no consultation) - £6.88*
      Personal consultation at the Bach Centre - up to half an hour - not including treatment bottle - £16.08
      Personal consultation at the Bach Centre - up to one hour - not including treatment bottle - £39.60


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      26.02.2009 17:39
      Very helpful



      Something we can reach for in trying times.

      There are some things people are frightened of and everyone is different. Some hardy souls have no fears at all, and some things can be faced head on and can be dealt with as they come without resorting to any kind of back up.

      I have two things which I'm not too keen on- one is snakes, luckily I don't come across them too often, but we do have a few adders locally. This fear is long standing because an adder killed my pet dog I loved so much when I was a child. However, I don't go looking for them. This will change for me soon as my son lives on the edge of the Arizona desert and Southern Arizona has the largest number of rattle snakes in the world, so visiting him soon will I am sure afford me lots of occasions to conquer this irrational fear.

      The other thing I'm not too keen on are dentists, I find the experience rather terrifying, but thankfully have managed to keep control of my fears and attend regularly for check ups. Other than that I am pretty ok with life but other things do crop up like when my mum had a stroke, and it really was touch and go for 4 months, and having ME myself I found visiting her exhausting and I did get very stressed then.

      For these sorts of situations I find Bach Flower remedies absolutely essential. These are not new in fact their creator lived from 1886-1936. He was named Edward Bach and was a fully trained medical doctor. He was in his lifetime concerned about the mental and emotional wellbeing of his patients, and the way these feelings were interlinked with the pathology of the conditions they were suffering from, and so he created many remedies based on the extracts from plants specifically designed to treat emotions. To me it all sounded very weird, and for many years I dismissed it, but one day I decided to purchase some Bach Flower Recue Remedy prior to a rather scary dental visit I had looming.

      Now all together there are 38 individual remedies and it is possible to acquire some knowledge about all of these and to put together combinations to help yourself, and I will briefly touch on this in the review. The most popular is however the Rescue Remedy because it is the one most people go for when faced with something they are worried about. It may be a one off like an exam or a driving test, or maybe a more prolonged period of stress. This remedy is available as drops, pastilles or spray, but I prefer the drops. 10mls costs £5.08 in Boots.

      It consists of Impatiens which controls feelings of anxiety and stress and it is very fast acting. This is especially good in the dentist waiting room as I often get panicky just waiting for my name to be called out. Then the mixture has Star of Bethlehem which is excellent for shocks and for trauma so really good for stressful situations. Then Cherry Plum is added to calm thoughts and nerves as well as Rock Rose which alleviates panic and fear, and finally Clematis which helps you to focus on the moment and to keep calm.

      I find a few drops on the tongue taken in close succession works very well and you can also dilute in water. On the tongue they taste like a drop of sherry so very pleasant!

      What I have also found is that if you supplement this remedy with Mimulus, Aspen and Rock Rose it enhances the effect. Mimulus is fantastic to calm fears, and Aspen also calms down any sort of trepidation which arises with situations and extra Rock rose is fantastic in moments of extreme terror, which I have to say hits me when someone comes at me with any kind of dental implement.

      I have used these remedies for many years and other members of the family have too, which is encouraging as some were more than the least bit sceptical when I told them what they were.My daughter was advised to use this prior to her driving test and it worked!

      They are so mild you can even use them on animals and if you visit www.bachflower.com you can read all about the ways in which they can help with issues such as barking and vet visits. This is actually an American site but it is really well laid out, and I prefer it for information to the UK one.

      There is also a Bach Flower Sleep Spray available which is brilliant if you have difficulty getting to sleep, especially if this is due to stress. This is £7.92 in Boots.

      Some important points. The essences are in a very small amount of alcohol so if you are allergic to this then you will have to avoid them, and also I feel their effectiveness decreases after the bottle has been open for a month so don't buy large quantities.

      A really good place to buy these remedies is from www.bachfloweressences.co.uk. They will even mix up different ones for you depending on your answers to some simple questions using their expertise.

      I hope this will help anyone who feels they could do with a little help sometimes for certain situations. They have certainly got me into the dentist chair many times, and I know people who depend on them to get onto planes, which for me has never been a problem as planes are my passion, but as I said before everyone has different fears and these really can take the edge of it. I was sceptical but something works, and I certainly found them invaluable when my mum was in intensive care, especially for that dreadful moment when you have to face seeing them for the first time after a devastating event like a stroke.

      The time I really needed them was when I had to let my 20 year old cat go as she was in the final stages of so many diseases. My husband was away on business, and I had to take her for her final journey and bring her home afterwards. I think they helped me cope with that heart breaking day.

      Go for the drops rather than the pastilles if you are buying them for the first time, I think they are much more effective. I think the beauty of these remedies is that they actually work, and they don't sedate you so that you can't function and end up like a zombie. They really are perfect for moments of extreme terror!


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        09.12.2008 14:23
        Very helpful



        Worth a go during stressful times

        I have a driving test coming up this weekend, my 3rd (!) and of course I'm desperate to pass and to not have the embarassment of having to tell people I failed again. My driving instructor mentioned Flower Remedies as a potential help as its my nerves on the day of the test that are holding me back.

        I looked into this stuff a bit more and have to say I was pretty sceptical, how can a dilution of plant and flower extracts help me stay calm? anyway I took the plunge last night bought a bottle of the famous yellow Bachs Flower Remedy spray from boots and said a little prayer. The botle cost just under £6 but I'm sure would last a long time if you only have to use it in emergencies and during proper stress

        When I got home I sprayed a couple of sprays on my tongue as directed and waited....what should I expect I wondered? having never used anything like this before. I felt strangely more chilled out than usual last night and didnt really care that the house was in a bit of a state, that could have been a coincidence though seeing as I was stuffed and content from a good dinner cooked by my other half. Despite the flower extracts I can only describe the taste and smell of this as similar to licorice which sadly I loathe, I'm determined to stick with this though to see what difference it might make at the weekend.

        I took another two sprays before bed and also again this morning before coming into work. I think this stuff is having an effect as I was singing in the car and laughing with my boyfriend during the short drive in and also felt very relaxed and happy this morning in the office which is a miracle for me.

        Here's hoping with that evidence that this stuff does the business on Friday morning during my test, watch this space! lol


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          08.12.2007 01:22
          Very helpful



          A calm, tranquil personality can be found at the bottom of a bottle!

          They say the Brits are one of the most stressed and anxious people in the world. We work long hours and take few holidays. As a Nation we simply work to hard. It is hardly surprising that within such a work-driven culture so many people suffer with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I hate the autumn and winter months, leaving for work in the dark and often arriving home in the dark. The cold weather and grumpy bus driver is enough to send me crazy. In addition to this there are also a few words that can instil fear and dread in me within seconds...The words interview, injection or assessment/presentation can reduce me to a quivering wreck. I was first introduced to 'Bach Rescue Remedy' 6 months ago during my final months of university, and I will not leave the house without a bottle in my purse.

          DR BACH
          Dr Edward Bach created the Rescue Remedy formula over 70 years ago to assist people with their daily lives. He researched the effects of different flowers on personality and thee are available today from most health stores and pharmacies. The only combination created by Dr Bach is the well known 'Rescue Remedy'.

          Details of the other 38 original flower remedies and their uses can be found at - http://www.bachremedies.co.uk/

          FLOWER POWER
          The rescue remedy contains a mixture of 5 flower extracts all with a different purpose and effect, overall the Remedy is advertised to 'Calm and Reassure'.

          Rock Rose - Helps control terror and panic
          Impatiens - Helps control irritation and impatience
          Clematis - Helps with attention span and acts against dizziness/faintness.
          Star of Bethlehem - is great for someone involved in an accident to counteract 'shock'.
          Cherry Plum - Helps rid of irrational thought and lack of self-control.

          The Bach remedy is made by heating/boiling the extracts to create a vitalised water mixture. This is then mixed with 50% brandy to form a tincture. The brandy acts as a natural preservative and is unlikely to cause a hangover.

          Bach is marketed as a remedy for anyone and everyone. It can be taken by most pregnant women and does not interact with medication. In some surgeries GP's and doctors will prescribe it for anxiety and stress prior to using anti-depressants or sleeping tablets.

          The remedy is used worldwide by millions daily and could be described as a miracle by some. Many people have used the miracle solution for driving tests, interviews, exams and other personal milestones.

          Rescue Remedy is available in a variety of sizes and although the bottles are a bright yellow colour they are rather small and can be hard to find. The rescue remedy is available in pastille (sweets), spray, and pipette form. I personally prefer the 'dropper' method with the pipette. I usually take 4 drops prior to an emotional challenge and find that coping is a lot easier.

          The spray often makes me choke and wretch with the disgusting taste. I cannot say that I particularly enjoy the taste of either method but it does the job. I have also used the remedy in bottled water (about 4 drops in a 500ml bottle) and find that taking regular sips helps me maintain a calm personality.

          SO DOES IT WORK?
          I have taken Bach Rescue Remedy on a number of occasions and believe it has a positive impact on my personality and certainly confidence. I find that it calms me down when facing major emotional challenges such as interviews and presentations.

          I had an interview today and the Remedy really helped calm me down and if I hadn't been so clumsy by dropping tuna down my suit I may have been offered the job.

          Not long ago I had to have a blood test and the thought of a needle near me made me feel faint. A few drops minutes before my ordeal really helped me cope.

          A slight warning however, ...the product contains Brandy and the strong alcoholic smell may not go down too well at an interview, driving test or exam! Although it will not cause any adverse effects e.g. hangover or tipsiness it may give the wrong impression

          I managed to buy my bottle of Rescue Remedy from the local chemist for £1.95 which was amazing and I personally feel this was a mistake as in Boots and Holland and Barrett a 10ml dropper bottle will cost between £3 and £5. The bottles are readily available but do require a careful search. In some places the bottles will be with the first aid section and in others with the herbal remedies.

          This little bottle has been a lifesaver at times of emotional struggle or fear. I keep the bottle in my purse in case of any problems that may arise. Whilst the effects are not instantly felt in a strong way they are felt and for many these effects are life changing over a period of time. I would recommend this product to anyone in need of a confidence boost or in need of some comfort for dark, cold winter months.


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            19.11.2007 02:07
            Very helpful




            Bach flower remedies are widely available in health food shops, and even in boots. Essentially, they are dilutions of flower "essences" in a 50/50 mix of water and brandy. There's a huge range of individual flower remiedies, each with their own special area they help in - from depression and anxiety, to period pain. Each remedy is used either alone, or combined with others, to treak symptoms.

            However, this review concentrates on Rescue Remedy , which contains a mixture of flower essenses.
            These flower essenses are :

            Rock Rose – for terror and panic
            Impatiens – for irritation and impatience
            Clematis – for inattentiveness and to counteract faintness
            Star of Bethlehem – for shock
            Cherry Plum – for irrational thoughts and lack of self control
            It's designed to be taken in times of stress or anxiety, from common everyday situations, to full on emotional emergencies .

            Rescue Remedy is available in most chemists, and cost around £4 a bottle.
            A little personal history - why I needed this

            I have a phobia. I fear nasty winged beasts, that fly at me in the night, bump into my windo panes and make sinister shadows on my wall. That right ladies and gents, the most terrifying beast known to man, in my opinion, is the moth! I once threw a rocking horse out of my back bedroom window because a winged beastie was sat on it!
            With me being a bit of of a night owl, the moths love butting into the lamp on my desk next to the pc, batting into the bulb and getting in my way. Thanks to hypnotherapy, I can largely cope without getting wound up, but occasionally, the phobia returns with a vengeance, and I get short of breath, anxious, and sweaty. So I looked into something that might help me feel a little more reassured.

            How its made.
            Rescue Remedy is made using a 70 year old method developed by Dr Edward Bach, and is pretty simple
            The flower essense is obtained by steeping plants ans shrub parts in boiling water . Its then mixed with equal parts brandy and water, and voila, it's ready to go!

            It comes in two kinds of packaging - either a spray, or a dropper. I personally always buy the small brown glass bottles with the pipette style dropper, as I find it easier to guage how much I am using .
            The bottle is brown, with a distinctive yellow labe bearing the Bach Signature, and has a chunky black lid with a rubber 'bulb' at the top. Unscrewing this lid you can see the glass tube that the remdy is sucked up into when the bulb is squeezed.

            How to use.
            Its simple to use. simply sqeeze the end of the dropper to suck up the remedy, and drop 4 drops of it onto your tongue! You can do this as often as you need to, whenever you feel yourself struggling to stay calm.
            Alternatively, if you dislike the brandy taste, you can drop the remdy into a glass of water and take it that way. I tried this, and it tasted of nothing, so fi you don't like the taste it might be a better way of taking it. Myself, I found the taste fine - just like a fruit flavoured brandy really! It does have a strong alcohol smell, and its a very pale yellow colour .

            It's not a miracle cure - 4 drops isnt going to make your worries and anxietyy's vanish immediately and forever - but it does have a mild soothing effect, and calms me down a little when I'm starting to get panicky - enough so that I turn off the lamp, and the moth go's away for a bit. I don't just use it when my phobia surfaces - I use when I'm tired and irritable , angry , or just when I need an extra little bit of help relaxing .
            It doesn't remove these feelings, but it makes them seem less important and easier to deal with, which at £4 for a bottle that lasts a good few months, is well worth the money.

            Bach Flower Remedies Ltd
            OX14 5JX


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              31.07.2007 19:36



              I not use take this product myself under stressful situations but I administer it to my cats when they're under alot of stress such as moving to our new house. I dilute it in their water or under extreme circumstances, give them 4 drops in their mouth. I'm trying to aclimate my oudoor cat into becoming an indoor cat and have found that this helps with her anxiety of not going outside.


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              29.11.2006 15:12
              1 Comment



              Try it for a £5 its worth a chance!

              This year I starteds to suffer from panic attacks when feeling under stress. I was bought Rescue Remedy by my flat mate and felt nothing ventured, nothing gained.

              At worst, you will feel nothing different, at best, like me, you will be able to tackle situation that you use to with out thought and fear.

              Do not be mislead, this is not a miracle product, and most of it is probably 'all in the mind' but it may help. What it wont do is help someone who is alway stress and paniced, that should be a conversation with your Doctor. But if these are new feelings then I can recommend it, it works for me.


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                09.10.2005 13:24
                Very helpful



                A natural remedy that might persuade you to be calmer in stressful situations.

                ***Doubting the miracle***

                It was around this time two years ago that my airplane phobia increased to an intolerable level. We were visiting my boyfriend’s family for Christmas – and I simply could not face the plane journey back. His mother kindly told me that I needed to “snap out of it” and handed me a little yellow box with Bach’s Rescue Remedy. I eyed it suspiciously. I never believed in such herbal miracles. But I took the box and sitting at the airport, I remember taking quite a bit of this product to calm my nerves. I honestly do not remember if it worked at the time, but I did make it back home somehow – didn’t I? The bottle then disappeared in a draw, not to be remembered until …

                … I next encountered the Rescue Remedy when I left my somewhat quiet job for a hectic city job. A colleague handed me a leaving present in a blue bag containing all the necessary things that one would need to be ready for the stress of a city job: headache pills, Pro Plus, chocolate and … Rescue Remedy?

                I remember that at the time I felt like she had wasted her money on this and for ages this little bottle sat in the gift bag on the kitchen counter. But then I truly developed sleeping problems. I could not sleep all night, and would develop migraines and spots as a result. I went to the pharmacy and was recommended Nytol. But I never dared to take it, as the pharmacist told me I needed to make sure I would get at least 8 hours of sleep when taking these. I never get 8 hours of sleep!

                It was then that my boyfriend recommended to try the Rescue Remedy. It made sense – the worst that could happen was that it would not work.

                ***So who is this Bach dude – I thought he wrote music?***

                Dr Edward Bach studied medicine at the University College Hospital, London. He was a GP in Harley Street, London as well as a bacteriologist. As a pathologist he also worked on developing vaccines.

                He was very successful with traditional medicine, but he was the type of person who never understood how doctor’s were more concerned with diseases rather than human beings. In the 1930s he gave up traditional practice and scientific methods of practicing medicine. Instead he started to focus on more natural remedies. He studied and experimented with various plants and flowers and developed a series of homeopathic remedies that are now used all over the world.

                ***The most famous homeopathetic remedy: Rescue Remedy***

                Rescue Remedy is Dr Bach’s most famous remedy. The product comes in a yellow rectangular box. On one side you can see the Bach logo and below the writing “Original Flower Remedies – Rescue Remedy – to comfort and reassure”. Another side informs you that the product us supposed to help you cope with “life’s ups and downs” and that it provides “support at times of emotional demand, such as before a driving test, interview, exam or flight or when you simply need a little help.”

                The bottle is dark brown with a yellow label and contains 10 ml of product. The cap is black has eight sides and has an integrated glass pipette with which you can conveniently measure out the remedy in accordance with its instructions.
                The product is apparently suitable for the whole family. I have even read that some people give these two their dogs, cats and rabbits to calm them down!

                Rescue Remedy is a homeopathetic mixture containing five different plants: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impaties, Rock Rose and Star of Bethelehem. These are contained in a grape alcohol solution. The combination of these five natural extracts is supposed to help people to deal with the daily stresses of life, give comfort and reassurance and help individuals regain a more positive outlook on life.

                But what do these individual plant extracts do exactly?

                >>>Cherry Plum – This is the extract that is supposed to help individuals to deal with fear. It also is supposed to help those who feel like they have lost control over life.

                >>>Clematis – This is the extract that is supposed to help those people who have lost a little touch with reality, those who are in a dreamlike or drowsy state and those who do not have much of an interest in life. It equally helps those who live in the future rather than the present, dreaming of happier times rather than actually doing anything about it.

                >>>Impatiens – This is the extract that is supposed to cure impatience, frustration and irritability. It is especially helpful for people like me, who live in a constant rush. The remedy helps to calm down people like me and make them more relaxed with themselves and others. It helps calm down agitated thoughts and feelings.

                >>>Rock Rose – This is the extract that is supposed to help against those haunted by feelings of terror, panic and inability to make decisions. The remedy is supposed to calm and provide courage and strength to deal with the situation at hand.

                >>>Star of Bethlehem – This is the extract that is supposed to help deal with the after effects of any shock. It is also supposed to remedy the feeling of emptiness that may be associated with a shocking event by providing comfort and reassurance.

                ***How to take***

                The instructions provide that you can either put 4 drops of the remedy in water and sip it at intervals or put 4 drops directly on the tongue. As an alternative, you can add the remedy to a 30 ml mixing bottle containing still spring water and take 4 drops thereof a minimum of 4 times a day.

                ***Price and availability***

                The remedy is available at various chemists across the United Kingdom. My first bottle came form Bairds Chemists in Northern Ireland at cost £3.95. I am not sure what my second bottle cost, as it was a gift – but you should expect to spend about £4 for the 10 ml bottle.

                ***My experience***

                As I said above, I cannot recall whether this product really helped my airplane phobia, so my suspicion is that it did have any miracle effects at the time. I would have remembered that clearly.

                The first time I used to combat my sleeplessness, I squeezed the plastic top of the pipette and unscrewed the bottle carefully. I saw that the liquid in the pipette was almost clear, with a slightly yellowish tint.

                I sniffed the remedy and was immediately greeted by a strong alcoholic smell. Not being a drinker myself, it is hard to describe, but it seems to have a whisky or brandy undertone to it, which slightly burns your nostrils when sniffing it.

                I lifted the pipette to my mouth and, as directed, squeezed 4 drops onto my tongue. My taste buds were not to pleased with the experience, as I generally loathe the taste of alcohol. The tasted like a watered-down whisky containing a mixture of cherry and plum undertones. The remedy slightly burns on your tongue the second it meets it. This burning sensation disappears quite quickly, but your mouth is left with a slightly bitter after taste.

                Another word of warning: You might want to think twice about using these drops at work, as my boyfriend commented that my breathe smelled as if I had just drunk alcohol. That is perhaps of no surprise, as the remedy is alcohol-based. However, it is hard to believe that 4 little drops could have such a powerful effect.

                I have never tried the remedy with water, which is the other method of use. This is mainly a mixture of laziness and convenience. If you are the type of person who will carry the bottle around, water will not always be to hand.

                So – does this remedy actually work? You will probably be disappointed to know that I do not have a conclusive answer to this question. I use this remedy every night – although I do now use about 4 pipettes of the stuff, rather than 4 drops. Hopefully there are no side effects for overdosing on herbal remedies!

                Some nights I will have a restful sleep when using the remedy, and other nights I will not. However, this is largely dependent on the conditions of the room I am sleeping in at the time. If it is too warm or to hot, if the sheets are not freshly washed or if my boyfriend is having a restless night – no amount of these drops will help me sleep through the night.

                But I have noticed that the remedy has had an effect on my mental state. It seems as if using this remedy helps me to forget about my daily worries. I am a person who stresses naturally – and if I am worried about my next working day, then I will not sleep properly. I also will not sleep properly if I am worried about having to wake up in a couple of hours or about missing a train. In that sense, I feel that these worries have been severely lessened by me taking Rescue Remedy at bed time. When looking at the contents of the remedy, I suppose this is what a combination of Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Impatiens is supposed to do.

                I have been using my first bottle of Rescue Remedy for 3 weeks now. As I mentioned, I have been overdosing s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y, but despite this, I still have half a bottle left.

                ***The verdict***

                As much as I doubt herbal remedies, I do recommend Rescue Remedy. In a funny way, it seems to be doing exactly what it promises for me: It comforts and reassures me. It puts my mind at ease. I am not sure whether it is the remedy itself or my mind that is helping me in this situation. Maybe the ingredients work miracles. But maybe, just maybe, my mind associates the taking of Rescue Remedy as an act that puts my mind to rest. Maybe I have just persuaded myself that this is the solution to my sleeping problems.

                Do I recommend it? Yes, I do recommend it, especially to those who easily persuade themselves that miracle cures exist. I think it would work for you. I am not sure, however, if it will work on those people who have firm beliefs against this kind of stuff. It seems to be the kind of remedy where you have to keep an open mind.

                Try it – and let me know if it works for you. After all, it is not a huge waste of money if it does not work. Personally, I would gladly try anything that has the potential to put my mind at ease and stop be stressing, especially if the cost is so low.

                ***Further information***

                Bach Flower Remedies Ltd
                OX14 5JX


                Information on individual flower remedies taken from www.bachcentre.com


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                  30.09.2005 19:30
                  Very helpful



                  I don't think it's as great as everyone makes out.

                  Bach Rescue Remedy is a product that has been mentioned in many (health and women’s) magazines over the years. Article after article has told how great it is at calming nerves and helping people to cope with anxiety, and these articles often mention a celebrity fan that can’t live without it. Before I tried it, I’d always considered it to be some kind of miracle product, up there with the likes of Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, as I’d never heard a bad word said about it.

                  Dr Edward Bach created the range of 38 ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ in the 1920s and 30s. Each flower remedy (apart from ‘Rock Water’) is made using the flowers or blossoms of trees, bushes or wild plants. The flower remedies are not supposed to treat diseases or their symptoms, but instead, they are designed to focus on targeting negative feelings and emotions (such as stress, anxiety and depression), which may slow down physical healing or even lead to physical problems. The flower remedies are totally safe, can be used along with medication and other treatments, and have no side effects. All ages can use them, and they can even be given to pets. Each of the 38 remedies is designed to help a different emotional condition. Bach said that these could be split into seven groups, which represent the main difficulties that we have to deal with: Despondency or despair, Fear, Insufficient interest in present circumstances, Loneliness, Over-care for the welfare of others, Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas, and Uncertainty.

                  Bach Rescue Remedy is made of a combination of five of the flower remedies, and its purpose is to reduce anxiety and fear, reassure and comfort, and basically to help people cope with emotional demands. Therefore, it is designed to be used when people are scared or confused, before stressful events such as attending interviews or giving presentations, and at any other time when people feel like they need some emotional support.

                  The five flower remedies which make up Bach Rescue Remedy are:

                  * Impatiens * (Impatiens glandulifera):

                  This is the ideal remedy for people who are impatient and easily irritated. It has the potential to help people become less hasty, and more calm and relaxed.

                  * Star of Bethlehem * (Ornithogalum umbellatum):

                  This helps people to cope with the after-effects of shock (due to bereavement, bad news and accidents, etc.). It neutralises the effects of the shock, and comforts and soothes.

                  * Cherry Plum * (Prunus cerasifera):

                  This remedy is for those who fear that they might lose control of their behaviour (they feel that they might be violent, hysterical or about to have a breakdown). Cherry Plum has the potential to calm people, and help them to be rational.

                  * Rock Rose * (Helianthemum nummularium):

                  Rock Rose is the remedy which deals with terror. It can help people to have courage and be calm in emergencies and terrible situations.

                  * Clematis * (Clematis vitalba):

                  This remedy is to help those who have no interest in the present, and who live in their own dream world instead of the real world. It has the potential to help people enjoy and take an interest in the world.

                  These five flower remedies are diluted in a grape alcohol solution (brandy). Rescue Remedy is suitable for vegans and free from artificial additives.

                  Bach Rescue Remedy can be bought from most supermarkets and pharmacies, and comes in a bright yellow box (it is easy to spot on the shelves). There are a couple of versions that you can buy: A 20ml bottle with dropper, which costs around £5.99, and a 20ml spray bottle, which costs around £6.49 (it’s a little more because of the spray pump). I bought the spray bottle because I thought that it might be easier to use. The glass bottle is dark brown, and has a bright yellow lid and label with instructions on how to use it. The bottle itself is larger than I thought that it would be (about 10cm long and a couple of cm in diameter), and too large for me to carry around in my handbag each day.

                  I am a shy person, and I also suffer with anxiety, nervousness and stress. Last year, I was browsing the supermarket shelves, when I spotted Bach Rescue Remedy. I remembered all the great reviews, and as I was feeling very stressed at the time, I thought that I would give it a go (also, the box states that it will “comfort and reassure”, which sounded great). I have now used Rescue Remedy in a few situations, including before interviews and important phone calls, and also when I’m feeling generally stressed.

                  How to use Bach Rescue Remedy:
                  * With the original version (the bottle with a dropper), four drops should be dropped on the tongue (using the dropper), or dropped in water and sipped at intervals, when needed.
                  * With the spray bottle version, you apply two sprays to the tongue when needed (the bottle has a pump action, so you press the nozzle down to spray some out).
                  * Bach Rescue Remedy can also be diluted and applied to the skin as a lotion (you can also buy Bach Rescue Cream to moisturise skin with).

                  I have the spray version, and I have found that it is very easy to use. I normally use it at home (as I don’t want to carry it around in my handbag), but it is also very easy to apply on the go, as you just hold the bottle up to your mouth, and squirt two sprays onto your tongue.

                  I have to say that I hate the taste of the Rescue Remedy – it basically tastes of strong alcohol (because the flower remedies are diluted in an alcohol solution). I hate the taste of any alcohol anyway (and therefore rarely drink it), but even my fiancé (who loves alcohol) screwed up his face in disgust when he tried some out of curiosity. The taste only lasts for a couple of minutes though.

                  Right, to the important part: does it have any effect on my negative emotional states, and live up to its claims (and the hype)? Disappointingly, I would have to say no (in my case, anyway). I have noticed no difference in my emotional state whatsoever when I have used it in times of emotional demand, compared to how I normally feel in these situations (or how I felt in these situations before I started using it). Every time I use it, I think ‘this isn’t working, I still feel nervous and stressed’.

                  I believe that it does work for some people, but this may be because it acts as a psychological comforter. Also, it might not work for me because there may be more appropriate flower remedies for me in the range than the five contained in Rescue Remedy; it is said that inappropriate remedies will not have an effect. However, as the box makes it sound like it would be perfect for me, I’m not too sure about this, and I won’t bother trying out any other Bach Flower Remedies. I will carry on using it because I’ve paid for it (which makes no sense really!), but I definitely wouldn’t buy it again.

                  I would also like to add that in the past, just owning it has even made me feel worse than usual – the reason being that before a couple of interviews, I forgot to use it (both times I remembered I had forgotten to use it on the way to the interview). Even though I know that it doesn’t help my nerves or stress levels, I still felt a bit of panic and increased stress when I realised that I’d forgotten to use it (maybe because I knew that it was at home and out of my reach, and that it might have helped me - I’m very strange!).


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                    28.07.2005 22:04
                    Very helpful



                    Great little bottles

                    Bach Flower Remedies

                    These remedies can be bought at the health shop individually or in a set and will cost you around £3 each for the individual bottles or around £35 to 45 for the whole set. They come in a small brown bottle which has a dropper for dispensing the dosage onto your tongue.
                    I have been using Bach remedies for years and swear by them, they are easy to administer and keep for months. A handy alternative remedy for anyone who is interested in a more natural way of treatment.
                    They can be used on adults, children, animals and even on plants. There are 38 different flower remedies and each can help the cure of different ailments.

                    Each remedy comes under one of seven categories, which are:-

                    Insufficient interest in present circumstances
                    Over sensitive to influences and idea's
                    Despondency and over care for the welfare of others.

                    The 38 flower remedies are in alphabetical order:-

                    This is used by the person who tends to hide their feelings behind a happy outlook and other people tend to think that they are always happy go lucky and that they have no problems when really this kind of person doesn't like to open up to others and try's to deal with things in their own way.
                    Agrimony will help this kind of person to focus and relax when they are stressed and to share their problems with other people.

                    This is suitable for people who suffer from fear related things, not the fear of anything which can be seen like dogs, spiders, bee's ect but from the fear of something uncontrollable. Fear which comes from no-where like anxiety, anxiousness, dread or panic attacks which if anyone has ever suffered from any of these is hard to explain where it comes from or why it happens. This remedy will calm and settle your mind and relax you when these attacks come on.

                    This remedy is most suited to people who are very critical of others who they consider to be foolish, they find some people's habits annoying and can sometimes a bit of a perfectionist. They have high values and this remedy helps them to understand others and give them a different view to the understanding of other people.

                    This is a great remedy for the kind of people who find it difficult to stand up to other people, they can be too eager to do what others say and follow the say so of others all to quickly. They find it hard to say No when asked for favours instead of saying what they think will often go along with the wishes of others so as not to make waves.
                    This remedy will help them to be more confident but not arrogant or bossy when dealing with others.

                    This is useful for anyone who finds it hard to trust their own judgement, the person who lakes confidence in themselves. They can sometimes be over protective of others and like to feel needed. They like to be around family and friends but can sometimes feel overpowered which makes them fell emotional. This one helps them to let go of their inhibitions and helps you make decisions instead of to standing back and leaving it to others.

                    Cherry Plum
                    This flower remedy is for those who fear that they will or might go insane and believe me we all have these moments, when everything goes wrong and all you see is the black hole of depression looming then reach for this one, it will help to calm, focus and relax any panic which seems to come from nowhere. It is also good for people who have lost control in anger or are acting irrational which makes it ideal to take when PMS.

                    Chestnut Bud
                    This is for the people who tend to make the same mistakes over and over again, the ones who don't seem to learn from the lessons in life but go about doing things which they know will land them in trouble or hurt from relationships.

                    This flower remedy is for those of us who have an over mothering tendency, we fuss or tend to be over protective of our children. I fall into this category. It is also good for clingy children and children who find it hard to share toys and friends.

                    The people who are most suited to this remedy are the creative one's anyone good at art, music, or tend to daydream. They can lack concentration and often are in a world of their own. This remedy can help to focus them and give them a more concentrated outlook on life.

                    Crab Apple
                    This is great for anyone who feels as if they need to be cleansed, like when you feel run down after illness. It is also good for anyone with a compulsive nature.

                    This one is for anyone who feels that the responsibility of a family, work or friends is getting on top of them. Anyone who feels like they could very well pack a bag and run off to a new life and start again in different surroundings. It is especially good to take if you are going through a relationship problem or are not getting on at your job.

                    This flower remedy is good for anyone who feels like they are depressed after not getting a job, or feel sad after a let down in something they have pinned their hopes on. It will help you to feel good about yourself again and get over the upset of your disappointments.

                    This remedy is ideal for when you are in a mood of contemplation which you know will set you off thinking bad thoughts and get you depressed, it will nip things in the bud and help you to feel more positive.

                    People who are most suited to Heather are the chatterboxes in life, they are the one's who like to touch you when speaking to you or get close to you when telling you something. They enjoy talking about themselves and might hold on to your arm whilst chattering. Heather can be used for the excessive person, the self absorbed or obsessive one's. This remedy helps them to look away from their own issues and realise there are others around who might be in the same boat.

                    This can be used by anyone feeling jealous, hate, revenge or suspicious of others. It is ideal for dealing with anger and can help to calm you in situations which might bring out these emotions.

                    This is great for anyone who has a tendency to dwell on the past, like me who has had lots of bad experiences in my youth and have had to deal with trauma, loss of a loved one and other things which sometimes come into my thoughts to upset and make me feel depressed and find it hard to shake these memories off. This will help to ease the mind and help you focus on the here and now, get things into perspective and move on.

                    This remedy can help to give strength to people who are finding it hard to deal with the day ahead. They may be tired after hard work and feel mentally exhausted, or anyone who gets the Monday morning feeling.

                    This helps people who are impatient and irritable, people who try to do too much at once and gat angry if everything isn't going to plan.

                    This is also for the person who lacks self confidence, the kind of person who might say I couldn't do that but wishes secretly that they could have a go. This will help to make them bolder and give confidence to them to try new things.

                    This is for people who fear the unknown, illness, poverty, living alone, travelling or death. These kind of people are often shy nervous or retiring. They feel uneasy with other people and tend to blush easily or stammer. This can be a great help in helping them to face their fears.

                    This remedy is for anyone who suffers from the kind of depression which descends like a dark cloud, it can also help with anyone who suffers from S.A.D.

                    These remedy is great for those people who are fighters in life, the one's who do not give up hope or give in to anyone too easily, whenever they feel unhappy or ill at ease with themselves Oak can help to bring them back to the right path of thought.

                    This flower remedy is for helping people who are exhausted or feeling drained, it helps to bring feelings of revived energy to those who feel they are lacking in enthusiasm from over work or mental fatigue.

                    This is for anyone who has feelings of guilt, it could be from something from the past or due to something more recent, but Pine will help to dispel the feelings and help you to move forward.

                    Red Chestnut
                    This remedy is for those who worry about their loved one's, it could be that your children have moved away to uni or have just left home and you are still trying to adjust to the fleeing of the nest feeling, if so then taking this will help to ease your mind.

                    Rock Rose
                    This is great for fear or panic, when you feel as if your losing control of a situation, panic can be brought on by the strangest of things and taking this will help to ease the feelings of lack of control.

                    Rock Water
                    This is suitable for people who are strict with themselves or have standards to be upheld, the people who hate laziness or shoddiness. It can help them to become less rigid and more lenient with themselves.

                    This is especially for those who suffer from emotional stress and indecision , this could be an emotional state which has been brought on by having to have lived in a stressful situation or domestic violence. The kind of emotional stress which has left you timid and uncertain of which choices to make for yourself. This remedy could help you to focus and take direction, as well as settling the mind.

                    Star of Bethlehem
                    This is a great remedy for shock, either from disturbing news, accident or a distressing sight. It is good to take following a bereavement as it helps the bereaved to cope with their grief and eases pain and sorrow.

                    Sweet Chestnut
                    This is good for anyone suffering from mental anguish or despair, if you have or are going through a divorce or romantic break up then this is particularly good to help restore your faith in mankind. It also gives you hope.
                    This is for people who have strong principles and ethic's for anyone who finds it hard to back down in an argument. It can help you to stay calm and see the other persons point of view and help to relax.

                    This is for the dominant person, the self assured and people who know their own minds. It can also be given to children who are bossy, demanding and aggressive, the children who are in danger of becoming bullies at school if left unchecked. Taking this will help to ease them into an understanding of the views of others and to be less harsh with people who are weaker than themselves.

                    This is for the person who has difficulty with change, either settling into a new home or new job. This is the one I took when I moved out of the caravan and settled into a house, which was a strange environment for me and my family, but this helped us all to settle in and be happy with our surroundings. It can also be given to children who are having a stressful time of teething.

                    Water Violet
                    This is for people who are proud and positive, sometimes these people put up barriers against others and find it becomes a habit to distance themselves from emotions. This can help to break down that barrier and can help to make them more friendly.

                    White Chestnut
                    This remedy is for anyone tormented by worry or unwanted thoughts, it can help to restore peace of mind.

                    Wild Oat
                    This is for anyone who feels they have come to a cross roads in life and don't know which way to turn. They are dissatisfied with their lot but don't know how to make the changes needed to advance onto other things. This can help bring clear thoughts.

                    Wild Rose
                    This is the one for the drifter, anyone who lacks ambition or the willingness to change anything. They tend to say " Oh well that's life" whenever a situation arises which they feel they cannot deal with head on and tend to accept things instead of trying to change them.

                    This is for anyone who dwells on the bad things in life, they feel as if they have been dealt a wrong hand by fate, they are wrapped up in self pity and grumble a lot, they can sulk or moan when things go wrong and find it hard to look on the bright side of life.
                    Willow can help them to see the other side of the negative angle.

                    Rescue Remedy.
                    This must be the most used remedy of the lot. It can be taken orally or applied externally to stings, sprains and bruise. It helps to kick in the bodies immune system when an emergency arises, it can calm stressful situations like for those who are scared of going to the dentist, to the fear of flying. It can also be good for mental anguish and can be used on animals when an animal has suffered from a shock due to an accident. Plants can also be given this to help them to revive.
                    Rescue remedy is made up from Star of Bethlehem, Rock rose, Impatiens, Cherry plum and Clematis.

                    All of these flowers remedies can help in different ways, to give confidence, calm the mind, ease feelings of doubt and anxiety as well as helping with lots of other emotional and mental problems we all have to cope with on a day to day basis.
                    They are not a remedy for anything which needs immediate medical attention like a broken bone or internal damage but for the mental and emotional feelings of depression, self pity, fear, worry, negative thoughts and feelings they can help the person using them greatly.
                    I have found in certain situations these little bottles of flower remedies have been invaluable to me, family and friends.
                    Here are a couple of examples of when I have used them and seen them used and work.

                    The first time I came across the Bach flower remedies was in 1990 when my youngest daughter was two years old, we had gone to a party at a friends farm and other travellers were there in buses, caravans and live in vehicles.
                    It was around eight o'clock at night and my daughter was walking in front of me to one of the caravans we were going to stay in as it was her bedtime.
                    Suddenly as we passed one of the buses a Jack Russell terrier came flying out from under the bus and jumped at my daughter, it bit her on the throat and punctured the skin. I presume the terrier was only guarding it's territory but it scared and frightened and hurt my baby.
                    I shouted and kicked the dog away and grabbed my daughter who was screaming in an hysterical way with blood dripping down her neck, I ran to the caravan and as I came in another traveller woman ran in behind me as she had seen it happen. She lay my daughter down on the bed who was now in such a hysterical state that no-one not even me could get her to stay still. The woman pulled a little bottle of rescue remedy out of her pocket and put three drops of the liquid into the open screaming mouth of my daughter, within minutes my daughter had quietened down and was sobbing. The woman spoke to her in a gentle voice asking her to lift her head up so she could see where the dog had bite her.
                    My daughter lifted her head up and we then saw that the bite was only a little nip which had bleed a lot it was not as bad as it looked, she cleaned the bite wound and gave her two more drops of rescue remedy and dressed the wound, gave her arnica and offered to give me a lift to hospital for a tetanus jab. Luckily my daughter was covered with a tetanus injection she had had six months earlier.
                    My daughter was now calm and had stopped crying, she sat up and I picked her up, I asked the woman what it was she had given her and she showed me the bottle of rescue remedy. I then went out the next day to buy some and have used it ever since. I was so surprised at the quickness and the way it had worked as my daughter was a real clingy child, she was shy and never let anyone but me, her dad and brother or sister pick her up. She always came to sit by me, would never talk to strangers until she had at least seen them for five or six times and got to know them, yet she let this complete stranger give her medical attention.
                    I was impressed.

                    Another time I have seen the remedies work is when my friend lost the father of her child in a car crash, her son was in the car and survived but is in a wheel chair. She was expectedly in a real bad mental state for quite a few years after but someone had bought her the full set of remedies in a kit and she took different remedies everyday to help her cope with the stress of looking after her son, the loss of her loved one and the bad days she had in her mind which were ever too often.
                    This helped her through and nine years later she has come to terms with it all and deals with it better, with the help of the remedies she still uses.

                    The remedies are made by two methods. One is through the action of the sun and the second is through boiling. It is mostly the flower heads of the plants which are collected and left in water for the healing properties from the plants to go into the water. The plants which are mostly boiled are the tree type plants.
                    The remedies can be taken by putting two or three drops of the liquids onto the tongue, they can also be taken in a cup of tea or other drink. You can take more than one remedy at a time but it is best to not exceed six remedies at a time. You can take the remedies for as long as you feel you need them.

                    I for one wouldn't be without them.


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                      28.10.2003 22:20



                      worked for me! - Advantages: relaxes you, good for flying, good for negative moods - Disadvantages: alcoholic breath


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                      13.09.2003 00:34
                      Very helpful



                      Everyone from students about to sit GCSEs/A-Levels to Company Directors about to make an important presentation can feel stressed. Some of us are lifes worriers and others only feel anxious when facing big events (driving tests, speaking in public). Whatever your level of stress is, Rescue Remedy can help you. I have used it before flights, exams, dentist appointments and even on the morning of my wedding. Rescue Remedy is a natural form of stress relief and combines five different flower essences. It is suitable for adults, children and apparently even animals! One of my friends used it on their cat (following recommendation by her vet) when trying to take the cat by train from London-Scotland. Apparently, after a few drops in the water bowl, the cat was very calm and did not show any visible signs of stress during the journey. So what are flower essences? Well, apparently, Dr Edward Bach (a bacteriologist, physician and homeologist who first invented Rescue Remedy in the 1930s) believed that flowers contained healing properties which could affect our physical and emotional well-being. The essences work by balancing positive and negative energies. Eh? To be perfectly honest, I do not understand how it works either and it seems a bit like mumbo-jumbo to me. But I have to admit that it works a treat. ** USAGE ** 4 drops a time. Take up to 4 times a day. Simply, put 4 drops onto your tongue. Alternatively, using the pipette (remember Biology lessons everyone?), place 4 drops into water and sip at intervals. The amount of water used depends on what sort of effect you want: immediate kick-in or a slower effect. If I am having trouble getting to sleep, than I fill a glass to about an inch deep with water and then add the 4 drops. If, however, I am just generally stressed but do not want to be so calm I fall asleep, then I would get a small bottle of mineral water and put the 4 drops into that, which I gradually sip thro
                      ughout the day. ** INGREDENTS ** The drops contain 5 times dilution of flower extracts of: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum in a grape alcohol solution. These five flower essences are said to have the following purpose: - Star of Bethlehem for trauma and shock - Clematis for the tendency to pass out and unconsciousness, being far away - Cherry Plum for fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger - Impatiens for irritability, tension and fidgety - Rock Rose for frozen terror and panic. Each of these flower essences are available individually from Bachs (as are 33 other flower remedies for everything from shyness to . ** THE PACKAGING ** Rescue Remedy comes in a small bottle about 3 inches (8cm) high and half an inch (1cm) across. It is so handy, and I carry it in my make-up bag along with mascara and lipgloss. A basic essential I tell you! ** PRICE & FURTHER DETAILS ** A 10 ml bottle costs £3.70 and is available from Boots and all good health stores. For more details see the website: www.bachremedies.com ** SO DOES IT WORK? THE ULTIMATE TEST ** I know from past experience that this stuff may be natural and full of flowers, but it really works! However, I wanted to be sure and so I tried the ultimate test. My worst nightmare. Giving a presentation to a room full of 100 people. In the weeks leading up to the presentation, I occasionally thought about it and felt a cold sense of fear creeping all over me. But nothing too bad, apart from at night-time when worries of stage-fright, hostile questions, and generally making a prat of myself kept me awake. So, half an hour before I wanted to go to sleep, I took 4 drops. And heh-presto, the next moment my alarm was going off at 7:30am and I had slept like a log! But for the actual day, I knew the fear would intensify and I would have to step it up a gear if I did not want to be a gibbering wreck.
                      So I put a few drops in a bottle of Evian and sipped it throughout the day. I cannot pretend the presentation was easy-peasy, but I certainly felt much calmer and did not spend the hour beforehand in the toilet! The great thing about Rescue Remedy is it does not alter your performance and you can still think clearly and be alert. That is why so many people use it for exams and driving tests. To conclude, I would highly recommend you try Bachs Rescue Remedy if you are feeling worried. It is not addictive, it helps calm you down and it is all completely natural!


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                        03.02.2002 22:42
                        Very helpful



                        Several years ago whilst visiting my in-laws I walloped my shin on a table. I was very proud of myself and managed to keep my cursing to a lady like level! As the pain subsided I was offered some arnica to take to minimise the bruising, I declined. I knew a little about homeopathic remedies so it wasn’t fear of the unknown that led to this. It was purely and simply that the person offering it to me wasn’t, well for the sake of dignity and self preservation shall we just say that she wasn’t my most favourite of people. Bloody-minded and a touch childish I know, but there you are. We all have our crosses to bear and this particular woman is mine. Several years later we were to meet again at a funeral, she offered to give a member of my family some Bach Rescue Remedy to ease their distress. Once again I declined for the person in question. Not solely for the reason that it was she who offered it, but mainly because at that time I was of the belief that the human body is quite capable of coping with moments of stress and distress such as this. I would rather the person concerned be able to deal with their distress with the love and support of my family and myself. And they did. At no point did I refuse either medication because I was worried about any side effects, I knew enough to know that both complimentary remedies were perfectly safe. Fast forward to last week. I have been attending an Admin and Clerical course as part of my ongoing training to further my knowledge in this my chosen career path, of the moment. It has consisted of one day a month sitting through various lectures, talks, discussions etc. Some have been very good, some have not been so. Take the one on finance for example. Oh please do! Never have I been bored rigid in so quick a time span and to add insult to injury the two most boring people were sent along to do the talk
                        . All of us on the course thought our finance department must be a bundle of laughs..NOT!! We also wondered what their Christmas parties were like??Ho hum!! Anyway I digress, nothing changes then! The one I want to tell you about is the last one I went and I promise not to bore you to tears either, at least I hope I won’t! It was all about stress and well being within the work place. I knew the trainer on this course on a professional level so I knew that I was going to enjoy it. I had previously been to see her at Occy Health as part of my migraine management programme. Forthwith followed a thoroughly enjoyable first couple of hours discussing the levels of stress that can occur within the Health Service and how each of thought we dealt with, or not, in some cases our particular stress levels. As the morning came to a close Ellen shared with us some of the products that she herself found useful in her working and personal life to help her deal with her stress. Alongside lavender and tea tree pulse point products was a small bottle of Bach flower Rescue Remedy. It was passed around the room for us to look at and have a quick sniff. Wow!!! No wonder this worked I though after my first contact with it at this level, it smells of alcohol! More on the ingredients to follow… “Does it really work Ellen?” I asked. I mean so many people are purported to use this stuff and swear by it, but I wanted to hear it from someone I trusted and someone I knew would be honest with me. “Yes, I think it does.” She replied. Despite the fact that she had said ‘think’ as opposed to a more affirmative answer did nothing to put me of wanting to sample it for myself. See I am of the train of though that if you think something is going to work for you then it probably will. There is nothing wrong with wanting something to happ
                        en as opposed to having negative thoughts, after all the human mind is a very powerful tool. As you might have guessed by know by now it wasn’t long before I was the owner of a very small bottle of Bach rescue remedy. It took me all of ten minutes to get to Tescos and purchase some that very day! Now all I needed was a stressful time for me to have it rescue me! Whilst I was waiting I decided to do a spot of research on this product and headed straight for the channel health web site. It may be that I will do an op on this site at some point in the future; it is wonderful, as is the TV channel. www.channelhealth.co.uk There is a whole page dedicated to Bach flower remedies and how they were first discovered. I won’t reiterate it all here, pop along and have a look yourself if you want to know more. I will try to condense some of the bits that I found interesting, just to give you a taster, as it were! They were developed by Dr Edward Bach around the early 1900’s. Dr Bach was a firm believer in treating mental attitudes instead of just physical ailments, allowing positive mental attitude to have a “direct bearing on our abilities to heal our body’s problems and imbalances.” His approach to Homeopathic medicine was holistic and way ahead of its time. As time wore on he began to wonder if the healing qualities of trees and plants might hold the natural key for “anything that ails us.” Over a period of seven years he “identified 38 harmless tree, plant and wildflower remedies that were prescribed to treat a patients state of mind.” He divided his remedies into seven groups to treat despair, fear, insufficient interest in life, loneliness, uncertainty etc. I was quite astounded to discover that there is more than one Bach remedy, believing that the rescue was the only be all and end
                        all one, not so! There follows, on this site a long list of the remedies available and what ailments they can help. Like what I said a short while ago, I won’t run off a great long list of them, but I will mention a few that I hope you find interesting, I did. Cherry Plum…Fear of going mad, losing control or causing harm, violent temper (Mike Tyson obviously hasn’t heard of this then!!) Clematis…Absent minded, dreamy, escapist mentally (this one must have been developed with me in mind!) Impatiens…Self-explanatory? Rock rose…Terror, panic (exam nerves??) Star of Bethlehem…Shock (Rescue remedy contains this too) Mustard…deep depression without reason White Chestnut…Persistent thoughts, mental chatter (I have to get me some of this too!) (Taken from Lisha Simester’s Natural Health Bible) Interesting eh? If you want to read about the rest of them, and I can highly recommend if you are at all interested in this subject, go to the channel health web site. Right as this op is about Bach rescue remedy first and foremost I think I ought to tell you a little about that now that I have given you some of the background information about Bach in general. Now let me get the bottle out of my handbag and tell you all about it. It’s not a big bottle, at only 10ml but as you only need to use 4 drops a time it is going to last quite a while. Unless of course you are heavily stressed!! It’s made of glass so I would advise putting it inside a small plastic bag if you are going to carry it around with you, as I do, inside my make up bag. There’s enough junk in my handbag as it is without adding broken glass to it! It contains 5x dilution of flower extracts of, Rock Rose (see previous entry), Impatiens (as before also), Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum in
                        a grape alcohol solution. In fact as you will see most of the ingredients that I mentioned above! At the start of this op I pointed out that Bach Rescue Remedy smelt of alcohol, now you can see where that comes from. It kind of reminds me of cherry brandy. I remember the furtive sniffs me and my brother used to take from the bottle that my parents kept for ‘special occasions only’. Yes we did only sniff it!! You can use it dilute by adding it to a small glass of water and sipping it or alternatively 4 drops can be placed directly on the tongue. More ideal in times of sudden shock etc, I should think. It can also be added to 30 ml of spring water and 4 drops taken a minimum of 4 times a day. No dangers of over dosing there then? It does say, as with all medicines though that it should be kept out of the reach of children. So…the thousand dollar question…does it work? Well yes I think it does. I make no apologies for just repeating the words that Ellen used to me when I asked her if it worked. I have only had cause to use it the once since I purchased it, which I guess is a good thing cos that means that I have had no real shocks or moments of trauma to contend with. I was sorting out my Mums jewellery box the other day and I came across a letter that she had written many years ago when she was well, way long before she got ill. It said something along the lines of who the jewellery was to go to in the event of her death and on the other side of the paper she had written; “And no arguing..I shall be watching”..love always Mum, (with a smiley face at the end):o) Just the kind of tongue in cheek thing that we knew and loved her for Well that was it, I completely lost it for a while and no amount of calming down and deep breathing could alleviate my sorrow for some time. After a little while when i
                        t had subsided to the odd sob and occasional hiccup I wondered then if the Rescue Remedy might help? I opted for the four drops on the tongue. Some time later I felt much calmer. Whether it was the natural passage of time that alleviated my sorrow or whether it was the Rescue Remedy that did it, I cannot say for sure, and I don’t care, all I know is that yes I did feel better. One wonders if it is the small amount of alcohol in it that goes someway to aiding in the ‘rescue’? After all what do they say about giving brandy to someone who has just suffered a shock? I will certainly be carrying my little bottle about with me, just in case, although obviously I hope that I will never have to use it for myself or for others. What I do plan to do though is check out some of the other Bach flower remedies that I mentioned earlier on in this op, I rather think that some of the single flower remedies might be more suitable for myself on a daily level. I won’t give the Clematis one a go though; I like being dreamy and love to escape ‘mentally’! I could do with the White Chestnut, if only you could all hear what goes on inside my head! “Shut up you lot!!!” (That’s to my incessant mental chattering, not you lot!!) May I just end by quoting a small paragraph about Bach Rescue remedy that I found on the health site I told you about before: “Bach Rescue remedy: A combination of cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose and star of Bethlehem used for shock, trauma, emergencies, first aid external and internal.” The external bit surprised me, I did not know that and will be doing some more investigating into that. In the meantime I will update this op should I need to use the Rescue remedy again and let you know of anything else that comes to light that I think you might find interesting. I do ho
                        pe that you have enjoyed reading this op and have learned something about this stuff. I know that I enjoyed reading and researching it. I think I have discovered a subject that is going to become very interesting to me. Now how the hell am I going to shut up those voices!! Ahhh I know!!!…….. Thanks for reading. Kazz xxxx


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                          There are thirty eight different Bach Remedies and each one is supposed to assist in a different emotional state. These were first produced by a Dr Bach who also formulated guide lines for selecting your cure. You are supposed to work out what kind of person you are emotionaly and select a product to match. There are such things as trained Bach Counsellors but my experience of purchasing these has been one of simply picking 'off the shelf' with no particular guidance. The Bach Rescue Remedy comes in a bright lemon, cheerful-looking box, so you already expect it to give you a little 'lift' before you open it up. You simply put a few drops onto your tongue, or mix them with a little water and drink. This particular formula is for treating stress, strain and tension. Christmas and New Year and apt to create extra work, tensions and general 'over-doing it' and its a perfect time to try this remedy if you haven't already. The Rescue Remedy is a combination of five flower remedies and it costs £5.95 for 20 mils. It is available in chemists, health food shops and major super markets. I found that four drops had a calming affect on me but that it didn't last very long. After an hour I was back to square one! I also had a problem with drinking the drops dilutes with water. The mixture was too acidic for my stomach and I ended up taking antacids as well. Although the effect of these drops wasn't long lasting in my case, I do know people who swear by Bach Flower Remedies for all sorts of different complaints. The efficiency of the treatment seems to vary from person to person.


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                            Dr Edward Bach was the “inventor” of the Bach Flower Remedies. Dr Bach studied medicine at the University College Hospital, London, and was a House Surgeon there. He worked in general practice, having a set of consulting rooms in Harley Street, and as a bacteriologist and later a pathologist he worked on vaccines and a set of homeopathic nosodes still known as the seven Bach nosodes. Despite the success of his work with orthodox medicine he felt dissatisfied with the way doctors were expected to concentrate on diseases and ignore the people who were suffering them. He was inspired by his work with homeopathy but wanted to find remedies that would be purer and less reliant on the products of disease. So in 1930 he gave up his lucrative Harley Street practice and left London, determined to devote the rest of his life to the new system of medicine that he was sure could be found in nature…..hence the Bach Flower Remedies were born. The Bach Flower Remedies are made from the trees and flowers Dr Bach saw on his travels, where are all native to England, with the exception s of Olive and Vine. In addition, during the last twenty years, remedies from the USA and Australia have been made; sometimes they are called Flower Essence, not to be confused with essential oils. There are 38 flower remedies in total each addressing the emotional self, unlocking repression, liberating negativity and encouraging positive well being. For the purposes of this introductory opinion, I will list the remedies together with a brief outline of their uses. I may, at a later stage, expand on certain remedies in future opinion. If there are any remedies, which specifically appeal to the reader, please leave me a message on my board. They comprise: Agrimony – For those who hide their feelings behind humor and put on a brave face. Aspen – For fear of the unknown; vague, unsettling fears which cannot
                            be explained. Beech – For the perfectionist who tends to be intolerant of other people’s methods and experience. Centaury – For those who find it impossible to say no to the demands of others and thus exhaust themselves by doing too much – I think most of us are guilty of this! Cerato – For those who lack confidence in themselves and are consistently seeking the advice of others, to make up their mind. Cherry Plum – For the fear of loosing one’s mind and for the irrational thoughts or behaviour. Chestnut Bud – For those who find it hard to learn from life and keep making the same mistakes. Chicory – For the self-obsessed, mothering type who is overprotective and possessive. Clematis – For the absent-minded daydreamer who needs to be awake and focus the mind on the here and now. Crab Apple – For those who feel unclean or polluted on any level, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually; Crab Apple is for those who feel they need purification. Elm – For those who suffer temporary feelings of inadequacy brought on by all the responsibilities they have taken on. Gentian – For dependency, and those who are easily discouraged by a setback in life. Gorse – For those who suffer feelings of hopelessness and despair and who are stuck in a negative pattern; pessimism. Heather – For those who like to be listened to when they talk constantly about themselves; for poor listeners and those who are self-obsessed. Holly – For those who suffer dissipating bouts of hatred, jealousy, envy, and suspicion. Honeysuckle – For those who suffer from nostalgia or who dwell on the events of the past instead of living in the future. Hornbeam – For those who are stuck in a rut and feel tired, so that work, which used to be fulfilling, is now t
                            iresome. Impatiens – For impatience and irritability; Impatiens helps those for who life is always a rush and who are too busy to slow down – especially good for busy mums who work. Larch – For those who feel worthless and are suffering from lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Mimulus – For the fear of known things; for the strength to face everyday fears and all fears which can be named. Mustard – For depression without cause, those who feel they are under a dark gloomy cloud for no apparent reason. Oak – For the fighter who never gives in and is exhausting him or herself by being too persistent in the same old fight. Olive – For those who are exhausted on all levels, fatigued, and drained of further optimism and spirit after a long struggle or effort. Pine – For those who suffer self-reproach and guilt; for those who say sorry even when things are not their fault. Red Chestnut – For those who are overanxious about the welfare of family or friends; for those who fear that something awful may happen to their loved ones. Rock Rose – For those ho feel helpless and experience extreme terror or panic when there may or may not be a reason but the feeling is real. Rock Water – For perfectionists who are hard on themselves and demand perfection in all things. Scleranthus – For those who suffer from indecision and who cannot make up their minds. Star of Bethlehem – For shocks of all kinds, accidents, bad news, sudden startling noise, and trauma. Sweet Chestnut – For utter despair and hopelessness; for when there seems no way out. Vervain – For enthusiasts and those with a strong sense of justice; those who never rest in their pursuit of an aim. Vine – For the over-strong and dominating leader who may tend toward tyranny; for bull
                            ying – the amount of times I wishes I had had this when I was a kid! Walnut – For change; for breaking links so that life may develop without hindrance. Water Violet – For people who are aloof, self-reliant, and self-contained; to relax the reserved and enable sharing. White Chestnut – For tiresome mental chatter and the overactive mind, full of persistent and unwanted patterns of thought. Wild Oat – For those who need help in deciding on the path and purpose of their life. Wild Rose – For those who drift through life resigned to accept any eventuality; for fatalists and people too apathetic to try. Willow – For those who feel they have been treated unfairly; for resentment and self-pity. There is also a combination remedy called Rescue Remedy. The Rescue Remedy can be purchased as a liquid or a cream. It is made from equal amounts of the following five essence (see above for their individual benefits): - Cherry Plum - Rock Rose - Impatiens - Clematis - Star of Bethlehem Together, these flower essences made a safe mental sanctuary in which to recover. I always keep a bottle in my handbag in case of emergencies. To make your own Rescue Remedy, add two drops of each of the above five flowers to a one ounce clean amber glass dropper bottle and top it up with brandy – could not be easier. You can also make the Rescue cream by adding four drops of stock rescue Remedy to a favourite skin cream and then add two drops of Crab Apple. Rub straight into the skin whenever needed. The remedies are not addictive or dangerous; not do they interfere with any other form of treatment. They are suitable for people of all ages, including pregnant women and children. They are also safe for young babies, should they need them, and they can also be given to animals and plants. To make a personal rem
                            edy to suite you alone you will need: 1. One fluid ounce clean amber glass dropper bottle. One fluid ounce spring water; or one-teaspoon brandy and five teaspoons spring water. 2. Decide on the remedies which are most applicable to your needs, choose between one and six – no more. 3. Put two drops of each remedy into the amber bottle (note: this is the standard amount, however, do read the labels, as some remedies occasionally require that four to seven drops be used). 4. If the remedies are to be used within one week, fill the bottle with clean sprint water, however, if the remedies are to be taken for a prolonged period, add one teaspoon of brandy to the bottle and then fill with spring water. 5. Label the bottle with your name, date and title of mixture – keep remedies out of the reach of children. To use: The standard dose is four drops, on or under the tongue, four times a day. At times of crisis, two drops from the stock bottle can be put into a glass of water (or, in an emergency, any drink) and sipped as needed. If for any reason it is impossible to take anything by mouth, put the drops on the skin or in washing water. Bach Flower Remedies can be bought singularly, or as a complete set – I would suggest that to start with, you buy just the Remedies you need, as the boxed set is expensive. They are available from major high street chemists and health food shops.


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