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    342 Reviews
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      16.04.2012 16:32
      Very helpful



      My personal take on the most important songs in my life


      This is a tough discussion piece to write but when I saw it amongst the options on Dooyoo I knew I had to do it, as music is a huge part of my life.

      I asked myself if I should include only songs that have some form of emotional resonance with me, that transcend just enjoyable listening or whether I should stick to my guns and take individual songs, regardless of the meaning of the artist to me over their whole body of work. Then I thought, well, it's your Top Ten. You can base it on what you want. So I present you, in no particular order but hopefully with all resonance and meaning explained, selected through a combination of significance, fond memories, the artists who have shaped my musical appreciation or just damn good noise. I hope you enjoy.

      My Weakness Is None Of Your Business - Embrace

      I'm not entirely sure what to make of Embrace in the wider "Indie" scene. It seems that they have been around forever, and certainly as long as I have been someone appreciative of their kind of music. Originally they burst into the scene when Oasis and Blur were reigning supreme, with a little-known band called Coldplay (apparently they went on to do alright on their own) as a support act on one tour. I once read that frontman Danny McNamara boasted that the band would become bigger than Oasis and they certainly never did that, instead progressing to a resurgence with a Chris Martin-penned track called Gravity about seven years ago and subsequently releasing a World Cup anthem (or was it Euros?) and also a very beautiful but heavily-produced album that put them not so much at the forefront of cutting-edge Indie any more but instead on the easy-listening, slightly-more-refined-than-blatant-pop stage.

      Say what you will about their progression but Embrace have been around for ages and I look upon them fondly, though I'd never rush out to buy their next offering. I remember seeing them with a best friends from years previous in Thetford Forest, when their football anthem was so new that they had to start it twice and still got it wrong on the third take, only to have "Three Lions" belted back at them. I remember frequently listening to them but before I was truly aware of them they released this, which soon after I found the band became a bit of an anthem to me, a reminder to stick to your guns and be who you are. The reason? The title, and lead lyrics of the chorus. The idea of "My Weakness Is None Of Your Business" at the time, my late teens, was hugely resonant for me. I am by nature a proud person but I, like so many, didn't have a perfect family as a child; I had and still have the most amazing mother alive but the rest of them were a waste of space. Whilst I have never looked up this as a weakness per se, I am sensible enough to admit that the things that might give you cause for concern or people who might make you learn to doubt yourself will, inevitably, effect you in later life. You don't have to cry and rant about it, but I think it is healthy to accept it. And for a long time, I didn't like to admit those failing to anyone, hence this song becoming a bit of a personal mantra. I still believe it to be largely true, although with time you grow to learn that you can let the right people get close. To me, admitting weakness to them is a sign of strength, whereas refusing to let them get to you in the wider scheme of things is an important skill to learn. So now, this song is still beautiful and I still love it, although I don't stick to the mentality of the title as strongly as I once might.

      Undisclosed Desires - Muse

      Moving on. The inclusion of two tracks by Muse in this list shows how important the band is to me; I love their style, their combination of different genres and influences, the fact that the frontman is a sheer genius, the intelligence and yet at times almost barely-restrained chaos of their tracks. So this one is included not only because of the importance of the artist to me but also because of how it affects that most important thing about music - how it makes you feel.

      Undisclosed Desires is from the Muse album 'The Resistance', possibly their most ambitious effort to date although for me always in direct competition with their previous offering, 'Black Holes And Revelations'.

      When The Resistance was due for imminent release, I recall driving along the A14 and rarely listening to Zane Lowe on Radio 1 as I had heard that he had gained first-play rights to the album. The first track I heard from it was this, and after the track had finished Lowe did something I've never heard another DJ do - he said that he didn't care what people thought or how he was meant to do things, he was damn well playing it again. And he did. Because it was just that sublime.

      What we have with this track is a departure from the expected from Muse. Whilst some previous efforts have been elegant, they are often underpinned with feelings of power, imminent chaos, and almost always epic in their execution. Their closest effort to this that I can name is their Feeling Good cover from the Origin of Symmetry album, a cover that was both true to the original but equally turned it from a soul classic into a seductive, dark and stunning track all of its own, one from a ten-year-old album still played out in many ways to this day on a regular basis.

      Undisclosed Desires is possibly one of the most seductive tracks I have ever heard. Matt Bellamy may not have the perfect voice but it is expressive, brilliant for its unique sound born not only of what is great about it but also what is flawed, and it is used to great effect here. The backing is measured, almost slinky in its execution, mesmerising and for any woman like me who thinks that Matt Bellamy in control of a guitar is one of the singularly most enjoyable things that the female condition can appreciate, hearing him sing about wanting to reconcile the violence from your heart, knowing that you've suffered but not wanting you to hide, recognising that your beauty is not just a mask...and wanting to satisfy the undisclosed desire in your heart...in short, this song is everything that seduction should be. It's beautiful, it's mesmerising and teasing, it's elegant yet passionate, dangerous as much as it is reassuring, both shallow and deep at once.

      I would say that this is the best song that Muse have ever done, but you'll find out why there's competition later (if you're still reading this).

      Demons - Fenech-Soler

      Okay, next. Demons by Fenech-Soler. Now, by and large I am a rock chick, although the truth is that I will listen to anything so long as it fits one criteria - it's seriously damn good. So I'm not averse to the odd bit of dancey electro stuff or similar.

      About eighteen months ago this song burst into my life. It was just by chance that not only was it something that touches on both indie electro and dance, but it also came along and for some reason had a very uplifting effect on me at a time when I was, looking back, on the brink; I was in a damaging situation with a relationship that wouldn't die like it should and yet it was stopping me moving on and one day, when I had been let down yet again, something snapped. You know that feeling when you hear a song and you can't stop listening to it again and again? Well at the time, for some reason, this was that song.

      At the same time, I finally realised, on my sofa unwell and let down, feeling lonely, pathetic and depressed, that I still had a bit of fight left in me to get out of the situation. It was draining me emotionally, consequently also physically through stress, changing me from the vivacious, fun and diverse person I had once been into a miserable, stressed, reclusive individual who blamed herself for everything, as well as avoiding the chance to help myself out of a financial whole that was exacerbated by the presence of this person in my life by not looking to get someone new to move in as a lodger and help make my life easier for once.

      And I snapped. I decided there and then that night, admittedly inadvisably when unwell after a bottle of wine and at about midnight, that I'd had enough. And I made a small step. I went on spareroom.co.uk and posted an ad to rent out my spare room. In a funny aside, I had a reply almost instantly, from a chap of the same name as the person who was, albeit not deliberately, gradually eroding everything I used to be, but unlike him this one was a tall, young fireman. I had to laugh. Maybe things were looking up after all.

      After that I interviewed the nice fireman chap and whilst he didn't take the room (oh well) it did put wheels in motion that soon, although I didn't know it then, would take me from my countryside existence to commuting to London and working in an entire different part of my industry, challenging myself when at a low point almost daily. This became a real anthem and a reminder when I was feeling overwhelmed that I could do what I was setting out to. So, whilst to a lot of people it is a forgettable indie-club track, to me it will never leave my iPod and I always smile when I hear it, although now it's on shuffle rather than something I put on deliberately to stop me from telling myself what my limitations are. Now, happily, I know I haven't got any.

      Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen

      Phew. This getting hefty. Sorry people, but as I said, music is a big part of my life.

      I'll keep the reason for including this very simple; it reminds me of my mum. My mother is the strongest, nicest and most talented person I have ever met and I am the luckiest girl alive to be her daughter. She's taught me strength, independence, creativity and self-worth. She's had some tough breaks and never had the life she deserved. She also loves this song and has said in the past that it does sum up how she sometimes feels about life. Once, my best friend said something similar. In short, this reminds me mostly of my mother, but also of the second most important female in my life.

      Get Off My Cloud - The Rolling Stones

      Well for a start it's hilarious. I love this track. The notion of the title sums up how I feel when feeling antisocial and fed up of people who think that they can inflict their beliefs on me. It's by the Stones - another win. And when I saw them live, a massive storm cloud appeared behind the stage and, on a hydraulic platform, the band were moved right in front of me and performed this track in the rain, as if they knew how much I loved it.

      It's just one of those songs that has hit a few important notes for you over time, and I will always love it. The live show just had me in delighted laughter - it's as if they knew, and they played it like they did decades before - with their own panache and passion.

      Hurricane - Bob Dylan

      Another thing I've inherited from my mother is an appreciate for Bob Dylan. Unlike most people my age, I saw him live in my early 20s, with mum. When I was younger she had a book of Bob Dylan lyrics and we had just rescued a puppy - I asked if we could called her Dylan but was told by mum that it was a fairly masculine name for a pretty little pup so we settled on Dill and for sixteen years she was my devoted best friend.

      This song was also used on the soundtrack of a film based on the same story - that of a boxer who was incarcerated on false charges relating to a murder in America, the motivation of the people behind his relentless persecution being racial. Not only is the film a very good retelling of a desperately unfair story, with the lead character brilliantly portrayed by Denzel Washington, but this song is a great story, a reminder of when songs were used to tell stories from person to person, generation to generation, a way of telling people what is right and a means of protest. Yet it's not sombre, it's not depressing or low, it's told in an upbeat, honest, raw and inspirational tone by Dylan. A great piece of storytelling by song, and well worth a listen if you've never been so lucky.

      Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club

      A modern indie-pop gem. In recent months, having adjusted to the London commute, the new job in a new aspect of my industry, and a new relationship making me challenge myself to get over my previous misgivings about them, I had to love the jaunty sound characteristic of TDCC and enjoy the summery, optimistic lyrics "let's make this happen, girl" and so forth. I felt optimistic and happy again and was starting to realise that I could have a really good relationship and that I had started to reclaim all the things I'd lost when this song came into my life and became one of my favourite "personal significance" songs.

      Unconditional - The Bravery

      About nine years ago a friend and I fell for the latest indie-rock-electro effort to come out of America; they were brash, brazen, energetic and had a seriously hot drum / bass mentality. We loved them. They were called The Bravery.

      Unconditional was their debut single and I don't think they've done anything so good since, not even their more popular "An Honest Mistake".

      Long story short, my friend was at a top university and there was a nation-wide competition to "win The Bravery". We all voted, got our friends to vote...and saw the Uni in question get beaten into second.

      But then one day I get a phone call and I'm told that the winning University cheated, and that The Bravery, with their Mohican hair and leather jackets and excruciatingly tight jeans, were coming to do a free gig at my friend's rock night. We went. We danced. We loved it. This song always reminds me of it.

      Map of the Problematique - Muse

      So, back to Muse, and why this rates equally with Undisclosed Desires.

      This was never released as a single but I have to include it as I think that it is a stronger track than anything Muse have ever released publically as a stand-alone single. Problem is, it's not for everyone.

      Map of the Problematique is an epic, anarchic, orchestral rock experiment that to me, is both violent and elegant in its composition and also sublime to listen to; stirring and exhilarating and yet so beautiful. Describing it is truly hard, and anyone who has seen them perform this live or owns the HAARP live album will know that this is lifted yet further by live performance.

      This is from Black Holes And Revelations and to be honest there can't be many times when I have gone three days since this album was released about five years ago during which I haven't listened to this track. It's sublime in it's chaos and sums up the combined talents of the band; the song writing and classical influences of Matt Bellamy, the amazing energetic yet seemingly effortless drumming, the tight, seductive bass and the overall stadium sound, the grandeur, performance and intellect behind every aspect of the music. You can find elegance, anger, chaos and rebellion in here in equal measures and I think this is the closest I have heard to a modern answer to classical music. A triumph, that should have been released to wider public acclaim if only the public were ready to hear it.

      Say A Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin

      And to end, a soft, emotional moment. A few years ago my very close and dear friend went to study in America for a year. She came back with a new boyfriend, and was soon engaged. To continue their relationship together and be a couple, they had to marry, and one had to move to a new country and a new way of life. After a couple of years, we had to say goodbye to my friend.

      Her twin, myself and another best friend from our school years, along with another friend of the bride, were bridesmaids. And her twin, never one to do things simply, decided to try to recreate the My Best Friend's Wedding scene of getting people to sing, this time at the wedding reception. The idea was she would do her speech, and then break into song, and we bridesmaids, along with cleverly-placed partners in crime at various tables, would burst into the song on various lines. It was a great idea but of course in execution it died on its arse, but for a couple of lines there, right to the first chorus, we had everyone singing, with the lyrics a perfect, fitting goodbye to someone we all loved very well. There were plenty of teary eyes, and laughter and smiles everywhere.

      And if that doesn't sum up what music is all about, I don't honestly know what does.

      Thanks for reading!


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        26.02.2012 16:59
        Very helpful



        From love songs to cheesy pop... I love them all!

        This is an extremely hard topic but I am going to give it a go.

        At first my mind thinks of new songs that have been released but then you have to think back through out your life to other songs that have meant something.

        These arent really in any order and you never know I may have to keep updating this as I have already spend 1/2 hour trying to decide!

        Brian Adams - Everything I do: This one was easy to decide on, it was number 1 when I was born (the fact it was number 1 for ages doesn't surprise me) This song makes me cry and I love love love it!!.

        Enrique Iglesias - Hero: This song pulls on my heart strings a bit but whenever I hear it it makes me laugh... when I was at school a friend sund this song to our teacher on our leaving day (he had a crush on her), it was one of the most funniest things I ever saw and whenever this song is played i have flash backs to that performance!

        Jessie J - Domino: This song just makes me want to dance and I sing my little heart out to it. I love all of Jessie J's songs but that is definatley my favourite at the moment.

        Damien Rice - Cannon Ball - Another quite soppy song but is so lovely, his voice is amazing. This is my song of choice for my first dance at my wedding (not that im engaged yet!) But it has to be the Damien Rice version and not the Little Mix version.

        Wizzard - I wish it could be christmas everyday: For simple reasons, I love christmas and this has to be the best christmas party song ever!

        Elton John - I'm still standing: At college we had to pick our top 5 motivational songs and this one was the first to come into my head. This song makes me stand up, sing and dance. If you feeling down theres nothing better than listening to this song and having a boogie!

        Adele - Someone like you: Boy can this girl ever sing. She is amazing. Everysong sounds like its come from the heart but I think this is the best song shes wrote so far. Its a definate tear jerker!

        Spice Girls - Spice up your life: Lol... it has to be in my top 10, my childhood was filled with wanting to be a Spice Girl, I was totally gutted when I couldn't afford tickets to their reunion tour.... Lets hope they do another one!

        Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply: Sorry for all the soppyness going on in this top 10 but this song is great. Its so true when you have found the person you love. It was played at my parents wedding and ever since everytime I hear it I think of them.

        Steps - 5, 6, 7, 8: HaHa a nice bit of cheesy pop from my childhood. It makes everyonce dance and the lyrics are so easy to learn!!

        So there you go... My top 10 singles.
        I tried to choose songs from throughout my life and if you were to ask me my top 10 from the past year the list would be totally different.


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        14.11.2011 02:47
        Very helpful



        Music is a wonderful thing whatever you enjoy.

        This is an extremely difficult little list to compile. There are so many songs that I love that it is almost impossible to narrow it down to 10 ... strike that it is impossible. I also tend to fall in love with albums rather than singles. However I'm going to have a stab at it and these are the ones that come to mind right now at this precise moment, but if you ask me tomorrow I could just as easily have Public Enemy in there, or Tantalise by Jimmy the Hoover.

        So right now, at this moment these are the ... cough 14 (or so) 'singles/artists' that make me smile and fizz with adrenalin, joy, enui or simple contentment.

        In no particular order.

        James - 'We're going to miss you when you're gone'. I can't think of one thing that James have done that I don't like and there are at least another 9 that should be in my top ten. I think I like this one so much partly because of the video that goes with it, where most of the band (genuinely according to someone I know that has worked with them) were put under hypnosis to perform. It piqued my interest initially because I have worked as and am qualified and accredited as a hypnotherapist. It's not just the video though the song is fantastic.

        Malcolm Mclaren - Double Dutch. A fast paced joyous delight that makes me want to jump for joy.

        The Disturbed - 'Down with the Sickness' (though another band that I have many favourite tracks from). I love the simple stirring introduction to this song, it really gets my adrenalin pumping, and David Draiman's vocals on this are delicious. I'm not so keen on the shouty bit in the middle, but Draiman is one of the few that can shout somewhat in tune, Chester Beddington (Linkin Park) being the master of this style in my opinion

        The alabama 3 - Bullet Proof or as my youngest called it when she was a pre-teen 'slappers on the roof' derived from mishearing the line "snipers on the roof". Beautiful ballsy vocals from 'Devlin Love' tickle me pink.

        Idlewild - Sorry I'm going to have to cheat (again) and zip a few singles together here, I love most of the offerings from this band (except their extremely folksy later offerings) and these four songs in particular could keep me happy all day - 'Welcome home', 'American English', 'When I argue I see shapes' (a hint of synaesthesia there I feel) and 'I understand it'

        Sparkle horse - 'Sick of Goodbyes', this single is very different from the rest of the material on the album 'Good Morning Spider' and is one of their few songs which doesn't rely heavily on distortion and what to (s some may be seen as 'sound effects'. I love the chuggy beat and chance to hear Linkous's (RIP sweetie) voice in it's natural state.

        Glasvegas - 'Geraldine', Just love it! And miffed that their drummer Caroline McKay has left, she was smashing. Some think she wasn't terribly good, I think technical perfection isn't always what counts.

        Cosmo Jarvis - 'Gay Pirates' this is one that will probably stay in my top ten forever, and 'The Wave That Made Them Happy'. I love this boy, he's multi talented and deserves great success. Gay Pirates, despite it's name and jaunty sound is probably one of the most tender and passionate love songs you'll hear. He started writing and performing music and mini dramas/comedies when he was quite young (about 17 when they started appearing on Youtube I think). His first album Humasyouhitch/sonofabitch was released on the indie label 'Wall of Sound' in November 2009. He's wicked, irreverent, funny, tender, ballsy and honest.

        Laura Marling - 'Alas I cannot swim'. My daughter introduced me to this talented artist and this 'Easter Egg' ( a hidden track) track from her album of the same name is one of my favourites. Although the album takes it's name from this song you won't hear it unless you look for it, way after the rest of the songs have played. Her voice is sweet, and her music seems almost delicate yet the themes she explores can be dark, she is young but her lyrics betray a wisdom well beyond her years.

        Deep blue something - 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' What can I say about this brilliant one hit wonder. I love it and it makes me squeal if it comes on unexpectedly, which can be very embarrassing for my daughters when we are out.

        Tim Minchin - 'Somebody else would (probably) do'. If you are not familiar with Tim Minchin he is primarily a comedian (though I'm not sure he would see it that way). I'm not usually overly fond of 'funny songs' but Minchin (along with Flight of the Conchords and Axis of Awesome) has an intelligent, incisive and very funny way with music. I love Minchin's cynical and sometimes satirical performances though I do feel he can be a tiny bit pretentious at times. This is one of my favourites of his, and sums up how I feel about the whole love thing.

        Mike Oldfied - I have completely failed to pick a favourite so I'm afraid I've had to leave it simply at the maestros name.

        Linkin park - Another Band which I have to leave unspecific regarding a specific song, I adore them, and the way the Chester Beddington manages to scream in tune is an auditory wonder of the world for me. A few of my favourites are 'Paper cut', 'Crawling', 'Hands Held High'... damn it, just all of them.

        Placebo - Oh dear another artist rather than a single, I simply can't narrow it down here either, but 'Summer Rain, Pure Morning, and all of the 'Meds' album spring to mind.

        There they are, a sample of the songs that I love but by no means is this a fixed in stone list, even now songs are popping into my head which could easily be interchanged with some of the above (OMD 'Maid of Orleans', and Mikka 'Grace Kelly' for eg). I like to really listen to music, for me it is rarely a background thing even a poppy song that just make you want to bounce or sing along can change my mood for the day (always for the better), but my favourites will always be something that makes me sit up and take notice, that produce a strong reaction in me one way or another.

        Thank you for reading :-)


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          30.09.2011 23:03
          Very helpful



          A small piece of me

          Top Ten Singles, that's a tricky one, which I think will be absolutely influenced by the music I am listening to as I write.

          I'm going to base this on my ten favourite songs rather than singles as I have no idea or any care whether these songs were commercial hits, I also have no care to put them in any sort of order as they are all outstanding songs or are a part of my life which I either cherish or hold onto the songs as memories of somebody close to me:

          The Songs:

          ==Trains to Brazil: The Guillemots==

          This is one of my favourite songs, I played it endlessly when my Granddad died as it just felt so relevant to me, living in a big City, the music builds up with a wonderful drum beat and guitar solo before Fyffe Dangerfield throws in his quirky and incredibly emotive vocals, the song is filled with passion and hurt, the lyrics are exceptional, based around the events of the terrorist bombings in London, it simply tells a story of the futility of life and remembering people we have loved and lost, the song has nothing to do with my Granddad other than I was on a train listening to this when I heard he was seriously ill and the lyrics just struck me as being relevant and absolutely honest about how we should embrace life and live every day rather than spending our lives worrying about what others think, and if we don't we really don't deserve to be expect happiness to simply be given to us. This song is so beautifully layered, I can listen to it ten times in a row and it sounds fresh and original every time, it is bouncy, melancholy, angry and hopeful it covers loss, hope and life in 3 minutes better than some books or films can in two hours.

          ==Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley==

          I love this song, I bought this album in the early 90's when his album Grace was just taking off and loved songs like Hallelujah and Grace, but this album track really stood out for me, he truly has one of the most beautiful male vocals ever put on record, it is angelic and so powerfully emotive, the song deals with the end of a relationship and having one last opportunity to say goodbye, for me I experienced a few times when I felt this song was relevant, however often the other person wouldn't have understood the lyrics as they are subtle, honest and deeply passionate, and weren't deserving of such an eloquent and beautiful sign-off. The music is textured, the lyrics really are the perfect way to thank somebody for being there but to honestly leave them without hurting their feelings, I love the lyric 'Kiss me out of desire, baby not consolation', it is a beautiful tale of the end of a relationship and means as much to me now as it did the first time I heard it. I can still recall looking at somebody knowing our time was through and wishing I could put into words my feelings as eloquently as this song does, but being fully aware that it would go over the other persons head, like a football during a Stoke City match.

          ==Your Song - The Streets==

          Mike Skinner made some cracking songs, I love all of his albums and most recently the song 'Blip on a Screen' really spoke to me about the joys of parenthood, but this song stands out for me, it's an old Elton John classic, redone by Skinner for a Radio 1 covers album, skinner speaks in his cockney-brummy pace the lyrics to this beautiful song, the ordinariness of his voice makes this so emotive and it feels real rather than a polished piece of music, I love that, it brings home the lyrics and it spoke to me volumes, it is an absolutely storming version which some people hate, but I will always treasure it, its heartfelt, it is flawed and it is human and no matter how good somebodies voice is, most singers will never put this much of themselves into a song.

          ==Born Slippy - Underworld==

          I love this song, from the first moment to the last, for me it still rocks today, fast paced, energetic, musical and melodic, the lyrics are ridiculous but I know them off by heart and this song puts me in a great mood as soon as I hear the opening bar of the song, it is one of the best songs I have ever seen performed live it can last anything from 7 to 17 minutes and i've seen the band live 4 times and never seen a crowd not lose itself utterly in this bewitching piece of music, the beats force you to move, the lyrics are funny and fun and the song is just a perfect encapsulation of how much fun the nineties were!

          ==God Only Knows - The Beach Boys==

          This is a truly majestic song which I really love, the lyrics are gorgeous, it is so thoughtful, so caring and Brian Wilson really is a musical genius. The music is wonderfully layered with complex instrumentals and rising vocals, I love the idea of somebody describing their love in such eloquent and flowery terms. This is a classic tune which is as good as anything of it's era, matching the Beatles and sounding as relevant as it was the day it was produced. One of the most beautiful songs of all time, this is music to float on clouds to.

          'I may not always love you, but long as there are stars above you, you never need to doubt it, i'll make you so sure about it, god only knows what i'd be without you' is one of my favourite lines of all time.

          ==A Day in the Life - The Beatles==

          I think this is my favourite Beatles song, I simply can't imagine many bands that would have such imagination and range to their music, I love the lyrics, the changes of pace and music style, the vocals of John Lennon and Paul McCartney and the whole package, this song is 5 and a half minutes long and ranges from suicide to how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall, smart, savvy, beautifully self aware and sly, this is still relevant even thought it references current affairs from the 1960's, this is the kind of music that only a genius band could make and these are one of only three of four bands i'd ever put that word too, utterly brilliant, complex, layered, confusing and bewilderingly brilliant, listen to it 100 times and enjoy something different each time, congratulations to the band and George Martin for a truly stellar song.

          ==Breathe Me - Sia==

          I love Sia, her voice is outstanding, I loved this and Drink to get Drunk when her album was first released, I believe this is now associated with a film, but i'm not even sure what it is and won't try to associate it with anything other than feeling slightly alone, wanting friendship but lacking the confidence to truly put myself out there to be myself. This song is beautiful, it is fragile, delicate and close to the surface, for me it is a cry for help a feeling of hopelessness and loneliness, it is a song i've listened to many times during times when i've felt low, though I can't claim to ever have felt this low I do associate this song with times when i've cut myself off from everybody to try to understand darker feelings. This is beautifully crafted and Sia like an injured bird is both prickly and dangerous and needing love, comfort and to be repaired, I have felt like this and find this song beautiful as a song to indulge myself to when I feel a little bit down. On every level this is beautifully broken and a truly honest depiction of the reality of our lives and self-doubts.

          ==No Surprises - Radiohead==

          I had to have a Radiohead song in here and it was between this, Just and Paranoid Android, I would have chosen Just for the video, Paranoid Android for its complexity and true originality, but this is my favourite Radiohead song, it sounds sad, bewildered and lost, rallying against society, against friendship, love and life yet underneath there is a hope and a desire to be loved, to be looked after and to be repaired. I found this song beautifully rewarding during periods when I have been down, it is a song to dwell upon and yell along to but it does have an uplifting feeling in the music which despite the lyrics does make me feel paradoxically happy whenever I listen to it. A band at their peak this is one of my favourite songs of all time.

          ==Ballade De Melody Nelson - Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin==

          This is a song off probably my favourite album of all time, while I won't dwell on the nature of the album, which only became apparent to me recently, this is a truly outstanding album by one of the pioneers of modern music, this album is ground breaking in its use of strings, funk, keyboards and melody, this song is short but the striings mixed with the funky guitars, drums, Gainsbourgs nasal musings and Jane Birkin's high pitched vocal are exceptional, I would recommend this as part of the album 'La Histoire de Melodie Nelson' as it should be heard in the confines of that to truly experience it. I enjoyed a one-off concert at the Barbican in 2006 where this album was performed by Jean-Claude Vannier with guest vocallists and this was a massive hit, quite rightly, a truly majestic song from my favourite album.

          ==The man who sold the world - Nirvana==

          I love Bowie and he could quite easily have been on this list as could Polly or something similarly nihilistic from Kurt and Nirvana, but this for me is a beautiful recreation of a classic song, the song starts gently and melodically but Cobain puts himself utterly into the song and produces a beautifully melodic and thoughtful song from a slightly different original version, this is beautiful, nonsensical but utterly brilliant and i'm glad this finishes off my list.

          ==What might have been==

          I will give honorable mention to Space Oddity by David Bowie, The Falling by Roots Manuva, Stan by Eminem, Alright by Supergrass, Mr Blue Sky by ELO, Boys and Girls by Blur, Heaven Can Wait by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck, Since I left you by the Avalanches, No Good Stop the Dance by the Prodigy, Mi Confesion by Gotan Project, Utopia by Goldfrapp, Hurt by Johnny Cash, Let's get it on by Marvin Gaye, Through the wire by Kanye West, 99 Problems by Jay-Z and Travelling with Charlie by the Cardigans, on another day in another mood any of these could have made my top 10 and perhaps that is one of the beauties of music it is transient and represents our feelings, but the songs I have picked have stayed with me and will continue to do so for their brilliance and their memories.


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            25.09.2011 18:28
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            Great songs that I love

            These singles aren't in any particular order I just went through my Itunes and picked my favourites there is a real mix on here and they all have different meanings to me.

            1.Usher- Burn
            This song is just amazing and Usher is a brilliant artist I listen to this song all the time and have done for a number of years and I never get bored of it. It has a great rhythm and the lyrics are amazing. I just think its an easy listen song for anybody to listen to. My favourite lyric has to be 'and it's better for me to let it go than hold on and hurt you'. I just think its true that you should let go of being with someone and hurt them.

            2.Goo Goo Dolls- Iris
            I haven't listened to this song for long and I first heard it at the xfactor boot camp auditions and thought it was a beautiful song. The vocals are amazing and the lyrics are so true. The instrumental is great too. My favourite lyrics is - 'you're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be' and 'I don't want the world to see me because I don't think that they'd understand'. I feel like that sometimes and I'm sure a lot of people do that nobody can understand or judge you as everyone has their own story why they are the way they are.

            3.Love Inc- You're a Superstar
            This song never fails to change my mood it always puts me in a brilliant mood after I listen to it. I guess you could call it my motivating song but you have to listen to it on a very high volume to get the full effect. It's a dance classic I would recommend anyone to listen to it and if it doesn't change your mood then I don't think anything can.

            4.The Killers- Mr.Brightside
            Another song that motivates me a lot. This song has a great meaning to me and my friends as this was our prom song it got everybody up dancing even the teachers and it has to be a highlight of my life. It is a classic song and it has great rhythm and lyrics. By the first 5 seconds it never fails to get me and my friends so oh my god and gets us dancing!

            5.R.Kelly- The Worlds Greatest
            I love this song and have requested it to be played at my funeral. I think it sounds really big headed that I have but it is a great song and its happy and positive. The gospel choir in the background is just magical. I don't think the song can get old at all. R.Kelly has produced a number of great songs but this has to be the best one he has done. I recommend anybody to listen to it because it is a great song and an inspirational one.

            6.Gerry and The Pacemakers- You'll Never Walk Alone
            Well as many of you may know through previous reviews one of the football teams I support is Liverpool Football Club. This song is sung before every home game to pay respect to the 96 victims that lost their life. This has to be one of my top singles of all time due to this fact. My favourite lyric is -'Walk on with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone'. The lyric just describes why I think it is my favourite.

            7.Elvis- The Wonder of You
            I also support Port Vale and this is their song. I love football and it is a big part of my life so this song has to be in my top 10 singles. Elvis is a music legend and did some amazing song. The vocals on the song and the instrumental just make the song amazing.

            8.Gyptian- Hold You
            This song isn't everyones ideal top 10 songs of all time and it isn't everyones cup of tea but I think it is an amazing song with an amazing rhythm. It is a very catchy song even if you can't tell what he is saying. It is a great song to remix and to turn into different styles. Give this song a listen it might grow on you.

            9.Damien Rice- Cannonball
            I never heard of until Damien Rice until a few months ago and I think he is a great artist. People think his songs can be depressing but this is my favourite song. The vocals are beautiful and I love singing along to it on my Ipod I think my friends are sick of hearing it now. My favourite lyric has to be- ' It's not hard to fall when you float like a cannonball' I will just never get fed up of listening to it.

            Last one now!

            10.Dappy- No Regrets
            Dappy is a member of Ndubz for those of you who doesn't know. He's an inspiration of mine he started from nothing and built himself up to be a role model. The song is fairly new and hasn't been long out but it is just a brilliant song. The lyrics are catchy and names famous celebrities throughout. My favourite lyric is ' No regrets, no point in crying over yesterday'. It is a lyric that is so true and should be considered by everyone because there is no point being down about the past because it can't be changed you should look forward to the future.


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              12.05.2011 22:49
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              Daisy's top ten :)

              1. The Smiths - Still Ill
              You'll soon realise i'm pretty much in love with The Smiths/Morrissey, and a majority of there songs i play on a daily basis. I've never bein a big fan of 'vintage' music and these are the only band that i like from before 2000ish. This particular song i love because of the simple but meaningful lyrics;

              "Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?"
              I don't know why but i find this realy meaningful and it genuinly makes me think. His tone is upbeat but it's such a serious song too.

              "Do you have to go to work tomorrow? Well if i were you, i wouldn't bother. For there are brighter sides to life and i should know, because i've seen them. But not often."
              I think almost everyone gets the jist of this and can somewhat relate to it; there's more to life than the usual 9-5, which for some is hard to believe because we get so sucked into it.

              It's just a song that's easily relateable and depressing to a degree but the irony of the whole thing picks it back up and gets you in a better mood. The amount of times i've danced about passionatly to this when i'm sloshed is countless!

              2. Angus And Julia Stone - Silver Coin
              I love these two. There a brother and sister duo from Australia and there voices are beautiful, espcially Angus'. This is personally my favourite song by them, in which Angus sings with Julia briefly in the chorus. The passion and softness in his voice makes the song beautiful.

              "I'll miss you when you're gone". It doesn't sound too heartbreaking really written down, but when hearing him belt it out with all his might, it brings tears to your eyes. The strongness of his emotion shines through, even though he sings so softly.

              "I had a dream that you were gone. Woke up and you were gone.. hope is gone, she's gone away. 'Cos i didn't have the heart, or strength to say, that i'll miss you when you're gone."
              This i can relate to; been to stubborn to admit how much you love and need someone. The songs moves fast but at the same time delicately paced allowing his voice to overpower the backing music without him shouting over it. All in all a beautiul song.

              3. Foals - Spanish Sahara
              Anyone who knows this song will most likely love it as much as me. There other work is nothing like this, and the lead singer, Yanis', almost scared me to death when he started singing because i'm so used to the electro pop shouty but indie kind of sound from him; not soft spoken, beautifully sung vocals and gorgeous instrumentals. It's a song about memories. The video adds mystery and sadness to the whole thing.

              "Forget the horror here; leave it all down here."
              Leave your past memories that are haunting you behind and, like he's doing in the video, don't carry them with you throughout your life.

              4. The XX - Stars
              The soft vocals and beautiful lyrics telling the meeting of a couple is lovely to listen to, reminding most of us of a certian time in our life. It's a great song to sing along softly to while relaxing.

              "Well if stars should shine, by the very first time, well dear it's fine, so fine, by me."
              Describing that when starting to like and eventually falling in love with someone, it's hard to admit it, but it's fine to.

              5. Ellie Goulding - Little Dreams
              A song about bein infactuated with someone, which in my case is totally relateable, making it that much more of a great song. Ellie's vocals start off a bit electro poppy but soon return to her folk-indie sound, making it lovely to listen to on full blast, it's always a song that makes me relax and smile.

              "And if the street light smashed above me, i wouldn't move an inch, turn the glass into stars and your face is the moon."
              This says to me, "Even pain can't distract me from you."

              6. Lykke Li Ft Kleerup - Until We Bleed
              To a degree a song about a boyfriend using the girlfriend purely for his own pleasure but she refuses to believe that;

              "I'm naked, i'm numb, i'm stupid, i'm staying, and if Cupid's got a gun, then he's shooting."
              She knows it's wrong, and knows she's stupid for believing he loves her, but because she's so in love with him she refuses to acknowledge the truth. Meaningful song when you listen to the lyrics, very relatable. Good beat to dance to and relaxing with extremely catchy lyrics and Lykke's vocals are just beautifully innocent.

              7. The Temper Trap - Tiger By My Side
              Well although this song doesn't make alot of sense, the gorgeously bouncy-pop yet husky vocals are fascinating to listen to and it's an amazing song to dance to because of the great beats and lyrics.
              The authority of the tiger shines through the song, allowing the vocalist to acomplish many meaningless but intriguing things throughout the song; "Caught the moonlight in my shoe, with the tiger by my side."

              8. The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out
              Loneliness, been kicked out of home, been infactuated with someone because you have no one else.. the songs got it all and comes together beautifully, with Morrisey's vocals oozing pure emotion.
              "Driving in your car, i never never want to go home." Beautiful. Highly reccomended song.

              9. Adele - Someone Like You
              I think most girls can relate to this. You find a dream man and he wants more than you can give, so he leaves you for someone who CAN give it. Brings tears to my eyes and memories flooding back but it's still such a stunning song with beautiful, breathtaking vocals and lyrics.

              10. Katy B - Perfect Stranger
              A song most can relate to, describing the thoughts and feelings experienced upon seeing a beautiful person you've never seen before and bein desperate to know more. All this mixed in with great vocals and a dubstep beat makes it my favourite song to go mad dancing to at a party! :)


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                21.03.2011 11:09
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                My top ten singles......now where's my desert island to play them on?

                Initially I thought producing a list of my top ten singles would be straightforward but then I wondered 'which top ten'? The top ten I want to impress readers with? The top ten I want to impress my dance teacher with? The top ten that shows off my knowledge of obscure tracks? The top ten that shows I'm really up myself?

                In the end I decided to take a 'Roy Plomley' approach to the whole thing and so these are the songs that I would take to my mythical desert island.

                10. COME ON EILEEN by DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS (No. 1, 1982)
                It's party time! It's the year I left school! It's sitting in the Wurlitzers with Julie at the local fair!

                This is the song that was always played to get parties started, the fiddle playing made it sound like music to be danced to, the 'Too-Rye-Ay' lead-in to the chorus that starts slow and then builds enabled a lot of foot stomping with the chorus itself being a full blown singalong from all involved.

                A party record that's always guaranteed to get me on the floor at family parties - sincere apologies to all nieces, nephews and other relatives!

                9. POPCORN by HOT BUTTER (No. 5, 1972)
                Ok, I'll admit this upfront - this is a novelty record of the kind I hate, it doesn't add anything to the world of music and my wife won't let me play it when she's in the house.

                But remember when you were young? It's summer, you've no responsibilities, you're sitting indoors watching television even though the sun's out because a worm on the patio looked at you in a funny way and you were a little scared (maybe that last bit was just me, in my defence I'd have only been six). Suddenly you hear a track that's so different from everything you've heard before it leaves an indelible stamp on you. For me that track was Popcorn and I didn't even realise it until I was in my 30's when I heard it on a Golden Oldies show and thought "that's it, the song from my childhood, it really does exist".

                The track itself is in fact quite clever but may not mean anything to anyone but me. It does however deserve a place in my top ten (unlike the version by that stupid frog that was released a few years ago).

                8. SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL by IAN DURY (didn't chart, 1977)
                Any song that's sung by someone who can't sing and that has a title that nowadays permeates modern culture despite the fact that the single didn't even chart when it was released deserves some serious respect.

                Given the write ups in Sounds and NME when this track came out I expected it to be a full on punk roar but in fact what I got was virtually a spoken vocal over a backing that was actually musical. With lines like "see my tailor he's called Simon I know it's going to fit" this definitely wasn't the paean to a hedonistic lifestyle that I was looking for and I subsequently hated this track because I just didn't get it.

                Over the years however this has wormed its way into my subconscious and I now enjoy it for what it is - a great tune, clever word play and track that brings a smile to my face. For me this is a reminder of when singles could actually be different and end up making a difference rather than being blasts of mass produced anonymity designed to make Simon Cowell richer. (Sorry end of rant)

                7. LIDO SHUFFLE by BOZ SCAGGS (No. 13, 1977)
                3 minutes 43 seconds of well formed, smooth pop-rock is probably the biggest insult I could throw at any song but I can't think of anyway to describe this song better. Released just as the music scene was starting to get interesting this should have been the antithesis of everything I liked musically but as soon as I heard the drumbeat start and Scaggs singing "Lido missed the boat that day he left the shack, but that was all he missed and he ain't comin' back" it had me hooked.

                It may have been the storyline that got me first of all, the classic 'getting away' type track, but the thing that has kept me coming back to it over the years is the beat, slightly rock with a bit of swing. I dance ballroom and latin (very poorly) and it's my mission in life to get this played on a Saturday night just so that I can attempt to strut my stuff to it on the dancefloor.

                6. MILK AND ALCOHOL by Dr. FEELGOOD (No. 9, 1979)
                A great pub rock style track that, if memory serves, was originally available in brown or white vinyl (anyone under the age of 25 please feel free to ask what vinyl has to do with music). A lot of the songs I like are long epics but this is a short, sharp piece of R&B with growling vocals. The lyrics themselves were written about seeing John Lee Hooker play live and rather than being a music legend he was simply going through the motions -

                "White boy in town
                Big black, blue sound
                Night club, I paid in
                I got a stamp on my skin

                Main attraction dead on his feet
                Black man rhythm with a white boy beat
                They got him on milk and alcohol
                They got him on milk and alcohol

                Stay put, I wanna go
                Hard work, bad show
                More liquor, it don't help
                He's gonna die, it breaks my heart"

                5. WHOLE LOTTA LOVE by GOLDBUG (No. 3, 1996)
                This may only work for those of us who are at a certain age and used to visit the cinema, but for me any group who can take one of the best rock songs of all time (Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin) and then mix it with one of the most iconic pieces of advertising music (the Pearl & Dean theme aka Asteroids) deserves recognition.

                I missed this totally when it made the charts and found it in a bargain bin at the end of the 90s. I just think that this is really fun music - loud, rocky, tongue in cheek - it never fails to make me smile when I put it on.

                4. THOSE WERE THE DAYS by MARY HOPKIN (No. 1, 1968)
                This song is far, far outside of my normal listening range so why is it at number 4? Could it be the happy feel to the song that masks lyrics that reflect on bygone days never to return?

                Initially my answer would be 'no'. This song reminds me of when I was aged 6 or 7 and my uncle (who was in the army) was based in Germany. Communication then wasn't the easy trip that it is nowadays and so every Sunday whilst having lunch we used to listen to Family Favourites (a radio show that linked families with overseas forces) and, in my memory, this song always seemed to be playing.

                Now that I think of it, and now that I'm older, the reason this song is here does go a bit deeper. It takes me back to having dinner with my parents, the sun shining outside and all being right with the world - a personal version of 'those were the days'.

                I can't listen to this song without having shivers run down my spine accompanied by memories of a golden time that in reality never existed.

                3. HURT by JOHNNY CASH (No. 39, 2003)
                Johnny Cash - country music legend - doing a cover of a Nine Inch Nails track doesn't sound as if it'll be a success but against all odds it succeeds. By the time he recorded this Cash was 70 and in poor health and the lyrics take on a whole new depth of meaning as he sings.

                "What have I become, my sweetest friend
                Everyone I know goes away in the end
                And you could have it all, my empire of dirt
                I will let you down, I will make you hurt"

                In my opinion this version blows the original away, this is a case of the words outweighing the original singer - it needs someone who's world weary to really give this song feeling and that's exactly what Cash does.

                If you only ever listen to one Cash song make it this one (and if you manage to see the accompanying video prepare to shed a tear).

                2. THERE SHE GOES MY BEAUTIFUL WORLD by NICK CAVE and the BAD SEEDS - (No. 45, 2004)
                Nick Cave in my view is one of the great song writers of our time, when he's on form he can produce amazingly clever lyrics alongside music that compliments them perfectly. Whether it's just him at a piano singing a love song (Into My Arms), a full blown assault that couples biblical imagery with the birth of Elvis (Tupelo) or marries a rock song with gospel choir going full force (as he does here) you know you're in for something special.

                A lot of Cave's work is dark but this song is the total opposite, this is a happy get up on your feet and praise the Lord for music type of song. The build starts straightaway and by the time you're 40 seconds into this five minute plus song it's running at full pelt and feels as if it's got no more to give, but it does, it just keeps building throughout the song until it reaches its gospel climax. And, for me, the lyrics just help to make this song even more special -

                "So if you got a trumpet, get on your feet, brother, and blow it
                If you've got a field, that don't yield, well get up and hoe it
                I look at you and you look at me and deep in our hearts know it
                That you weren't much of a muse, but then I weren't much of a poet"

                1. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by QUEEN (No. 1, 1975 & 1991)
                It seems a bit disingenuous putting such an iconic song as my number one choice but it's here because for me this is where my education in music truly began. In 1975 I was 11 and whilst I had been into the likes of Sweet, Wizzard and Slade during the preceding years this was the first time I had actually listened to the words of a song beyond those in the chorus (which was just as well seeing as there is no chorus in Bohemian Rhapsody).

                I can remember putting all the wisdom of my eleven years to good use by trying to explain to my parents why it was such a great song and what it was all about! Of course I couldn't put what I felt into words then and I don't know if I can now - it's just one of those songs where the whole is so much more than just the sum of the parts (even when those parts are piano, opera, guitar solo, heavy metal and finally a good old fashioned gong bang).

                I must have had some success with my parents however as that Christmas I received by first ever proper LP ("Top of the Pops" LPs don't count) - A Night of the Opera. Over the following years, and decades, this song and album has underpinned my love of music.

                Even today this song sends shivers down my spine and allows me for 5 minutes 55 seconds to forget the mortgage, the day job, the grief and become an 11 year old once again.


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                  09.03.2011 17:33
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                  Amazing songs!

                  Music is a massive part of my life. A few years ago I was extremely depressed and music was literally the only thing that kept me going. For this reason, obviously I have a lot of singles that I love to listen to and I spend a lot of my time even now listening to music. I'm not as depressed most of the time any more but music certainly makes me feel better when I am feeling a bit down. My top ten singles would have to be the following:

                  10. Over My Head (Cable Car) by A Day To Remember.
                  I prefer this version to the version by The Fray because it has a much more emotive feel to it. It sounds more rougher and generally more fitting to the song than the version by The Fray. I also love the lyrics and can associate to them to some degree again which is always a good thing with songs.
                  "I wish you were a stranger I could disengage..."

                  9. Slow Burn by Atreyu.
                  This is probably my favourite song by Atreyu because the lyrics in places can be associated to almost anything and can therefore have their own meaning for everyone that listens to it, although it was originally written about an addiction I believe.
                  "It begins with a dark glowing ember..."

                  8. When Your Heart Stops Beating - +44.
                  This is a song which reminds me of my friends again in the last summer we were all together before George went back up north, Rach and Joe split up and went separate ways, Owen died, Ed ended up ill in hospital and Jade went off to university. So it sort of holds a lot of memories.
                  "I'll be there when your last breath's taken away..."

                  7. Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang.
                  This song reminds me of a summer a few years ago when me and a few friends basically just had a lot of fun and were generally doing what we wanted pretty freely. I liked the feeling of freedom and everything and this song always puts me in a good mood regardless of what mood I was in before I listened to it.
                  "We do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about..."

                  6. To Be Loved... by Papa Roach.
                  This song just has so much energy to it that I can't help but like it. And it reminds me of a certain guy I quite like as well, although I don't think I'll be explaining the reason... Haha. And of course there's also the fact that it was only because of this song I passed my Psychology exam.
                  "I've got to follow my heart no matter how far..."

                  5. Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! At The Disco.
                  I don't really know why I like this song. I like Panic At The Disco anyway but normally I'm not that keen on Brendan's voice. In this song I like it a lot though. I like the lyrics as well. I preferred the band in general before Ryan and Jon left but this is one of the few songs I like from the newer albums. I think I just like the general sound of this song more than anything else though. It sounds like the old Panic! again.
                  "Give me a sign, I wanna believe..."

                  4. Miserably at Best by Mayday Parade.
                  This reminds me of an ex that left me for one of my friends. I know it's sort of a sad thing to be remembering with a song but I can't help it having memories with it. I do like the lyrics though and it does get straight to the point of the way it feels.
                  "Let's not pretend like you're alone tonight..."

                  3. Unwell by Matchbox 20.
                  I have mentally ill relatives and I believe I may be mentally ill as well, perhaps in the same way as some of them are. I don't really want a diagnosis for something like that but this song sounds a lot like some of the things I experience regularly. I know that makes me seem crazy. People say I'm crazy all the time. So I can associate to this song a lot. It makes me understand myself better I suppose.
                  "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..."

                  2. No Easy Way Out - Bullet For My Valentine.
                  While the Rocky version is good, I prefer this version. There sounds like there is more emotion in the voice of Matt Tuck than in the voice of Robert Tepper. I'm not entirely sure why but it just sounds better to me. I love the lyrics as well because it tends to motivate me a lot which is a good thing as I tend to be rather unmotivated a lot of the time.
                  "There's no easy way out... There's no short cut home..."

                  1. Hold On by Good Charlotte.
                  Three years ago my best friend killed himself. This song was the last thing he sent me before he died. I always remember him when I play this and it reminded me not to give up when I felt like nothing was worth living for any more. I pretty much owe my life to this song. I only wish he had listened to it more before he did what he did to be honest.
                  "Hold on, if you feel like letting go, hold on, it gets better than you know." R.I.P. Owen.

                  So those are my top ten singles. I know some of them are probably not very well known to the majority of people but I like them and they kept me going when nothing else mattered. Thanks for reading.


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                    12.02.2011 13:33
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                    I don't care if you don't have the same music taste as me

                    This might possibly be the hardest review I've ever had to write, because music plays such a massive role in my life. Not a day goes by that I don't have my Itunes playing out in my bedroom or my Ipod keeping me company on the bus. I've had a long, hard think about my top ten, and I thought "well a good way to narrow it down would be to look at the most played songs in my Itunes!" so this review is on my most palyed, not my favourite, because I cannot choose my top ten faves of all time it's just too hard for me. I might update the review once I can narrow the list down to just ten. So here I am, doing this review differently. Here are the top ten in my Itunes most played, from number ten to the coveted number one: 10 - You Found Me, The Fray. The Fray are one of my favourite bands ever, and this song's so emotive. Me and my friend always sing this together, so there are some great memories and friendships attached to it. "I found God..." 9 - Half Of My Heart, John Mayer and Taylor Swift. This is one of my most played songs because it reminds me of my girlfriend, that's basically it. It's a song that makes you think, you can lay on your bed and listen to it over and over so easily and I love any song that can let me do that. "Lonely was the song I sang, till the day you came." 8 - Look After You, The Fray. This song's a few years old, but I still love it as much as I did the first time I heard it. The name of the song says it all, it's about protection, not just you protecting someone, but finding someone who will stay with you, to protect you too. "Will you, won't you, be the one I'll always know" 7 - How To Save A Life, The Fray. This is my favourite song by The Fray, and probably their most well-known of all. It sounds to be a faster pace than the previous songs by The Fray in my top ten most played. It's another of them songs you can lay down and listen to for ages. It inspires me, when I listen to it when im down I feel like it gives me energy, it's weird. "Pray to God he hears you." 6 - Made Up Stories, Go: Audio. This is a really good song about cheating, insecurity and breaking up. The story to Made Up Stories is that a girl goes out one night, and she's on the dancefloor a boy, while her boyfriend has come out and gone to the same club as her, and he's watching her dance with this other guy. She kisses this mystery guy, and the lyrics say "It was just a kiss, but I could see you meant it.". The song covers an issue of trust in relationships too, he says "The saddest thing for me, was I trusted you. Yeah endlessly." But by following her out he clearly didn't trust her at all. "I was there but you didn't see me." 5 - Over My Head, The Fray. This is in my top ten most played because sometimes I feel like I'm on my own, completely. Like my friends are leaving me, I think this is because we'll all be going our separate ways in a few years and I'm really scared to be honest. So this song means a lot to me. "As the canyon comes between..." 4 - Use Somebody, Kings Of Leon. God, I love this song so so so so so much! I draw inspiration from it everytime I listen to it, and it reminds me I can't do everything by myself and that I shouldn't be afraid to ask for help from people. It reminds me there are people who care about me and some would do so much for me it's untrue. Some people have gone off KOL recently because they've "sold out" to mainstream. But not me, I think they're great. "You know that I could use somebody..." 3 - Your Song, Ellie Goulding. Okay so since I joined dooyoo I've had someone mail me asking why I reviewed a woman's product when I'm a boy - A pink pandora bracelet. I don't think it's fair to ask that, maybe I like pink? The same for this song, some people think it's a woman's song. It's not, it's for anyone. I love the lyrics to the song, they're cute and they're meaningful, and I reckon if any boy sung this to a girl then they'd leave them speechless. "Your eyes are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen." 2 - Let's Go Surfing, The Drums. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH I LOVE THIS SONG! It's so catchy, the guitar riffs are easy to learn, the lyrics are easy to learn, and the whistling's easy to do too. I love it, it' so uplifting, it's the type of song I'd play it I went on a road trip with my friends, and I can imagine us all singing it as lous as possible. It's just a song that me and all my closest friends love. It's a care free, take life as it comes, forget the world kind of song that makes you forget all your troubles and makes you want to go run around and jump and go crazy! "Oh mama, I wanna go surfing! Oh mama, I don't care about nothing!" 1 - She Moves In Her Own Way, The Kooks. An uplifting, acoustic, liberating song that keeps you walking with your chin up and eyes to the sky. It's got an amazing rhythm, it's by my favourite band EVER, it's got great lyrics, it's a feel-good, care-free song. Everytime I listen to it I started rocking side to side and then eventually find myself singing along, everytime, without fail! "Well at my show on Monday, I was hoping someday, you'd be on your way to better things" Other songs to note which MAY be in my top ten when I have a final ten - Moths Wings, Passion Pit. Mardy Bum, Arctic Monkeys. Romantic Type, The Pigeon Detectives. I Found Out, The Pigeon Detectives. Take Her Back, The Pigeon Detectives. Rainbow Veins, Owl City. Whistle For The Choir, The Fratellis. Mic Check, Hadouken!. Sell Yourself, General Fiasco. Ever So Shy, General Fiasco.


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                      17.05.2010 18:11
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                      Listen and learn

                      My top ten tracks is a hard one for me. I love music and my taste differs so much. I love a tune and play it endlessly for around 6 months. Then I forget about it and hear it on the radio or on my I-tunes shuffle and fall in love again...

                      So here it is in no particular order, my top ten tracks.

                      1) MGMT - Kids. I feel in love with this song at Glastonbury 2008, my friends wanted to watch MGMT whom I had not heard of, although I recognised Time to Pretend. Kids were the last song they played, and the crows went wild. The entire crows started signing the beat of the song in repeat for around 10 minutes, it was a magical spine tingling moment and the song has been on my I-pod's most played ever since.
                      2) U2 - With or Without You. I love this tune. It's a bitter sweet love song that makes perfect sense. Nothing is ever entirely perfect and things generally have flaws. I love this song as the lyrics relate to the truth about love. In my opinion anyway.
                      3) Bloc Party - Flux. Great tune for festivals/dancing around my bedroom or being in a club. It also makes me run faster when I'm on a treadmill. I think the rhythm of the song interlinks with the lyrics, a state of flux being the fun beat.
                      4) Reel Big Fish - Where Have you been. This is a great comeuppance song. If you've ever had rubbish break-up then your ex wants you back, play this song as it'll make you feel strong! Reel Big Fish are always there to offer me a punk-ska kick to my day, making me feel happy and silly when I need it!
                      5) Journey - Don't stop believing. I love this song; it's always been a guilty pleasure. However now Glee has covered it, its everywhere! I love it in the wedding singer when the wedding band is playing before the bride was meant to go up the aisle; I hope to do that myself some day!
                      6) All American Rejects - Move Along. In my third year of university I had my heart broken by a guy who I really loved. This song helped me through. I love walking down the street listening to this, made me feel empowered.
                      7) Yellow card - How I go. Yellow card are another rock band on my list. However this song is played acoustic and on piano. It's beautiful. In first year of uni I layed on a bed with some friends we all closed our eyes and thought of happy memories and we all were weepy, such a lovely song.
                      8) The Pogues - Fairytale of New York. My favourite Christmas song! Gets me dancing every time I hear it. I love the bitter-sweetness of the song.
                      9) The Killers - Mr Brightside. I have loved this song from the moment I first heard it back in 2004ish. I went to university in 2005 and this was the most played song throughout my 3 years on the Derby Uni club circuit. Always a party song! A great live band too!
                      10) Kelly Clarkson - Since you've been gone. I know this is super cheesy but I love it! An angry girl song that I love to dance around to with my hairbrush!


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                        07.04.2010 15:25
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                        My favourites, what are yours?

                        Ok, I've read a few reviews of the same topic and thought why not give my opinion on the Top Ten Singles of all time. I'm fully aware that not everyone will have the same taste as me but it's only my opinion so I'll have a bash. My favourite music genre is without doubt acoustic but I'm willing to have a listen to everything and anything. The following list is in no particular order, let's go!

                        1. Elliott Smith - Angeles

                        Elliott Smith is the brainchild behind the soundtrack for Good Will Hunting. The whole soundtrack is beautifully written but this song is so haunting it just stands out. Elliott's soft vocals and effortless guitar playing is remarkable. I've been trying to learn it on the guitar for years but it's never going to happen. The song Angeles is played over the end credits of the movie.

                        Elliott was a troubled individual who ended up stabbing himself to death. His struggle with depression can often be felt through his music. He left behind a great legacy and my only regret is not finding his music before he died so I could have went and watched him perform live. Look up a live version of Angeles on Youtube and you will see everything I have just written is true. If you like Angeles then check out his other work such as Pitseleh, Condor Avenue and Independence Day.

                        In my opinion Elliott is a hidden gem.

                        2. Bon Iver - Skinny Love

                        I first came across Bon Iver while watching Late Night with Jools Holland. That same week Skinny Love was Edith Bowman's record of the week on Radio 1. I was pleasantly surprised as it's not the type of music I would usually associate with Radio 1.

                        Like Smith, Bon Iver creates beautiful music with what seems like minimal effort. The story goes that the lead singer Justin Vernon single handily created the album "For Emma, Forever Ago," whilst taking a 3 month break from music and living in a log cabin in Wisconsin.

                        Vernon is another male with a haunting voice. How he hits some of the higher notes is beyond me. His guitar playing is also second to none. The guitar is like a part of his arm.

                        Bon Iver will leave you enchanted. Give your ears a treat, have a listen.

                        3. Patrick Park - Life's a Song

                        I'm about to admit to something here that I have been ridiculed about for the last 8 years of my life. I am a bit of a fan of the TV show The OC. I know, I know, the shame of it. But what about it I say? We all have our guilty pleasures. The finale of the show culminates with Patrick Park's, Life's a Song playing in the background and what a lovely tune it is.

                        I would put Life's a Song in the folk genre mainly due to the sound of Patrick's voice. From what I have read, Park has been a struggling musician for quite a while now and despite a couple of his songs featuring on TV shows he has yet to break into the main stream.

                        One good thing about Parks music apart from its quality is how easy it is to play along to if you're a guitar buff. Even I can play some of his songs and I am not gifted in the slightest.

                        4. John Mayer - Your Body is a Wonderland

                        When John Mayer first came on the scene and had all those Grammy nominations he kind of passed me by and did not register on my radar. It wasn't until a friend of mine at work brought in his album for us to listen to that I became intrigued. It didn't take me long to buy his albums and listen to his live performances on Youtube.

                        Your Body is a Wonderland is a gorgeous love song that I could listen to on repeat for hours. The best way I can describe it is silky smooth. Mayer just seems to speak his way through it with minimal effort. If you want to see what I'm talking about go to the John Mayer, Yahoo Live Sessions and have a listen.

                        5. Frank Turner - Substitute

                        Not really known to the masses, Frank Turner is a singer/song writer from Winchester, England. Originally a punk rock enthusiast, Turner in more recent years moved into the folk genre and since then his career and popularity has grown steadily.

                        Substitute is one of Turners quieter offerings if that's the right way to put it. Turner's unique, rough vocals are what make him great so it would seem odd to choose one of his milder songs as his best. My explanation for this is the lyrics. Turner is a hardened professional who spends his time travelling the world to play his music. It's not always to the largest crowds but he does it because he loves it and you can't but admire him for this. Substitute details his struggle to find a partner due to his hectic lifestyle. It really is a heartfelt tune that gives you an insight into Turner's life.

                        6. Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full of Lead

                        I'm going to pick this young, Scottish, crooner's most recent hit, Pencil Full of Lead. Nutini is of Italian decent but couldn't sound more Scottish if he tried. After only 2 albums he is a household name all across the United Kingdom. His relaxed attitude has made him a fan's favourite although my girlfriend says his good looks might have helped as well.

                        We I'm not interested in his looks, just his music. Pencil Full of Lead is a fast paced knee slapper that seems to finish in a matter of moments. I'll be impressed if you can get through the song without nodding your head, clicking your fingers or tapping a toe. It's simply that catchy. Will have you grinning from ear to ear.

                        7. Del Amitri - Nothing Ever Happens

                        Ok going into the archive vault for this one. Del Amitri, another Scottish band released Nothing Ever Happens back in 1990. When released it only reached number 11 in the charts but since then it has gathered some what of cult following.

                        A simple acoustic sound with great vocals and lyrics, what more could an acoustic fan ask for. A single listen will have you whistling this catchy offering for the rest of your day.

                        8. Extreme - More Than Words

                        What a tune I hear you cry! Ladies, Gentlemen, Children of all ages, you can't help but love this song. Another song from the early 90's, More Than Words has some serious staying poor. Still sounds as fresh today as it did back then. Haha "fresh," look at me thinking I'm a DJ of sorts. I'm getting way to into this.

                        More than words has three main layers. A beautiful guitar solo in the background, haunting lead vocals and superb backing vocals. An all round great team effort. This song will still be round in another 20 years.

                        9. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Hear

                        Well what can you say about one of the greatest bands of all time? I don't think I can say much about this song that hasn't already been said a thousand times before. Simply stunning. In many respects Pink Floyd were a band before their time. Their imagination and use of sound equipment was first rate. I implore you, if you have an hour to spare one night, go into your bedroom, chill out on your bed, put your headphones in, turn out the lights and listen to Dark Side of the Moon the whole way through. You'll hear things you've missed every other time you've listened to the album guaranteed.

                        In respect to Wish You Were Here. The intro builds you up for what's coming. Then just open your ears and enjoy. Millions can't be wrong, can they?

                        10. Oasis - Masterplan

                        This is the one that I really struggled with. Do I do what everyone does and pick a Beatles classic or do I go with my heart? I welcome the criticism, I know there will be lots of offended Beatles fans out there. However, I've settle on Oasis and that is that. I couldn't omit a band I have grown up with and enjoyed like no other. I will be honest however and admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Liam or his vocals, for me it's all about Noel's brilliance.

                        Masterplan was originally a B-side for some bizarre reason and it didn't receive any proper airtime. It wasn't until the Masterplan album (a collection of B-sides) was released that it came more into the public eye.

                        The vocals, guitar, mouth organ, and orchestra in the background just work with harmonious ease. You would expect a conflict of sounds with all that's going on but not for a second. The thunderous key changes are flawless. I thank Noel for all this.

                        One of the best songs of a generation.


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                          My faves

                          Picking my 'Top Ten Singles' is incredibly difficult task, due to the fact that my musical tastes change from week to week. In fact, it's almost as hard as telling me to choose my favourite member of Girls Aloud - nearly impossible!* Therefore, what I have tried to do is choose ten songs which I feel are inspirational and well worth a frequent listen. I have also included a Youtube link underneath each selection so you can check out any music which you're not entirely familiar with. One final thing that needs to be pointed out is the fact that the list is in no particular order, as you'll see that I have awarded each track a perfect 10/10 score.

                          *It's obviously Nicola, as I have a weakness for red-heads.

                          1. 'KASHMIR' - Led Zeppelin - 1975
                          Opening with one of the most iconic rock riffs of all time, Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir' is a much sampled track, yet it still sounds best in its original format. Robert Plant's voice is on top form, whilst the blend of electric guitar and orchestral backing is a killer combo. An Eastern flavour gives this particular track a unique sound, and is one of the reasons why it has stood the test of time and remains so popular to this day. The percussion is great, and the two variants of the chorus help create an awesome and aurally interesting track. I envy anyone who has seen Zeppelin play this live - I've had to make do with the versions played by tribute bands, some of which have been decidedly average. 10/10

                          "Let the sun beat down upon my face, stars fulfill my dreams, I'm a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been..."

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/yhtpnm7

                          2. 'F.E.A.R' - Ian Brown - 2001
                          Taken from Ian Brown's third solo album, 'Music of the Spheres', 'F.E.A.R' is an instantly likeable track, featuring an iconic orchestral opening which is rather easy to get stuck in your head. Ian Brown isn't the best vocalist - seeing him live a few years back proved that fact - but when the source material is so good, I suppose it doesn't really matter. F.E.A.R is great track to drive along too, and when the drums kick in at around forty seconds, it really is a head nodding moment. Cleverly, almost every line in the song is an acronym of F.E.A.R (which is something I only realised recently) - for example, "Finding Eternity Arouses Reaction", and "Fallen Empires Are Running" - great stuff. 10/10

                          "For each a road, for everyman a religion, find everybody and rue..."

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/cq4blv

                          3. 'HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME, KILL ME' - U2 - 1995
                          Ok, so it's from a terrible movie ('Batman Forever') - but the song is awesome. Perhaps U2 aren't everyone's cup of tea, but how could you fail to like 'Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me' with its exceptionally good main riff, and excellent acoustic guitar work. The lyrics are especially cool, and although Bono can be a bit of annoying bloke, here his vocals are on top form. Similarly, The Edge's cutting guitar leading up to the chorus is fantastic, and the bass is spot-on. Having seen U2 at Wembley, I was unhappy that this track wasn't played - but you can't have everything. In the video link below someone has added the track to footage from 'The Dark Knight', which would have been more of a fitting film to house such a great song.

                          "Dressing like your sister, Living like a tart, they don't know what you're doing, babe it must be art - you're a headache, in a suitcase, you're a star..."

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/yz5mtyr

                          4. 'CALIFORNICATION' - Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2000
                          If I had to choose one song from the Chili Peppers epic back catalogue, it would have to be 'Californication' - strange really, as I normally appreciate the band's funkier and edgier tracks. Said to be inspired by The Cure's 'Carnage Visors', Californication is a thoughtful and beautiful piece of songwriting. The carefully picked lead guitar combined with the superb bass-line makes for one of the best sounding song openings of all time. Anthony Keidis' bizarre lyrics make the track especially interesting, and all in all it's a fabulous song.

                          "Pay your surgeon very well to break the spell of aging, celebrity skin is this your chin, or is this war you're waging? - first born unicorn... hardcore soft porn..."

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/ybjywzp

                          5. 'AERIALS' - System of A Down - 2002
                          Like the Chili Peppers, it's difficult to choose just one System of A Down track - to be honest, I could comprise a top ten list solely of SOAD creations - 'Toxicity', 'Sugar', 'Radio / Video', and 'Lost in Hollywood' are all awesome in their own right - however 2002's 'Aerials' from the Toxicity album would have to get my vote. It's simple, exhilarating, and really powerful. In fact, it's one of those tracks which if it isn't played LOUD, isn't worth playing at all. The video is rather strange - an alien-esque child finding fame and fortune in Hollywood, yet looking rather miserable at the same time - certainly an interesting watch (see link below), and a brilliant track.

                          "Life is a waterfall, we drink from the river then we turn around and put up our walls... swimming through the void we hear the word, we lose ourselves but we find it all...".

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/ccp4tr

                          6. 'DRIVE' - Incubus - 2001
                          Drive is a wonderfully laid back, mellow and summery track. I've been lucky enough to see Incubus play this song on a couple of occasions, and they've certainly done it justice both times. Brandon Boyd's vocals sound great here, and it's a far cry from the heavier Incubus of a couple years prior to the track's release date. Check out the M.S Escher inspirited video, which is comparable to the hand-drawn style of A-ha's 'Take on Me'. 10/10

                          "Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear, and I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear take the wheels and steer".

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/yk5bpqm

                          7. 'THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD' - David Bowie - 1971
                          I couldn't put together a top ten and not feature some Bowie - and 'The Man Who Sold the World' is one of my favourites from a huge selection of fantastic Bowie creations. It was great seeing DB play this when I saw him back in 2004 - definitely a night to remember. The quality of the track means it has been extensively covered by a ridiculous number of bands throughout the years including Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Simple Minds, Lulu, John Mellencamp, Richard Barone, and Midge Ure - although Bowie's version has to be the best. The lyrics are said to reflect Bowie's concerns with multiple personalities - a theme which could be said to be touched on in many of his songs. 10/10

                          "We passed upon the stair, we spoke of was and when. Although I wasn't there, he said I was his friend, which came as some surprise, I spoke into his eyes..."

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/ch6x6c

                          8. 'PLUG IN BABY' - Muse - 2001
                          'Plug in Baby' represents the single release from Muse's second album 'Origin of Symmetry', and is without doubt my favourie track from the band. The song features an absolutely epic guitar riff, and a selection of bizarrely creative lyrics - although I'm not entirely sure what they refer to. Matt Bellamy's vocals work especially well here - soaring and pitch perfect, and the synthesizer-like bass-line adds a solid backbone to proceedings. Seeing this performed live was amazing, and like all of the other tracks on this list I have to award it 10/10

                          "Don't confuse... Baby you're gonna lose, your own game - change me, and replace the everything, to forget your love... and my plug in baby, crucifies my enemies, when I'm tired of giving"

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/ybjetwp

                          9. 'COLOSSAL' - Wolfmother - 2006
                          This is the first selection in the list from a band which I'm not really a massive fan of - however... the track is such an epic, that I just had to include it. Taken from the Australian rock band's self-titled album, 'Colossal' is a fragmented yet beautifully structured track. It tails off into all sorts of unexpected directions, with a confined and deep bass line leading up to the stunning chorus - by far Wolfmother's greatest moment of genius. 10/10

                          "I saw the colossal landscape, of which I never was a part, it was a magical day, of which I'd never seen before..."

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/yguahwt

                          10. 'MY GENERATION' - The Who - 1965
                          Probably The Who's most famous song - and for good reason - it's songwriting excellence. Pete Townshend was said to have written the track after the Queen Mother allegedly had Townshend's car (a hearse) removed from a street in Belgravia, as she was offended by the sight of it - how bizarre, although i'm not sure of the tale's validity! The song was instantly popular as it marked a move away from rather passive music of the era- My Generation (and in fact The Who in general) had much more of an aggressive and edgier tone, which seemed to galvanize the youth of the time. The track is especially catchy, and features great guitar work, percussion, and vocals - excellent 10/10

                          "People try to put us down (talking 'bout my generation), Just because we get around, things they do look awful c-c-cold, I hope I die before I get old..."

                          Watch the song here: http://tinyurl.com/rxj3b7

                          There you have it - an eclectic look at some of my favourite music - although as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, it's more of my 'current favourite' tracks, as my top ten is always subject to change. Comprising this list has been much more of a difficult task that I thought it would be, and I've probably forgotten about some tracks which should have made the list.

                          Narrowly missing out on a top 10 slot are; (in no particular order);

                          11. 'An Open Letter To NYC' - Beastie Boys,
                          12. 'Mrs Robinson' - Simon & Garfunkel
                          13. 'Every Me, Every You' - Placebo
                          14. 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' - The Smiths
                          15. 'My Iron Lung' - Radiohead
                          16. 'Nightswimming' - REM
                          17. 'Irish Blood, English Heart' - Morrissey
                          18 'Ohio' - Neil Young
                          19 'Castles Made of Sand' - Jimi Hendrix


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                            Never get bored of listening to these

                            In no particular order, these are my top 10 singles of all time!!

                            1. Eric Clapton - Layla - One of my all time favourite songs. Has so many memories of my dad singing along to this while my mum was cooking dinner!

                            2. Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes - Really deap meaning behind this song. I feel that parts of this song relate to me in someways. Went through a phase of listening to this song religiously.

                            3. Savage Garden - I Knew I loved you - This song was mine and my husbands first dance. It will always be special to me.

                            4. Alanis Morisette - You Oughta Know - Every girl who has had her heartbroken should listen to this song. It's a great song for forgetting about the heartache. Fantastic feel good song.

                            5. Theory of a Deadman - I Hate My Life - Haha, this song sums everything up in life in just over 3 minutes. I always listen to this when i'm on my way to work. Always puts a smile on my face.

                            6. Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer - Ahhhh proper cheese! Takes me back to the days when I used to go to Flare's back in the day!!

                            7. Whitney Houston - How Will I Know - This song takes me back to my 18th Birthday. Had this song playing really loudly while I was getting ready for a night on the town! And ohh what a night that was..

                            8. Nine Inch Nails - Closer - I don't know one person who doesn't love this song.

                            9. Toby Keith - As Good As I Once Was - This song drove me crazy for 3 weeks. It's my dad's favourite song, he originally didn't know what it was called. So I spent 3 weeks trying to find it for him. When I did eventually find it, he played it that much it got stuck in my head.

                            10. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love - The first time I spoke to my husband I was listening to this song. It became a common occurance. It never grows old.


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                              20.01.2010 22:20
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                              Some of my favourites.

                              I would like to think my music collection is funky and eclectic but in reality a lot of it is down right cheesy and not at all cool.

                              I'll share with you my top ten most played song, as listed on my iPod, how scientific!!

                              10. Science of Fear - The Temper Trap

                              If you don't know The Temper Trap are an Australian band and are the best thing to come from Down Under for years. 2009 was a really stand out year for them, with their album, Conditions, storming the charts. This album is one of my favourites from last year with this song being in my top 3 songs from it. I love this fast paced high energy song. It makes me want to dance around my room in my pants.

                              9. Every You Every Me - Placebo

                              I love Placebo and this track, which is highly recognisable from the film Cruel Intentions, is my all time favourite. Not really one to dance to but maybe singing into the hairbrush would be appropriate.

                              8. Bet On It - The Cast of High School Musical


                              I love HSM and Troy in particular (swoon). It's so ridiculously over dramatic, perfect for a musical detailing the angst of teenage life and dilemmas.

                              7. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

                              I love the guitar riff, massive drums and booming bass. Muse have taken the classic rock elements and given it an individual edge that appeals to many. I love practicing my air guitar to this, in my pants of course.

                              6. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) - Florence + The Machine

                              Another of my favourite albums from 2009, Lungs is definately worth checking out. I love Florence's quirky style and they lyrics to this song have a sort of tribal ritual feel to theme.

                              5. Do You Love Me - The Contours

                              I love Motown music. I wish I had been alive in those days. The bands were just so cool. Everyone will probably know this song from Dirty Dancing.

                              4. Beat Again - JLS

                              The less said about this the better, moving swiftly on....

                              3. Misery Business - Paramore

                              I love bands with strong female leads and sadly bands like these are quite rare. Paramore have that quirky, alternative vibe and Hayley's vocals are gorgeous.

                              2. Be Somebody - Kings Of Leon

                              Awesome song, I find it really uplifting and listening to it always puts me in a better mood. Love the drums!!!

                              1. 15 Step - Radiohead

                              I've always been a massive Radiohead fan and when this album came out I was delighted, some of their best work. 15 Step has a really original sound. Lovely funky, slightly jazz style guitars. Awesome!!!

                              So there are my top ten listened to tracks. Clearly these aren't my top ten of all time but the ones that I have listened to the most recently.

                              Hope you enjoy!!


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                                13.01.2010 22:37
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                                Isn't it strange how it only takes one song to transport you back to a moment in time.

                                My Top 10 Singles - In no particular order!

                                1. Journey - Don't Stop Believing.

                                This song is my favourite song in the world. For some strange reason it just reminds me of all the great times I've had, It's a catchy old school song, but Journey still remain one of my favourite bands of all time. A great song, for a great night out!!

                                2. Bon Jovi - Always.

                                A song that reminds me of both the sad and good parts of previous relationships. An ex boyfriend once played me this song a long time ago, one of the few Bon Jovi songs I hadn't heard at the time and the song just stuck. Its my favourite Bon Jovi song, and it reminds me of how much love can change.

                                3. Kings of Leon - Use Somebody.

                                This song was played repeatedly when me and my current boyfriend Dan got together. We had a whirlwind romance, and I knew he was the one within a week of meeting him. He makes me feel like I'm the most special person in the world and everytime I hear this song, even now, it gives me the same butterflies I had back then. Its our song.

                                4. Whitesnake - Is This Love.

                                About 10 years ago, I received a power ballads album for Christmas, not thinking I would like it, it remained in the packaging for another 6 months. One day I decided to play it, and have never looked back. Although not everyones cup of tea, Power Ballads are my ultimate favourite. This song in particular was the one song on the album that I played to death. It reminds me of being a kid, dancing around my room singing at the top of my voice!

                                5. Whitesnake - Here I go Again.

                                Same as above really, I truly believe once you have listened to Whitesnake you can't possibly go back. They're one of my favourite bands of all time, and this song just epitomises everything I love about them!! A song that never fails to get me dancing, singing and smiling!!!

                                6. Boris Gardener - I wanna wake up with you.

                                A song I heard lots when growing up. A song that reminds me of my parents, as its a song that reminds them of each other. Its a song that I associate with love and would be honoured to have it as my wedding song one day.

                                7. The Birdy Song

                                As odd as this is, this song reminds me so much of being a kid. In the army there wasn't much for families to do, so on Saturdays they had family nights at the Corporals Mess. Our saturdays were always the same, wathing Blind Date in the living room, whilst my mum ironed our best clothes, then we'd get ready and go wait for the mini bus to take us to the mess. When there, the parents would get drunk, and they'd play songs for all us lunatic kids and eventually the parents would join in and dance and sing. The birdy song was the one I most remember everyone in the mess singing and dancing to. It brings back such good memories.

                                8. Lonestar - Amazed.

                                A song I'll remember for the rest of my life, but not for happy reasons. Amazed was chosen by my Auntie and my cousins girlfriend to be played at his funeral in November 2008. At 23 years old my cousin was pulling out of a junction near his house, one that he pulled out of everyday, when a foreign driver, with previous driving offences, no insurance and no valid licence, going double the speed limit in the pouring rain, smashed into the side of my cousins car killing him almost instantly. Losing somebody that was like a brother to me, and so young was the hardest thing I think I'll ever live through. Not only does this song make me cry, but it also makes me smile and remember the good times.

                                9. John Denver - Take Me Home Country Roads.

                                On a lighter note, a song that reminds me of my time spent in West Virginia on a little camp called EKC. I spent 4 great months there, teaching kids how to ride. Although a lot of songs featured heavily that summer, none greater than Almost Heaven, West Virginia....On starting at camp when it was just the staff, our first job was to learn the camp dance to Country Roads. Whenever I hear this song I get a big grin on my face and I'm transported back to camp, dancing away.

                                10. Beverly Craven - Promise Me.

                                Growing up with a Dad in the Army was so hard for my sister, my mum and I. Having your dad away for 6 months out of the year most years was hard to deal with, but even harder to deal with is being away from your wife, and 2 kids. Whilst away, although I'm sure they would now deny, my dad said that when this song was played on BFBS (forces radio) most men would look around and see their fellow soldiers wiping a tear from their eye, a song that reminded them so much of what they were missing back home. My dad played me this song a long time ago, and it's a song you hear very rarely on mainstream radio, but every now and again when listening to my Ipod, I'll hear the song, and It'll remind me how proud I am to have a Dad that fought for 22 years for his Country.

                                Thats my Top 10, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy listening.


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