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Garnier Nutrisse

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60 Reviews
  • Lasts a long time
  • Covered grey
  • Not a great smell
  • The gloves could be better
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    60 Reviews
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      29.10.2014 11:18
      Very helpful


      • "Lasts a long time"
      • "Easy to mix"
      • "Works when other brands haven't"


      • "Not a great smell"
      • "The gloves could be better"
      • "Can be difficult to apply"

      Good product

      I have used the Nutrisse pre-lightener for several years. I have red hair and have tried a variety of other dyes, but none have worked - most have had no affect on my hair colour at all. With this product, my hair does change colour. If it has been a long time since I last did it, the outcome tends to be blondish-ginger, but if my natural colour has not had time to grow out completely, the outcome is definitely blonde.
      This product can be quite annoying to apply, even though it is not particularly difficult. The dye comes with a pair of plastic gloves to protect your hands while applying the dye. I have always found these to be difficult to use comfortably. The plastic feels quite slippery and does not cling to your hands like latex gloves, for example. They are also too big for my hands and keep slipping off. This means that I constantly have to pull them back on properly so I can continue to apply the dye, which means it gets on my hands and takes longer than it should to apply.
      The product is easy to mix, with a bottle, powder sachets and a tube of cream that need to be mixed together. I do not usually use the bottle's lid to apply the dye because not only does it get blocked easily, it takes a long time to apply. I tend to pour a bit of dye into my hand and then apply it to my hair. I do have quite long, thick hair though, so that might be why that method works better for me.


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      07.09.2014 15:10
      Very helpful


      • "Covered grey"


      Did not come out as I had hoped

      The last time I attempted to dye my hair dark brown it ended up being a disaster as it went completely black despite the box being called dark chocolate. As a result the last time I was in Tesco's I definately wasn't even looking at prices when picking my hair dye ass that went so badly last time.

      I chose Garnier Nutrise partly because Davina McColl was on the box and so I felt it was a brand that's I could trust - yes clearly this advertising strategy worked well on me. I chose colour 4.3 dark golden brown. The instructions were clear and really similar to other hair dyes that's I have used. You put on the gloves provided and then mix the cream into the bottle and shake well. Then apply the hair dye thoroughly to you hair and leave it for 25 to 35 minutes. I left my dye in for 30 minutes.

      On rinsing the hair dye off I then used the conditioner provided. I was really impressed with the conditioner that was provided with this hair dye. Quite often I have found that the conditioners provided are really small and in little sashays that are hard to open but not with this one. This conditioner was really big and comes in a nice easy to open bottle.

      The colour of my hair has not come out totally as I wanted or expected. The roots of my hair seems to have gone a bit ginger with the rest of my hair the nice brown colour I was hoping for. I think maybe this is because the main length of my hair already had dye on whereas my roots did not. I do feel like my hair currently looks pretty silly bit maybe I just need to come to terms with me having to go back to having my hair professionally dyed but I hope not.


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      13.08.2013 21:27
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Easy to use hair dye

      I bought this hair dye after my six weekly trips to the hairdressers to get my hair cut and coloured became too expensive. For the past six months I have been having a "quasi-permanent" hair colour put into my hair to gradually lighten it from medium brown to a dark blonde colour. I was happy with this for a long time as it lightened my hair without using bleach and causing damage associated with it, however, I found that the colour didn't last very long and left unsightly roots.

      Although I had been warned by friends not to go lighter at home as apparently it is easy to go wrong, I was living with eight weeks of regrowth which made me resemble a demented badger. I have previously dyed my hair at home, but always darker, not lighter. I knew from experience that hair dyes often come out darker than you expect them to so I bought the very light shade 111+ Ultra Light Very Ash Blonde, which claims to lighten hair by 4.5 tones and is part of the Truly Blonde range.

      The colour and the developer were very easy to mix and the instructions were written in clear English. The first thing I noticed when I started to apply this to my hair was the colour. It was a very pale blue colour, which alarmed me as I did not want blue hair. The hair dye also had a very strong smell of bleach, which is not surprising as the second ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, but I was taken aback by the fumes. Despite the blue colour on my head I left the solution on for the full 30 minutes, which revealed lighter hair, but definitely not the Ultra Light blonde promised.

      The packaging was what enticed me to this product. I loved the colour of the ashy blonde hair on the model and although I knew it probably wouldn't come out that exact colour, I bought this as this was the sort of colour I wanted to achieve. Only afterwards did I realize that there was a perforated part of the box which you could remove, which fit the shape of the bottle exactly, which would have been handy during application as I kept having to pick the bottle up and down.

      Although the hair dye did lighten my hair and cover my roots, I was disappointed that it didn't lighten it as much as expected. I think next time I would probably purchase two boxes as although I have very fine hair that is shoulder length, I have a lot of it and a second box might have coated my hair better giving a better result. Also, although it is recommended to only leave the dye on for 30 minutes, I think next time I would leave it on for slightly longer as you can easily see how much the colour is developing.

      Overall, this is a very good hair dye but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is new to home hair dying as dying your hair lighter is much more difficult than dying your hair darker. However, for those who know what they are doing, this is a good product which is a lovely ash, non-brassy colour.


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        23.06.2013 21:42
        Very helpful



        Great hair dying product

        I used to colour my hair a lot when I was in my early teens. I have dark brown hair and so thought that my options were limited to mostly dark shades like reds, blacks, and other brown shades, and so mostly only tried out those. I went through a period of switching between red and purple everytime I went to re-dye and often because of the colour of my hair it was only really visible in the light. As such I tend to avoid the really cheap options out there as they don't really give me the effective dye job I want and create this effect. One brand that is relatively cheap but definitely has a lot more quality is Garnier Nutrisse, and I have tried out numerous colours from their range all providing excellent results.

        As mentioned, it was more when I was younger that I coloured my hair more often. Recently however I suddenly got the urge to dye my hair light brown, it may not seem all that significant, but for someone whose always had dark hair on a light complexion, I wanted to experiment with this. I went to my local boots and looking through their various hair dyes on offer I knew I was going to buy from Garnier, as it is middle of the range in terms of price, and so decided to look through the blonde shades they had on offer. You see, despite wanting a light brown effect, I knew if I bought that it would basically do nothing and my hair would probably stay the same shade it already was. So instead I went for a fairly light shade in 'Almond' chosing this because they had a useful 'before and after' shot of what this dye would do to hair in either blond, light brown, and brown shades. The dark brown option created an effect I was after and so I headed to the till and bought it.

        When you open up the box you get an instruction manuel, a bottle half full, a tube with a pierce-open lid, and a little tub containing gloves. Firstly I opened up the gloves and put them on, I read through the instructions which gave advice on how to redo roots or how to dye over undyed/dyed hair. As my hair was natural at this point, I followed this method and got to shaking the bottle like mad once I had mixed the contents together. You click open the cap on top of the nozzle, which makes it really easy for applying as you can go right alone the hair line without getting overly messy. I like that this meant I could be more precise in my application, and also meant it was a lot faster to clean up after. You apply this to dry, unwashed hair which meant that I didn't have to deal with wet dripping hair as well as the hair dye and not getting too messy, and so there was less to worry about.

        My hair is medium length, a little over my shoulders, and I still had plenty within the bottle to apply a decent amount, and I always try to ration it out beforehand to make sure there's some less and there definitely was plenty. With all the extra left over, I then applied it a lot more liberally all over and thought that the coverage was excellent. On the instructions it says to leave for 25 minutes, or for 35 if you have more stubborn greys, but as I was attempting to go from dark brown to a lighter shade I left it for the longer option, probably nearer to 40 minutes, as I wanted to make sure it actually did what I was hoping for and really did lighten the shade. As I rinsed I was stupidly led to believe it hadn't done anything and I'd wasted my money as my hair was still very much dark brown. I rinsed until the water ran clear and then used a blob of the Colour Nourishing conditioner they include with the product. This lathered up really nicely and made my hair feel really sleek and soft. I'm glad it came with this conditioner as having left it a little longer I was nervous of the effects it might have on my hair, but afterwards it was fine so I was assured this was quite a gentle product.

        The smell when the hair dye was applied was bearable. In fact it actually had an almost fruitiness to it, and definitely no horrible amonia fragrance. After rinsing and drying this fragrance was still on my hair which I liked at it had a nice freshness to it.

        In my own experience this was an excellent creme. Application was easy, the instructions kept short and sweet, and the conditioning effects after also appreciated. Despite my earlier disappointment as my hair began to dry I got really excited it had actually worked and I was able to lighten without having to go to the hair dresser to pay for them to bleach my hair. The result was a very natural colour, nothing distinctly different from my natural shade, but definitely noticable. This natural quality can be said for the many shades they have on offer. There are over 40 shades to this range which I'm grateful for as it means I can change whenever I want to without having to look for another brand that will produce equal effects. I have used different shades from there blonde, red and brown range now without any problems and each time have been very pleased with the results.

        This cost me £5.95 in Boots which as I said before is about in the middle of how much you tend to pay for hair dyes. The only more expensive option they had on offer was a John Freida creme product, but I opted for this and am glad because I still got excellent results. I dyed my hair about 4 weeks ago and am yet to see my roots come in, however before I have noticed it tends to fade after this mark and so will have to go and buy more dye soon to maintain a nice fresh colour. Despite it not necessarily lasting as long as some other hair dye brands it is still excellent and the wear I got out of it made it worth the money for me as it was very high quality.

        Overall I would recommend this product. Applciation is easy and simple, I didn't really make a lot of mess and the bits I missed around my head and face came easily off with the help of a damp flannel without staining the skin. The fruity smell meant it was a lot more of an enjoyable experience than some other hair dyes and it didn't feel quite so taxing to have to wait the half hour or so to rinse. I also liked the conditioner that came with the product as I was able to re-use this in the days that followed to ensure the colour was kept in and my hair was truly nourished following the dying process. The price is reasonable and for where it is on the market I would recommend as it does provide you with a very high quality product. The range is also expansive and I like that there are lots of options in all different colours to choose from, in very natural, subtle tones.


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          29.05.2013 23:35
          Very helpful



          Would use again

          I recently purchased a Garnier Nutrisse hair dye for the first time - in a shade called 'Dark Cherry'. I went for this shade as I have always been a fan of dying my hair red but as I am now a 'grown-up' I try and go for less wild shades than I perhaps did a few years ago.Dark Cherry looked, from the box, as though it would be a deep purple/red rather than the bright pillar box red that I usually go for.

          I bought this hair dye for £5.89 from Sainsburys, as it was on offer with a £1 discount from the normal price.

          It comes in a box, with instructions, gloves, conditioner, colour creme, and developer. Following the instructions, I put the gloves on, and then added the colour creme to the developer. The developer comes in a bottle with a nozzle, and you shake the two products together in this bottle, before snapping the end of the nozzle off, ready to apply it to the hair.

          I then applied the dye to my hair, starting with the roots as it said in the instructions. This was a little messy as it always is but the gloves and small nozzle on the bottle helped to make it easier. Once I had applied it to all of my hair I left it for 30 minutes to develop. This dye had a nice fruity smell, unlike a lot of other dyes I have used in the past which smell pretty vile. Anyway I got in the shower to wash it off and as usual it looked like some kind of murder scene as there was red dye everywhere. I eventually managed to wash until the water coming off my hair was running clear, and then I applied the conditioner that was supplied in the box. This conidiotner is very thick and rich and smells lovely.

          Once my hair dried off I was able to see the results, and I was happy with the colour, a deep shiny red which I felt was pictured accuately on the box. My hair has been so glossy and not dry at all since I died it too.

          The dye I chose was permanent and so far it hasn't faded, but it has only been a couple of weeks. Some of the colour does seem to come out when I wash my hair but this is pretty normal for red dye. Another good thing about this product is that it didn't irritate my sensitive scalp at all - I would definitely go for Garnier Nutrisse hair dye again - particularly in this shade.


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          05.01.2013 00:14
          Not Helpful
          1 Comment



          I would recommend to a friend

          Light Intense Auburn is the perfect shade of red. When I first dye my hair with it, it's a very pretty and rich shade of deep red, but then fades nicely to a bright, vibrant red. Even though I have blonde hair (so I never bleach) the results are the same on every hair colour. In fact, I have a friend with the deepest brown hair I have ever seen and we had almost the same exact colour after she dyed it! It also doesn't damage hair that I've noticed.

          The only thing I can think of that I didn't like is how easily it stains! The colour rubs off on pillows for the first few nights and runs when wet even two weeks after dyeing, but most reds do that.

          Personally I think it is worth the money and I already have recommended to a friend.


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            23.12.2012 11:00
            Very helpful



            An excellent home colourant, and one I'll definitely use again

            The Christmas pampering began today, when I decided to colour my hair in preparation for the big day. My hair didn't particularly need doing, but over 2012 I've found myself going darker and darker in hair colour and want to start 2013 with a slightly lighter look. I spent a while looking at the different colours in Boots, eventually opting for Garnier Nutrisse in (Macadamia Golden Brown, which is shade 5.3) as according to the box it would lighten my dark brunette hair to a visible degree but without it being a drastic change. The colour examples looked nice on the box so it went into my basket along with a face mask, premium shampoo and conditioner plus a cheeky bar of chocolate to complete my pampering session.

            I've been using hair dye for twenty years so know the drill; Nutrisse has no fancy 'other' steps so you just squeeze the tube of colour into the bottle containing the developer, shake for a couple of minutes then apply. The two components blend easily and quickly so I was ready to start the colouring process a couple of minutes later, donning my own latex gloves rather than the giant size ones supplied by Garnier which flap around ridiculously on my hands and make application an awkward affair.

            The claims of it being non-drip are certainly true, the dye smoothing easily through my hair without dripping onto my exposed shoulders or clothing at all. I'm unsure what to make of the 'fruity fragrance' claim as really this just smells like any other hair dye to me, although my partner (who loathes the smell) did say this one was marginally better than any others I've used. It didn't smell more intense as I had it on my hair, which is an improvement from a L'Oreal dye I used a month or so back which was practically choking me by the time I rinsed it out! Nutrisse isn't fruity though.

            You're advised to wait for 25 minutes for normal colouring or add an extra ten minutes on if you have lots of greys or hair which is resistant to hair dye. I find my hair does err on the side of resistance so left it on for the 35 minutes, plus roughly an extra ten when I realised I'd forgotten to press 'start' on the timer! Rinsing is super easy, of course you need to rinse with plain shower water until all traces of dye have disappeared from the running water but this doesn't take long at all compared to other dyes - I'd guesstimate it only took around four minutes of rinsing and coaxing to remove the dye and then I was ready to apply the equally un-fruity smelling conditioner.

            A word on the conditioner here - abso-bloody-lutely fabulous! The soft cream applied to my hair beautifully, spreading through the length with hardly any effort at all. I left it on for a few minutes and rinsed, immediately feeling my hair drop down my back like a soft silky curtain - there wasn't a single tangle or knot in my hair and I was able to brush it even while standing in the shower with water still cascading over me! This is something of a miracle for me as my hair has the horrible tendency to tangle into something akin to dreadlocks as soon as the tiniest bit of water touches it, to be able to pull even a fine tooth comb through my locks while they're still wet is absolutely amazing!

            After my hair dried I was instantly happy with the colour, Macadamia Golden Brown lightening my hair ever so slightly to provide a glossy brown which is just a shade or two lighter than my previous colour but looks incredibly natural. The tones are deep enough that my colour appears multi-tonal and there's absolutely no patchiness at all; my colour is bright and glossy, looking natural and just fabulous (if I do say so myself!). I know from previous experience with Nutrisse that I can expect these effects to last for a few weeks, eventually the colour will start to fade and then it's time to either reapply this exact shade again or opt for something a little lighter to continue my version of pre-lightening with a view to being blonde again at some point during next year. For now though I'm incredibly happy with the results and will head into the festive period with hair I'm proud of - in colour, if not in actual style.

            I'm extremely impressed with Garnier Nutrisse and will definitely purchase this brand of hair colour in the future. Everything about it is great from mixing to application, rinsing to final colour. I'm even happy with the little cut-out on the back of the box where I can pop the bottle during application to prevent dye stains on the edge of the sink, it seems Garnier have thought of everything! My hair feels in great condition after colouring and well moisturised, unlike L'Oreal home colourants which invariably make my hair feel like straw for a few days after using the dye and definitely unlike any of the Clairol range which generally doesn't cover my hair so well and also provides the straw-like feeling.


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              25.10.2012 18:13
              Very helpful



              Inexpensive hair dye which includes a great smelling conditioner.

              Garnier Nutrisse is a range of hair dyes in the cheap and cheerful end of the market. I have found that my rough, grey hair responds as well to cheaper hair dyes as it does to the more expensive brands so I now tend to use Garnier Belle Colour or Garnier Nutrisse, the big difference between the two being the smell. Nutrisse has a conditioner with a great fresh smell that I am happy to pay the extra few pennies (about a pound) difference.

              Look for the Avocado!

              Nutrisse promises the 100% grey hair coverage which I need as my hair is now pepper and salt colour with more salt than pepper. It claims to provide 8 weeks of anti/ drying colour and there is enough conditioner in the bottle for one or two conditioning treatments between dyes The box is easy to spot as it is highlighted in an attractive green colour mirroring the avocado shown on the front of the pack and on the reverse and the accent is that nourished hair means better colour.

              Testing Times

              All the hair dyes I have tried recently say you must do a spot test for allergic reaction 48hours before you use the dye. this is a bit of a pain but worth it because you just never know, a slight change in an ingredient could give you a big problem . It's easy to do just dab a little of the colourant behind your ear and let it dry. Re-apply during the 48hours and do not wash or touch it.

              Set aside a little time.

              This is always the hardest bit for me finding the time! I find I need at least an hour without interruptions so sneak away and lock the bathroom door.

              The kit includes.
              Developer creme in an applicator bottle.

              Nourishing Colour Creme in an green aluminium tube

              New conditioner containing avocado oil, olive oil, blackcurrant oil, which is an innovation, and Shea butter.

              Rather Huge Gloves

              Instructions, clearly written

              Make sure you have read ALL the warnings and instructions which are laid out very clearly, before you go ahead. Don your gloves mix the developer creme and colour creme and after a good shake apply to dry hair. This really is one of the better smelling hair dyes and the thick white creme is not at all drippy. I always apply it all over and then wait 35 minutes as my grey hair really is tough to dye, if your hair is not of the pan scrub variety 25 minutes should suffice. My colour of choice is 9 light blonde, also called Aphrodite Blonde but I think that is a bit fanciful when applied to me. When the time is up , still wearing your gloves add a little water and massage your hair to loosen the hair colour. Then, give it a really, really good rinse. next add a generous blob of the lovely smelling conditioner and work through your hair then leave for 2/3/ minutes before rinsing, that's it. Dry as you wish and you can then toss your locks to your heart's desire.

              My Opinion

              My hair is a challenge and although it never gives me a truly golden blond head of hair it does take away a lot of the greyness and gives it much more life and shine and brightness. It gives my hair a very natural look which I am happy with and my hair feels wonderful and soft and with a great scent from the conditioner of which ther is enough left for future use. An excellent price of around 5.00 to 6.00pounds makes this a 5 star buy for me. readily available from supermarkets.

              Thanks for reading my review which may also be osted on Ciao under splishsplash


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              23.08.2012 18:03
              Very helpful



              Shame it fades faster than some others, otherwise this would be my favourite.

              I have been colouring my hair for many years now, although I am finding it becoming a more frequent task the older I become, because of the appearance of grey hair. Indeed when I first began dying my hair I was a teenager and enjoyed experimenting with various auburn shades on my dark brown hair. These days however, whilst I still vary the shades of reddish browns to dark browns, I now 'need' to dye my hair due to the increasing appearance of the dreaded grey. Indeed it is no longer just something to play around with once in a while, as I now find myself having to colour my hair every few weeks to hide those greys.
              Although I tend to stick with one or two products which I have used many times and are favourites of mine, I am not afraid of trying out other brands and products particularly if they are on offer.

              Garnier Nutrisse is a permanent hair colourant which I have used a few times and whilst it isn't my favourite, it is one I am happy to use. I tend to purchase Garnier Nutrisse when I spot it on offer and that's just what I did recently, after discovering it was priced at just £4 at my local Asda.

              Garnier Nutrisse is a crème colourant, enriched with Grape Seed oil which Garnier state is a rich radiant long-lasting colour that covers up to 100% of greys and leaves the hair feeling nourished, which is all I want from a home hair colourant.
              The formula is enriched with fruit oils in order to nourish your hair as it colours, but also to make for a pleasant colouring experience as the ammonia smells normally associated with dying your hair when using a permanent hair colour are replaced with a fruity fragrance.

              Included in the box, along with the colourant, developing lotion and gloves is a conditioner enriched with avocado oil to apply to your hair after colouring, so as well as the grape seed oil enriched colourant, you also have more fruity fragrance to enjoy when using the conditioner. Full instructions and information on performing a skin allergy test 48 hours prior to colouring your hair are also included.

              You apply Garnier Nutrisse to dry, unwashed hair which I am glad about as I prefer to use colourants which you apply to dry hair as I find this is a far easier, faster and overall far less messier process than when using those which are to be applied to wet hair.

              The colourant is easy to mix together by pouring the colour into the developing lotion bottle and giving it a shake. It is then ready to use.
              The bottle has a tipped pointed applicator which makes it easy to apply the product to my hair. I divide my hair into sections and cover the roots first with the formula, before scooping my hair up in my hands, piling it on top of my head and squeezing the rest of the product through the lengths whilst doing so.
              I usually prefer gel colourants to creme ones, as gel colourants tend to be less runny on application, but I am pleased to say that Garnier Nutrisse is probably the best creme colourant I have used as it isn't runny. Indeed for a creme formula it is really impressive.
              What else is impressive is the fruity fragrance, which makes for the pleasant experience promised. Your eyes won't be watering and neither will those of family members who may use the bathroom after you!

              After 30 mins I rinse the product from my hair using the shower and once the water is running clear I then apply some of the avocado enriched conditioner, which has a creamy thick consistency and works well, moisturising my hair. My fingers glide easily through my hair as I apply it and also after rinsing it out, my hair feels soft and smooth.

              After drying my hair as usual, I am always left very pleased with the condition and colour of my hair. I tend to use the 'Cocoa' dark brown shade and it covers all grey. My hair looks shiny and vibrant and I can smell the fruity fragrance on my hair until I next wash it.

              The only niggle I have with Garnier Nutrisse, is that the colour does not seem to last as well as others I have used on my hair. After two weeks I notice it has begun to fade and my hair colour does not seem as vibrant as it was. If it wasn't for this happening, then Garnier Nutrisse would possibly be my favourite hair colourant due to its fruity fragrance, excellent grey coverage, ease of application and no mess application.
              Unfortunately the fact that it isn't as long-lasting as some other hair colourants lets it down somewhat for me personally and for that reason it is only one I will purchase when I see at a low price as part of some promotional offer.


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                04.05.2012 13:41
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                I will not be buying this again :(

                Garnier Nutrisse Cream Nourishing Permanent Hair Colour: Creamy Coffee (5.5)

                I bought this hair colour from boots.com a couple of months ago but I haven't had time to use it until now. I bought this shade as I hadn't seen it in stores and it looked like a new shade - and I like the name of this shade.

                - Product description (from boots.com) and information about the product

                "Garnier Nutrisse hair colour in creamy coffee is enriched with fruit oils for nourished, radiant hair with long lasting colour"

                This is a permanent hair colour; I find that only permanent hair colours work on my long, thick hair. In the box you get: the developer crème (60ml), nourishing colour crème (40ml), colour nourishing conditioner (40ml), gloves and the instruction leaflet. This hair dye is supposed to cover 100% of greys and you should conduct a sensitivity test beforehand. I bought the shade creamy coffee (5.5) which is described on the box as a light medium brown - I bought his shade as I just want to even my hair colour and reduce the strong red undertones my hair naturally has. "Nourishes hair as it colours."

                - Preparation and instruction booklet

                To prep my hair I first brush my hair thoroughly with a paddle brush to get out all of the tangles in my hair which makes the application process easier, in my opinion. Once my hair is brushed through I put on an old long sleeve top and I then read the instructions. The instruction leaflet is really easy to read, it contains diagrams and bullet point lists, concerning the safety issues with using hair dye. The steps of using this hair dye are fully and clearly illustrated on the leaflet and on the leaflet with my box of hair dye; there is a 50p voucher off a Garnier deodorant.

                - Using the dye

                Firstly once I open the box I get a strong scent of fruitiness! I have been dying my hair on and off for the past five or so years and this is the first time I have opened a hair dye box and have it smell really gorgeous! Then after laying out all of the products I need, eg: the developer, crème, gloves and sometimes I use large hair grips/sectioning clips to help dye my hair. I follow the instructions on the leaflet to mix the developer and colour crème together which is easy to do. In terms of the application of the dye, it is not the nicest application, in my opinion - and I have used a lot of hair dye over the past three or so years. The mixing of the developer and the actual colourant is the easy bit, as all of have to do is empty the content of the colourant into the large developer bottle. The tab on the top of the nozzle of the developer bottle needs to be removed as soon as possible after the colourant/developer has been mixed as it states on the leaflet provided that if you don't remove the tab quickly then the bottle can bursting, apparently. Once the content of the developer bottle has been mixed thoroughly and the tab of the developer nozzle has been removed, the dye can then be applied to the hair. It states on the instructions to start at the roots and work down to the end of the hair.

                One thing became very obvious after about a minute of using this dye - that the scent is extremely strong and chemical smelling! I have used a fair few hair dyes over the past three or so years and this hair dye has to be the strongest and most chemical smelling of them all! The scent is just chemical and this is the first hair dye to physically make my eyes water - even having the bathroom door open was not enough to get rid of the toxic scent. I had to have the window fully open while using this product, even with the fairly strong winds and rain outside, as the scent was incredibly strong. As the scent was really strong and horrible I had to apply the hair dye in a rush - not taking my time with it as I normally would to make sure all of my hair was covered. The strong, chemical scent of the dye was a bit surprising as this dye is marketed to be nourishing and fairly natural with the additional of fruit oils but I don't know of any fruit that smells like chemicals and paint. Also when I opened the box the scent was gorgeous and fresh and fruity so I did not expect the scent of this dye to be very strong (although I did expect some scent as it is a permanent hair dye) but I did not expect the level of scent intensity.

                With the bathroom door and window fully open the hair dye process took about ten minutes and it would usually take about 15 minutes or so but I did not want to be in that room any longer - so the bathroom did look like a bomb site after ten minutes. The dye was fairly easy to apply (if you don't take the scent into consideration...) which I think is because of the thin nozzle on the developer bottle which allowed me to apply the dye really precisely and fairly quickly too. Although after five minutes of applying the dye fairly accurately I ended up dispensing the dye into my hand (obviously with the gloves on - which were massive on my hands) and then applying the dye to my hair. Overall, the dye process was not pleasant at all, mainly because of the horrible scent of the dye which made my bathroom, hallway and my hair smell like strong chemicals. I would rate the application process at 2/5 - the two points are for the fairly quick application and the usefulness of the developer bottle nozzle for fairly precise and quick application. Also, even though I thought that I would need two boxes, I ended up using only one - but I used absolutely everything drop of dye from the bottle, which doesn't usually happen.

                - Waiting, rinsing and results

                After the application of the dye I twisted my hair up into a bun while the gloves were still on and sliding off my hands, because they were massive. Then, for the first time ever, I used a shower cap to cover my hair while the dye was processing! I looked absolutely ridiculous with the white and blue polka dot shower cap on which make me look like an elderly woman getting a blue rinse, but the shower cap allowed me to get all of my hair out of the way so that I could clean up my neck really easily. I would never wear a shower cap at any other time, as they do look ridiculous, but it came in really handy while waiting for the dye to process. I would recommend using a cheap shower cap to leave your hair in while the dye is processing as it is safer than leaving your hair uncovered and it is just really convenient, in my opinion. I waited for the allocated time, with was 25 minutes, I then removed the shower cap and rinsed my hair with water (not shampoo) and it rinsed out really easily. I was a bit surprised at how well the dye rinsed out of my hair. The dye rinsed out of my hair easily and it probably only took about five minutes to rinse out fully and the rinsing process, even before the conditioner, left my hair feeling incredibly smooth and almost completely tangle free, which is great.

                After I rinsed out the hair dye my hair did actually feel really smooth but I applied a lot of the conditioner, as stated to in the leaflet. I applied quite a lot more conditioner in my hair than I normally would, but the large amount of conditioner advised is to restore the moisture lost from the hair from the dye and also to protect the hair - as it would have been damaged slightly by the hair dye. The conditioner provided with this dye is really nice, it is the nicest conditioner I have used that came with a hair dye. The conditioner made my hair really smooth, tangle free and sleek feeling. Although the conditioner only had a fairly subtle scent in the bottle and it had a very minimal scent while I applied it to my hair - and there was hardly any of the subtle, but fairly nice, conditioner scent in my hair.

                The results from this dye were basically just what I wanted, as the dye evened out my hair colour and it reduced the strong red tones in my brunette hair - which I did like but I wanted a change. The dye also covered to couple of grey hairs that I had, as I have been really quite stressed lately because of university essays, exams and starting my dissertation. The results are good overall, although I would not want to go through that horrible application process again just to make my hair colour more even and to get rid of a couple of stress greys. The results get a 4/5 from me.

                - Additional information

                The tidying up process, my least favourite process, with this hair dye was actually not that bad. The hair dye, as I had rushed applying it due to the scent, was all over the white sink and tap. But I just used some cotton pads and warm water and the dye just wiped off so incredibly quickly and easily from the white sink and taps - the cleaning up process only took a couple of minutes! The all of the box, bottles, gloves and instructions went in the bin and there was no more mess. Another additional point is that of irritation. On some occasions, especially when I first started using hair dye, I did experience very minor irritation such as itchiness and some discomfort but with this hair dye I did not experience any irritation really - the first few seconds after I applied this dye for the first time to my scalp, I did experience a bit of irritation but this sensation faded quickly and there was no irritation at all after this. So overall, would I buy this hair dye again and would I recommend this hair dye - no I would not. I would only recommend this hair dye if you could stand the very strong toxic chemical scent that physically made my eyes water because it was so strong and horrible.

                - Overall positives

                The overall positives of this product in my opinion are as follows: Firstly the instructions are really clearly laid out and the instruction leaflet is easy to follow and easy to read. The ease of mixing the developer and the colourant is another positive, along with the nozzle on the developer bottle - which really helped apply the dye and helped to apply the dye fairly precisely to the roots of my hair. The application process was fairly quick, although this may just be due to the strong horrible scent and me not wanting to be around that scent for any longer than I had to! The rinsing out process was really quick and easy and it made my hair really smooth, even before the conditioner. I bought two boxes of hair dye as my hair is really long and fairly thick but in the end I did only need one box. The final positive point concerning this product is the conditioner which made my hair really smooth and tangle free.

                - Overall negatives

                The overall negatives of this product in my opinion are as follows: The first negative point is the scent of the product, the scent (as stated many time in this review) is just horrible and it smells like strong, toxic chemicals! The scent actually made my eyes water and the scent spread throughout the bathroom, down the hallway and into my sisters bedroom next to the bathroom - which she wasn't happy about, as she too thought that the scent was 'vile' to use her words. A "fresh and fruity fragrance" this dye is not (the box states it to be fresh and fruity). The second negative is the gloves which are never very good, but these ones were huge on my hands and they did slide around my hands a bit. The last negative point for me is the availability of this shade in particular as I only found it on boots.com (not in store) and on amazon uk.

                - Price and availability

                I bought the two boxes of hair dye from boots.com, they were not on offer but I thought that need two boxes for the length of my hair. One box from boots is currently priced at: £5.10 which is a little bit specific, but it is also available from amazon.co.uk.



                *Instructions are easy to read and follow
                *Developer bottle nozzle is great for precise application of the dye and it made the application process a little quicker
                *The conditioner is really nice, even though it hardly smells of anything
                *Rinsing the hair dye out was quick and easy - and it made my hair really smooth
                *Mixing the colourant/developer was quick and easy
                *Results are what I wanted
                *I only ended up needing one full bottle of dye - not two


                *The scent is just horrible and so incredibly strong - it made my eyes water - for this reason alone I will definitely not be buying this hair dye again!
                *The scent also dissipates quite far and it lingers for a little bit too
                *The gloves are massive and the do slide around a bit (bobbles around my wrists reduces this though)
                *This shade is not that widely available, to my knowledge

                Thank you for reading my review - this review will also be posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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                  16.02.2012 13:14
                  Very helpful



                  Blonde is better in the world of home hair dye than you might think. Covers greys!

                  Home hair dyeing is a minefield I have been traversing since I was a sprog. From around fifteen onwards I and my fellow Robert Smith/Morrissey obsessed girlfriends would attempt to dye our hair into unnatural shades with the aid of a small box of magic. Natural was boring, the eternal plight of the woe fuelled teenager. Some of us went to the dark side, with shocking results. I was never brave enough to go beyond a few unnatural berry red shades or streaks of manic panic. But I never got over the giddy sensation of trawling the hair dye aisle in search of "the new me". You might recognise a certain species of female who loiters endlessly, staring at the rainbow of colours intensely, waiting for inspiration to strike. You are likely to see her back there the very next day, hair covered in shame, looking for the boring shade she started with to fix the travesty on her head.

                  Nowadays my hair adventures are more boringly Jennifer Aniston than Siouxie Sioux. I am too old to crave a shock in the mirror, I get enough of those every morning! Unfortunately in this economy year round highlights (with strategically placed low lights to hide the greys), have become out with "justified expenditures" (i.e. hubby's yearly combined haircuts still cost less than one trip to the salon for me, ack). "Me but better" now costs the earth to maintain it would seem. I have a shade of hair that seems impossible to match with any hair dye I have ever tried, in salon or at home. I went from Strawberry to Dishwater Blonde as a child, meaning my now mousey light brown yet brass inclined mop of hair can pull off blonde but only with professional intervention.

                  I have tried every shade of light brown hair dye on the market, only to have it pull bright red or dark brown. One day, bored and reckless, I started perusing the glamorous, illicit rack of blondes in my local pharmacy that I would normally never dare to look at. Frightened off by numerous tales of bright orange resulted horrors, I had always steered clear of their temptation. Oh yes, I had dabbled in home highlighting, usually with the end result being more "walked under a flock of seagulls" than "sun kissed Californian", but I felt there were limits to how blonde I could go at home without first stripping my hair.

                  I noticed that the dark and medium shades of blonde hair actually had what looked like my hair colour on the box, with the end result being a light lift. I knew enough to go for the ash shades as anything golden would increase the chance of a brass band marching across my head. I brazenly walked to the till with a bottle of Medium Ash Blonde, feeling like Marilyn Monroe in her skivvies. I was amazed to find that the end result was indeed, a smidgen lighter than my own hair, with blonde highlight remnants being darkened a bit but within a few washes revived back to blonde.

                  Inexplicably, some dark blonde hair dyes initially make my hair a bit darker, which goes to show how skewed the dye system is. The only drawback was that my roots looked a shade lighter than the rest of my hair (I have since learned to do the opposite of what the box tells you with blonde dye, as the heat from the scalp activates dye and makes it work faster, otherwise known as "hot roots!"). So apply the dye to roots last, for about twenty minutes, honestly.

                  That first box was in the Garnier Nutrisse range and my hair was not too fried as a result, in fact my already dryness prone curls did not seem to suffer much at all, certainly less than they do with highlights. Garnier dyes are in the cheap and cheerful price range compared to some of the other boxed dyes. I cannot say I think they suffer any quality comparisons in the end result, and I have sampled a few shades now. The only drawback was root regrowth was much more noticeable than with highlights. I have switched to shade 70 Dark Almond Blonde most recently in hopes that my roots won't require so much upkeep. It toned down the brass, made my light brown hair look a little bit blonder, and covered my greys which for the money is pretty much all I could hope for.

                  This hair dye is old school, liquid messiness though I weirdly prefer it to the newfangled mousses. The gloves provided are really not great, it helps to have your own latex ones on standby. The instructions are your standard instructions, with the root touch up only instructions included as well. They advise you to do a skin allergy test (um yeah, I don't, stupid I know). You pour the little bottle into the bottle with the pointy top and shake well. Apply it "section by section", or in my case, squirt it all over your head until the bottle is empty. Rub but do not comb it in. The smell is fairly strong and it did itch my scalp a wee bit so it is not the gentlest formula out there. It is much better at covering my greys than some others I have tried though so I am happy to inhale a few fumes.

                  Wear manky clothes, put a towel around you and pack away your bath mats. It's not rocket science although it would help to have someone do the back of your head if your hair is long. If you have a lot of hair like me you might need two boxes, I just made do with one though as I mainly needed this for root touch up. The conditioner provided is pretty nice although not as rich as the ones I normally use. My hair is pretty ratty after using this dye before I put the conditioner in. I find no matter how much I rinse and condition my hair still smells of hair dye for up to two days after dying it.

                  I highly recommend this hair dye, especially the medium to dark blonde shades. My main, brazen recommendation though is for girls with light, mouse brown hair like me to be bolder with going a shade or two lighter if you are unhappy as I was with trying to match your hair colour at home. These products can only lift so much as the level of peroxide in most of them (excluding the ones marked extra blonde lightening, etc. etc.) is low and won't result in too much drama - provided you are sensible, go for ash or cool shades not far off from your own, etc etc. Of course hair dye is bad for your soul especially the black stuff but if you are a shallow creature like me not yet ready to let the witch lady hair take over this stuff is well worth a try.


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                    02.02.2012 21:51
                    Very helpful



                    A fantastic hair dye that I recommend and will happily use again

                    Recently I have been getting bored with my hair so decided that I would dye it. This is not unusual; I have been dying my hair since I was about 13 or so and have used many different brands and was recently browsing my local boots store trying to decide on which one to buy. I always go for a permanent one and on this occasion decided that I wanted a reddy brown colour - not too red so that it would fade very quickly, but not just plain brown. I chose this particular hair dye (Garnier Nutrisse crème in shade 3.6) for two main reasons - I liked the look of the colour and the price was right. In addition to this I am fairly sure I have already used this brand before and was not disappointed with its performance.

                    ***Price and Availability***

                    Like I mentioned earlier one reason I bought this was the price - boots had an offer on of 2 hair dyes for £8 or one for £5.10. I stocked up on an extra one to take advantage of the offer making each dye the bargain price of just £4. There are 16 shades currently available on the boots website ranging from blonde to brown to red to black, although I expect there are more shades than this, especially as my particular shade is not on the website. Garnier nutrisse crème can also be purchased from superdrug for £5.10 each but they do not have any offers on at the moment for this. I expect that you would also be able to get this from other places such as savers and Wilkinsons.

                    ***The packaging***

                    The packaging is typical of most hair dye boxes - the majority of the front taken up by someone with a lot of hair! I like this as it is very easy to see what kind of colour it is. There is also the shade and number and a little about the claims of this hair dye. These claims are - that it is enriched with fruit oil, has 100% grey coverage, nourishes hair as it colours and is a radiant and long lasting colour. Fairly standard claims for a hair dye I think aside from perhaps the fruit oil (which apparently gives it a fresh and fruity fragrance).

                    On one side of the box there are some very clear pictures of what colour you should expect your hair to be after using e.g. if you were blonde and used this dye you could expect a slightly lighter colour than if your hair was dark prior to use. There is also advice to help you choose your shade which I think could be very helpful for anyone dying their hair the first time. Personally I tend to ignore this advice (such as if you are picking between two shades you should choose the lightest) and just pick whatever I want.

                    On the other side is some safety advice which is of course very important. This advice includes whether you should or shouldn't dye your hair e.g. you shouldn't if your hair has been coloured with a progressive hair colourant. There are also common sense things such as not dying your eyelashes and eyebrows. Hair colourants can cause severe allergic reactions so you are advised that it is necessary to carry out a skin allergy test 48 hours before intended application. I have to admit that I am a bit naughty and have never done this but I suppose that is a risk that I take. I always assume that as I have used many colourants in the past and had no problems that I will continue to have no problems. Maybe this is something that I need to change.

                    The back of the box gives yet more information - this mainly expands on what is on the front - that the formula is non-drip, nourishing and completely covers greys. The bottom of the box lists the ingredients. The general look of the box I think is an attractive one. Yes there is a huge amount of information but I think this is to be expected when you are using something with chemicals in that could potentially be harmful to use. The box is attractive and I like the green colour theme that is used.

                    ***What do you get?***

                    Well for the bargain price of just £4 you get a few things - 1 applicator bottle of developer crème (60ml) 1 tube of nourishing colour crème (40ml) 1 bottle of colour nourishing conditioner (40ml) 1 pair of gloves and 1 instruction leaflet.

                    ***The gloves***

                    I just thought I would briefly mention a little bit about the gloves. These come sealed within the box which is great and they are fairly huge. My dad has managed to fit his hands in these before and he has big hands! This is fantastic in that they will definitely fit but I did find that because they were so big this meant that I was always getting the excess bits of gloves that weren't around my fingers in the way which I found a little annoying.

                    ***Instructions and using***

                    I won't bore you with every detail of the instructions leaflet but instead will give you a quick summary. There is a large section at the top dedicated to safety precautions with 'follow the instructions for use' in bold, just in case you read them but decided not to follow them. Everything in the pack conveniently has a letter printed on e.g. the developer crème is labelled 'A'. When the instructions are given not just the name is given but also the letter making the process somewhat fool proof.

                    Step one is to mix the colour - protect shoulders and put gloves on, squeeze contents of colour crème into the developer crème and shake the mixture, then break off the cap of the bottle ready for use immediately. You are then given 2 options - whole head or touching up roots. Both methods appear very simple. To apply for whole head simply begin with roots before applying through to ends and massaging in thoroughly. Leave on for 25 mins (or 35 if you have resistant greys) before rinsing and conditioning. For the other option of roots the method is fairly similar. Apply to roots and leave on for 10 minutes before applying to rest of hair and allowing colour to develop for a further 15 minutes before rinsing and conditioning. I would also like to mention that this particular leaflet has provided me with a 50p off voucher for a garnier deodorant - fab!

                    Now onto the most important part of usage. As I mentioned I am no stranger to dying my hair and so have my own little ways. I always wear old clothes and an old towel that I tend to use specifically for hair dying so that I don't ruin any nice ones. I also have cling film at the ready but more on that later. I follow the instructions and carefully squeeze the contents of the colour into the developer which wasn't the easiest of things to do. This may be because when I pierced the colour tube I did not do it enough or the tube may have just been a bit stiff where my house had been rather cold. Once I had put this in I shook the bottle as directed and then snapped off the cap. I applied to my roots before using it on the rest of my hair, massaging it in and concentrating especially on areas that can sometimes be missed like next to your ears. When I had this on I have to admit I didn't get any hints of fruitiness, it smelt like ammonia like most hair dyes. It didn't smell particularly awful although admittedly, didn't smell quite as strongly as others I have used in the past but it just wasn't fruity. Once I had completely covered my hair I got my trusty cling film out and cling filmed my hair to my head. This may seem ever so slightly strange but I find this way I am not worrying about my hair brushing against anything and ruining it and just holds my hair where I want it until I wash it out. I also have a plastic bag ready to put my used colouring things in so that I don't make a mess - which can sometimes be very hard to cover up! I left the dye on for a little longer than 25 minutes, I would say around 30, not because I have grey hair but because I really wanted to make sure that I would be able to notice the red.

                    I tend to go straight into the shower after dying my hair as this is just far more convenient than trying to wash it over a bath or sink. So I got undressed and took the cling film off my head and placed it in the bag. It did take quite some time to rinse out and I also used a little bit of shampoo to make sure that it was rinsed out properly. After this I applied the conditioner as directed and left on for a few minutes which smelt absolutely yummy! I then rinsed this out to find my hair feeling soft.


                    Once I dried my hair I could see the results properly. The colour had turned out fairly well (in my opinion anyway) and was a nice and even coverage. My hair is currently feeling very soft and looking very shiny - just what you would expect from dying your hair. I am expecting this colour to last me 6 weeks at the most before I feel the need to re-dye as I wash my hair every day and this will of course cause the colour to fade. I also have plenty of the conditioner left to help me keep it this way a little bit longer. I cannot comment on how well this dye addresses the problem of grey hairs as I do not have any but I expect that it would perform fairly well.

                    ***What is good about this hair dye?***

                    * Good competitive price against other brands
                    * Large gloves could be a benefit for those with larger hands
                    * Yummy smelling conditioner
                    * Easy to use

                    ***What is not so good about this hair dye?***

                    * As with all hair dyes it does not smell particularly pleasant
                    * Gloves a little too large for me personally
                    * Seems to take quite a long time to wash out

                    ***Would I use again/recommend?***

                    I would happily use this again and am very happy with the shade that I have chosen - crimson promise 3.6 deep reddish brown. This is a very easy to use dye that does what it claims to do. If you have longer hair I would suggest that you buy more than one dye as this one only just about managed to cover all of my hair. Overall a fabulous dye that is well worth the small amount of money that it retails for. 5 stars from me!


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                      12.12.2011 11:01
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                      A range of hair colour for healthy looking hair

                      I have for a few weeks now been considering dying my hair for the festive season. I have medium brown hair which I have not had dyed for a long while now and it was therefore nearly 100% natural when I went out at the weekend to buy some hair colour. Upon consulting my local Boots I found a plethora of hair colour, which would have made it easy to get lost had I not dyed my hair so much over the past few years. I settled on the Garnier Nutrisse hair colour, being that I am a sucker for the adverts and had been put off using L'Oreal in the past with questionable results.

                      The Product ~

                      This hair colour comes packaged in a standard sized box which is nearly totally green in colour and advertises a glamorous looking woman on the front of the box with your selected shade of hair colour. As with many other hair shades on the market, this hair colour comes in a variety of 29 colours which range from the lightest of blonde to brown shades to reds and finally the darkest of colours, black.

                      Being a big fan at the moment of dark hair with a red tint I opted for the shade 3.6 Crimson Promise, which promised to give a dark brown shade with red highlights.

                      Upon opening the box you will find a number of items to ease with the colouring process. These include a bottle of colourant crème, a bottle of developer fluid, plastic gloves, a large instruction leaflet and conditioner.

                      The Claims ~

                      As with the entire Gamier Nutrisse range, this hair colour promised to achieve healthy looking hair as it states that the hair is nourished with fruit oils as it colours. The box promised long lasting radiant colour which would cover up 100% of grey hairs. I am not currently of an age to start getting grey hairs however I did have some light blonde streaks through my hair caused by too much sitting in the sun over the summer.

                      Unfortunately this hair colour is not a natural product and therefore relies on chemicals to achieve the perfect colour and therefore advises that you do a 48 hour patch test before colouring.

                      Price and Availability ~

                      As previously mentioned, I bought a box of this colour from Boots over the weekend and paid £5.10 for the privilege. It can however be purchased from most cosmetics and supermarket stores for a similar price.

                      Application ~

                      Before dying you must do a 48 hour test and this is regardless of whether you have dyed your hair in the past. To do this simply unscrew the lid of the colourant crème and pierce the foil cap with the back of the lid. Then simply squeeze a coin sized amount of colourant behind the back of your ear and wait for 48 hours to see if any irritation occurs.

                      Once you are satisfied that no irritation has occurred the colouring process is relatively easy for even the most novice of people. Simply squeeze the crème into the bottle of developer and shake to mix for 30 seconds. Then put on the plastic gloves. These gloves are quite thick in texture and are not likely to pierce or split as with many other cheaper versions.

                      Divide the hair into sections and then unclip the top of the developer bottle and squeeze the hair colour over the hair in sections, rubbing into the scalp as you go. A bottle of this hair colour easily masked my medium length hair with excess and should therefore be adequate for relatively long hair.

                      Once the entire head is masked the colourant needs 25 minutes to develop, longer for greys which require up to 40 minutes. I simply fastened a plastic carrier bag over my head so that I could carry on with my daily tasks and not drip hair colour onto my lovely cream carpet!!

                      Once the timer beeps, you need to rinse the hair colour out of your hair making sure that you thoroughly get all the colour out. In my experience this took around 10 minutes to do a good job. Finally, apply a dollop of the conditioning cream to your hair which smells divine and highly fruity, leave to condition for 2-3 minutes and rinse.

                      And voila your hair colour is complete!

                      The Results ~

                      Upon dying my hair in the Crimson Promise shade I was at first nervous of the results having rinsed a bright pink colour down the plug hole. The final colour was as advertised a dark brown with red highlights over the lighter hair sections. In the sunlight the colour looks very red and in the shade it looks a dark brown nearly black.

                      A result which I was very happy with was the shine that it gave to my hair. It does look much healthier and conditioned than before dying with a lovely gloss which shimmers even in my office lighting. The hair also feels soft to the touch and healthy. A great feature of this product is the conditioner as they give you a large enough bottle for you to be able to apply once a week for two weeks after colouring.

                      A result that I was not expecting and which has stayed with my hair even since washing once is the ammonia smell. This is very chemically and is not masked by the conditioner and I am hoping that it will soon fade. I was also disappointed with the light red marks that the dye left on my white pillowcase despite a thorough rinse and blow dry. Next time I will have to buy a dark pillowcase specifically for this reason.

                      Summary ~

                      Overall this is a great value hair colour which does produce radiant colour which conditioned my hair leaving it very glossy. I have yet to comment on the lasting qualities of the colour as I only did it a couple of days ago. This hair dye comes in a variety of colour options and also works as a touch up for roots.

                      I would recommend this hair dye to anyone looking to get healthy looking colour and have hence scored it four stars out of five.

                      Thanks for taking the time to read my review!!


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                        20.11.2011 20:28
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                        i wont be buying this again.

                        On Tuesday I had a bit of a mishap trying to dye my hair blonder, I became a hideous shade of ginger so decided a change was in order. I had been debating whether to dye my hair red for quite a while and finally took the plunge (forcefully) on Wednesday.

                        In my local Boots, 'Garnier Nutrisse' was the only hair colourant besides 'Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL'. I wanted quite a deep, subtle red not a bright red so I chose Garnier in the shade 'vibrant red'. I tend not to look too much at the colour on the box - a lesson in college about how to change hair colour on photoshop proved to me that the models hair is not really this colour!

                        One of the only things I love about this product is the colour produced once it was washed out of my hair, but a number of things were wrong with the product and I won't be using it again in a hurry!

                        The box is green and it does blend in with the rest of the hair colourants on the shelf (they all seem to look the same to me!). The front of the box has a picture of a girl with the colour which your hair should go - which has been edited hence why nobodys hair ever turns out this colour! On the top and side is a chart showing what the effects would be depending on your hair colour and all contents, ingredients and instructions for use.

                        If you are going to dye your hair with a new product, do a patch test on the inside of your elbow or behind your ear 48 hours before - you don't want to end up with more problems than just a dodgey hair colour!

                        Inside the box is a sheet with everything you need to know, gloves, developer, dye tube and a small bottle of nourishing conditioner (with avacado oil). I will go through each of the products to explain about each of them as all have good and bad points.

                        The sheet tells you precautions, about patch tests, ingredients and how to use the product. There are two columns down one side of the sheet which say how to colour your hair completely, or just touch up your roots. Admittedly if you are or have ever dyed your hair red you will know it fades very quickly so an all over colour is needed each time. It also gives you after care advice and a coupon for 50p off Garnier deodorants.

                        The gloves are good for keeping your hands clean, although they have tiny little dots all over which allow your hands to breathe. I found that after dying all of my hair my fingers were tinted red from rubbing the dye into my roots. Considering the point of the gloves is to stop hair colour getting all over your hands - this slightly defeated the object! The gloves were also huge which may just be because I have small hands. I found that they didn't really stay in one place and bunched up a lot making for a bit of an annoyance. I suppose the company were just going for a cheap option but from now on I have brought latex gloves to use as I find these a lot better.

                        The developer comes in a bottle with a screw top lid with a nozzle. The nozzle has a bit at the end which you break off when you have mixed the colours and needs scissors to remove it. To make up the dye, you need to use the tube of colourant. The lid of the tube can be unscrewed and turned over to pierce the film and release the colour. You do need to use the colour straight away when opening as the chemicals can explode - learnt through experience with a friend! The box has a hole which can be poked out to stand the developer bottle in, you then need to squeeze all the colourant from the tube into the bottle. Once you have every bit you can out of the tube, you need to screw the lid onto the bottle and shake well for 30 seconds - this allows the two to mix and it should end up a nice pink colour which turns red over time.

                        To apply the product I started from the bottom of my hair and sectioned it, squeezing the product to my roots, ends and then moving on to the next section. My hair is a couple of inches below my shoulders and I needed two bottles to cover my hair as one only made it half way - although I have fine hair there is lots of it! Once you have applied the product all over your hair, massage your roots and ensure that all hair is covered so you don't leave patches.

                        After all of this, I left my hair for 35 minutes (which is recommended for darker hair as you are supposed to go based on natural colour). Over the 35 minutes the dye got more red and I quickly removed the bits which had gone on my neck, forehead and ears - the longer you leave it the harder it is to get off.

                        Now when it came to rinsing my hair, the information leaflet says to quickly put your head under the shower to add some water and massage your head a little to 'enhance colour' which honestly I don't understand how that would! After this, it says to rinse hair until the water runs clear and proceed to use the nourishing conditioner.

                        When I was rinsing my hair, I noticed that after about 45 minutes the water still was not clear. I googled whether this was normal for red hair and found that it is so I didn't panic too much and used the conditioner. I left this on for around 5 minutes (while catching up on my Twilight reading before the new film), when I rinsed the conditioner off my hair felt amazing so I did not use any further shampoo or conditioner - the information leaflet says you shouldn't need to.

                        I was impressed with how sweet the conditioner smelt and I assumed it was to mask the smell of the dye which it did not at all! I can still smell the dye now and its 4 days later!

                        The product claims to give 'long lasting shiny colour' which I have to admit it didn't at all. I went to college the next day and proceeded to wash my hair that night and to my horror the colour had already faded a little but this time when I dried my hair it was greasy. I know that I am rinsing my shampoo and conditioner properly as I have done it the same way for years and never had an issue. I used dry shampoo and left it and washed it the next night to find the same problem but now when dried it was a horrible browny-pink colour! For such a well known brand this should not be happening 3 days later!

                        I did love my hair colour for the first two days but I am so put off the product because of the greasiness and fading that I used Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL earlier and I am very impressed with the results!

                        My hair has suffered lots of damage over the last couple of days with dying and it needs a well earned break so lets hope this time it stays!

                        I paid £8 for 2 boxes of the dye and they are priced at £5.49 each which is the same as the Live XXL colour which is miles better. I think the price varies depending on the store and mine came from Boots.

                        Warnings & Precautions
                        Do no use if you are sensitive to any ingredients (listed on the side of the box)
                        Do not use if you have a damaged or sensitive scalp
                        Do not inhale or ingest any of the products
                        Avoid contact with eyes
                        Do you place the hair in front of your face during development time
                        Should you inhale, ingest or get the product in you eyes seek medical advise straight away.
                        Do not use on hair that is fine or fragile
                        Do not use if you hair has been coloured with a henna or progressive colorant.


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                          08.11.2011 18:14
                          Very helpful



                          a reliable dye!

                          I've been dying my hair for years! I used to dye it brown (I am naturally dark blonde) but about seven years ago I switched to dying it blonder and have done ever since.

                          As you can imagine, over the years I have tried pretty much every hair dye brand there is. I've found some good, some bad, and one I loved which was discontinued. I look for a lot of things in a dye, not just colour. It has to smell nice, go on easily and well, not drip, wash out well, work quickly etc.

                          At the moment I am using Garnier Nutrisse number 10, which is an extra light blonde colour. I also use high lights (I used to use the Garnier ones but now use Swarchzkopf as it's cheaper and lighter).

                          There are many many shades from the lightest blonde to the darkest brown and black. The dyes retail at approx £4.99 in places like Boots, slightly cheaper in Supermarkets. They sometimes have offers on at Boots like 2 for £9 or buy 2 get 1 free etc, so when they have offers on I tend to stock up.

                          Like all hair dyes, you need to do a 48 hour skin test, which involves putting a small amount of the colourant behind your ear or inside your elbow and waiting to see if a reaction develops. Even if you have coloured before or have used this shade before, you should still do the test each and every time.

                          Inside the box are gloves, instructions, a tube of conditioner, a bottle of colourant and a bottle of developer. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. You basically pour the colourant into the developer and shake until it's mixed. You then snap the nib off the lid, and away you go!

                          The amount of developing time depends on whether your hair is already coloured or not, whether it's just root touch up or whole head. But it is basically 25 mins - 40 mins depending which method you choose.

                          Applying the dye is easy - the nozzle is easy to guide and the bottle is small so easy to grip. I simply squirt where needed and massage into my hair. If you get any dye on your skin you can wipe it off with tissue, or a bit of milk on cotton wool also does the job! I usually apply a thin layer of vaseline onto my ears and scalp as it protects me from any dye getting on my skin. The dye does not drip, and one bottle is enough to cover my whole head (my hair is about 3 inches past my shoulders) if I want it to. It also smells nice, which makes it a pleasure to use rather than a nuisance! Unlike most dyes, this doesn't have ammonia and doesn't smell like it! It smells quite fruity.

                          Once the time is up, it's time to rinse. In my experience it rinses out really easily, it doesn't take long at all. Once rinsed, you apply the supplied conditioner. The conditioner should last six weeks, but in my experience it lasts about 3-4 washes at most. You can buy additional tubes of it in supermarkets for around £1 though so if you run out you can always get more. The conditioner serves the purpose of softening the hair and well, conditioning it, as well as locking in the colour. The conditioner is very thick and creamy, and smells really nice and fruity. It is easy to apply. However it is quite difficult to rinse off as it is so thick - it takes a bit longer than you would expect.

                          The result is always fabulous. It is definitely permanent - after the initial application I now only need to use it to touch up my roots. I have on occasion left my roots too long (oops!) and it has still done an excellent job of blending them in. The colour is not brassy or fake, it is natural looking and shiny. The end result is glossy, natural looking hair. I can't fault it!



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