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Hairess Hair Salon Sheffield

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Hair Salon / Unisex / Address: 748 Ecclesall Rd / Sheffield / South Yorkshire / S11 8TB / England / Tel: 0114 263 8502

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2009 20:25
      Very helpful



      Definitely one to try if you are considering a hair cut

      It is a fact of life that some girls are girly girls, and some are definitely not. Up to last year, I would have placed myself at the far extreme of the latter category - I frequently confuse blushers with eye shadows, and am in awe of those people who can tell the difference between mascara brands. As far as I was concerned, a 'hair style' was a way of keeping your fringe out of your eyes when out climbing. But with coming to uni comes a dramatic increase in social life, and having resisted all of my first year, I was finally forced to concede that it was time to tame the bird's nest: and so my housemate and I set out on an intrepid quest to the hairdressers.

      Where and what is Heiress?

      Hairess is a hair salon situated on the Ecclesall Road in Sheffield (for any Sheffield native, it is about halfway up the steep hill). Having walked most of the length of the road weighing up the options, we were first drawn to Heiress by its attractive shop front and its impressive price deals (50% off for first time customers, 20% of for students). The interior of the salon is clean and tidy, with four stations for hair styling and two spaces for hair washing. Decor-wise, it is very much on the shiny side (at the risk of sounding sarcastic, hairdressers are rather like magpies - they do love shiny things!), but still tastefully decorated.

      Staff and Styling

      On our first visit we were met by a friendly receptionist, who efficiently reeled off a list of available appointments. She also helpfully gave us a business card with the appointment time and contact number.

      When we returned later in the week, we were ushered in and started on immediately, even though we had arrived ten minutes early. The stylists began with a chat about what we were aiming for with our haircuts (my hairdresser Louise successfully translated my vague 'something with a sideways fringe' into a proper idea), before having our hair washed. It was then cut, styled, straightened and styled with impressive speed.

      The staff were, to put it simply, fantastic. Louise obviously detected that I was completely out of my depth, and so explained each idea she had as she went along. She consulted me at each stage of the hair cut and gave me helpful advice on possible products to use and how best to use them. She also suggested ways of wearing my hair during the day and for going out. My only criticism is that the hair dryer was too hot - and that's far too pernickety to really worry about!

      The End Result

      Personally I love the end result! Having never anything this drastic, I went into the salon with a lot of trepidation, but came out with a fair chunk more confidence in the way I look - although I'm still getting used to the fringe cutting off my view of the right hand side of the world. The best thing about the hair cuts, however, is not the overall quality (although this is great) - it's that they took into account everything we asked for. I needed a cut that was manageable and easy to tie back when out walking: housemate is a Ju Jitsu fanatic and so also needed hair that was easy to tie back. They listened to all of this and created two hair cuts that were very girly, but also very controllable.


      As it was our first visit, the 50% off offer meant that our first hair cuts were only £14.50 each - good pricing by any standards! In the future we'll continue to claim 20% off as students. In general, however, the price for your average cut and finish is from £25 up, and dyeing etc is obviously more expensive. I'm afraid I did not take a copy of the price list, but I'll add a phone number at the end in case you want to check out a specific style.


      When the bird's nest goes out of control again, I will definitely go back to Hairess. They were very friendly, very affordable and very good quality, and they listened carefully to what the customer wanted from them. Ju Jitsu Housemate will be going back, and my other housemates are also considering new hairstyles. I wouldn't dream of recommending they go anywhere else.

      Heiress Hair Salon
      748 Ecclesall Road
      Sheffield S10 8TB
      Phone number: 01142 638502


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