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Glo White Super Whitener

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Brand: Go Clare / Type: Washing Gel / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      18.02.2010 00:26
      Very helpful



      Not worth the money in my opinion!

      After being on holiday for a very long time with my mate when we got back to her house on a pit stop we decided to wash out out clothes properly as we have been hand washing in sinks with cold water on campsites (due to frozen taps half the time as it's been a cold hard winter for us caravaner's!) so a lot of our stuff needed some tlc and a damn good spruce up.

      Anything white looked particularly grubby. White t-shirts, underwear and bedding (two of her dogs came on heat!) all were in a terrible state.

      When we got back to hers the first stuff to hit the washing was the above stuff and I was very pleased that we had bought detergent and fabric softener on the way home but that these were sat in the utility room begging to be used for such an occasion, times 6 boxes!

      The Packaging:

      White box with a little girl on the front clutching a teddy and I am told it is Dr. Beckmann 'Original' Glowhite 'Super Whitener With UV Sun Protector' and that it works because 'We care about cleaning' and I'm told that this box contains 3 wash sachets. Other information on the box includes being told a bit about the product and how to use them, warnings are listed, the composition of the sachets is also stated and contact details for Acdodo (the manufacturer of the product) are also given.

      Using Them:

      All you do is pop is in a white sachet directly into the washing machine on top of dirty white washing. The sachet is filled with a powder and you can set your machine to 30C to 95C depending on what you wish to wash of course! Personally I add my detergent and fabric softner as usual to the drawer of the washing machine, pop this in and select the temperature setting in which case I have set it to 40C on delicate underwear and then 95C for white bedding that was really stained and yukky looking.

      The sachets have a slight fragrance of flowers to them which is really nice and fresh though you can only really smell it if you sniff the sachet as the smell does get lost if using other cleaning products!

      Do They Work Though:

      I have noticed no difference to the washing after using these. If you use a good washing product and select the right temperature anyway I don't think these make a blind bit of difference really. On a 95C with good washing products I expect washing to come out clean and it did but like I say I don't believe that's because of a sachet of this stuff!

      At £1.49 a box of 3 they are worth a go if your interested, but me I personally think they're a bit of waste of money to be perfectly honest with you!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        23.03.2008 15:57
        Very helpful



        Doesn't bring my whites back to life!

        My other half wears a shirt to work every day and has so many I can't even figure out how many off the top of my head but I know he has six or seven white shirts alone. We all know what a pain white shirts can be, after a while they look tired and a little grubby even when they are freshly washed, especially on the cuffs and collars. I usually bleach them every so often but bleach and my skin really don't get on, I end up with my skin peeling off my hands, which although it doesn't hurt or even itch isn't very nice. So when I went shopping a couple of weeks ago I thought I would look for something to put in the wash that might brighten them up a little.

        Another reason for not wanting to keep bleaching them is that bleach damages the material and over time they will become damaged. Although bleach cuts down on their life span I would rather my other half had white shirts that need replacing more often than look grubby!
        I have never bought anything like this before and so had no idea what works and what doesn't. Had I thought about it before being in Asda I would have checked some reviews and gone knowing what to get! I looked at the limited choices I had and the prices and just thought why am I considering spending so much when I was thinking of picking up a nice pink tub of Vanish and thought I would give this a go, Glo Cares Glo White. I thought to myself at the time that it was by the same company as the rubbish laundry product I last tried, Rescue It after making a mess of a red and white double layer top.

        I bought it and thought well if it doesn't work I have only wasted £1.31 rather than forking out £3 something like the others mainly were.
        For my £1.31 I bought a box containing five 40g sachets and as it says you only need one per wash I thought that was a really good price.

        The box is a vibrant blue with a little girl wearing a bright white T-shirt and hat on the front. A little yellow section in the top right corner of the front says that it is the "NO 1 IN-WASH WHITENER OF THE YEAR" and it also claims on the front "brings whites back to life"
        On one of the sides and also in a boxed of section on the back of the box there is another claim which I did find interesting but I am not sure how true it can be. Read for yourself and see what you think.
        And now you can improve the protective performance of your clothes against the UV radiation of sunlight by adding Glo White to your wash

        * A UPF (Ultraviolet Protection factor) value of 20 is a result obtained in a controlled laboratory experiment on an average bleached cotton T-shirt after ten washes. Best results achieved with regular use."
        I don't know how true the protection would actually be and the box does point out that it is not to be relied upon and to always use sun cream so at least that is responsible but wouldn't it be good if that kind of technology is perfected and put into washing powders so that we can all have a little extra peace of mind when it comes to the sun.

        These are meant to work even on low temperatures and are completely bleach free so are good for delicate fabrics too.
        The directions on how to use these little sachets are very simple.
        You put the sachet in on top of the washing in the machine
        You use your normal washing liquid and do a normal wash of any temperature between 30 and 95 degrees.
        Make sure that you remove the sachet after the wash!

        The sachet itself is like normal paper with a powder inside but must be strong paper, as it doesn't disintegrate in the wash, as you would expect normal paper to.
        The smell of the sachets is blatantly obvious as soon as you remove the plastic wrapping from the box. It smells strong but nice, very similar to any fresh scented washing powder/liquid.

        I would advise washing your hands straight after touching the sachets as it will leave a trace on your hands and the scent is left on your skin.
        I washed five shirts and a few pairs of white socks and did a hotter wash that usual of 50 degrees with my normal concentrated Surf liquid and Lenor softener.

        When I got the wash out to separate it in half to tumble dry it there was no change in the brightness of anything! Once dry there was still no difference. If there was any difference there it really wasn't obvious.
        As I wasn't overly pleased I decided not to dry the second half of the load but to wash it again with another of the sachets. I thought maybe a second treatment would make a difference along with the fact that there would be less in the drum to treat.

        Even though they are cheap they are not good value as they don't work! The cheap option can sometimes be just as good but not in this instance!
        Well yet again I have bought a dud! There was still no difference! I am disappointed to say that I will be going back to using bleach and soaking the shirts every so often. I think I will just invest in rubber gloves in future rather than trying to save myself time and hassle!

        I can't recommend these as a way to whiten already tired whites but perhaps if used regularly with new whites they will stay looking fresh and new? I have no idea but it is worth a try in my mind and so I will keep my remaining three sachets in the cupboard and use them when there are new whites in the wash to see if it does make any difference. If I do notice any miraculous changes in my whites with future use I will of course update this review.
        As it stands I cannot justify giving this product any more than a one star rating, as it just hasn't done what it says on the packaging, I wish it had! At least I tried and didn't lose that much cash in the process though.

        If you would like to see more information then take a look at www.glocare.co.uk/superwhitener


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      • Product Details

        Glo Care Travel Wash is a concentrated washing gel, specially formulated to use when you're away from home / It brings colours up bright and gives you brilliantly clean whites in any type of water.

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