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Wilko Household Flea Spray

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Brand: Wilkinson / Type: Household Flea Spray

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2011 16:26
      Very helpful



      I'll be trying something else soon!

      A while back now I looked after my friends cat. Beautiful thing, had a flea collar on and had run of my home. I never thought anything about it till I started itching and getting bitten all over my legs. Worse than that my friend in the flat below me (the daughter of the womans cat I was looking after who had also looked after the week before but was going on holiday the week I looked after her) had noticed things jumping in her carpet. I went out and armed myself with flea sprays from Asda and got through cans of the stuff and I really thought I had got rid of the problem till one evening I was watching the soaps plucking my eyebrows in a mirror when I spotted a flea jump off my head and to make matters worse I got 5 fresh and new flea bites that night in bed.

      Now although I have only ever seen one or two fleas since this problem began I knew I had issues and I cleaned my flat top to bottom and as I say used 2-3 cans of flea spray to which I haven't seen any fleas since but knew they were still about which is why the other day in my local Wilkinsons stores I took a look at their flea sprays and bought a couple of cans of this stuff costing £2.40 a 250ml can.

      The Packaging:

      The can is rather large and holds 250ml of the product and has a push button aerosol type sprayer to the top of it and over that a white plastic lid safely pops on. On the front of the can there is a photograph of a dog and a cat and we are told that it is Wilko Household Flea Spray 'Insecticidal spray for use on pet bedding, soft furnishings, rugs & carpets etc' and the ingredients are briefly listed as well as being told 'Kills fleas in your home - and keeps them away'. On the back of the can other information given includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, warnings and the size is stated (as I have listed already) and contact details for Wilkinsons are given. This is a highly informative can and style wise pleasant to look at and easy to use.

      Using It:

      Well with this spray it is safe to use pretty much everywhere in your home apart from on pets and if you use this on pet bedding and rugs and the likes your best to let it air well before you let your pet near it.

      For best results we are told to spray this liberally about 40cm away from the object we are trying eradicate fleas from. It comes out as a white mist leaving no residue on anything though and smelling really highly chemically so when using this because I have hamsters in my care I always pop open a window. it is isn't a rancid smell though and not breath taking and doesn't hurt my chest or anything which is important to me as I suffer from asthma.

      I sprayed this on my carpets, rugs, cushions and quilt and allsorts.... in fact there was nowhere really left untouched after I used this. This is meant to kill fleas flat dead as soon as sprayed but we are advised to make sure to repeat the process 7 days after initially using it.

      I got through one can the first time I used it and the contents went a very long way indeed and then another can 7 days later. I was still being bitten, though to be fair not quite so bad after using the first can but when I used the second because the first can had been relatively successful I did think the second can would completely ban fleas from my home. Sadly not though on day 9 after using this I still have fresh flea bites on my legs, arms and hips and boy do I itch bad.

      For me this has partially worked though not fully and sadly I don't consider my flea issue to be as bad as I have had them in the past. I can't say this is a completely useless product but I still have flea issues as I type this and feel that this just isn't strong enough for me and my needs sadly so for that reason I wouldn't recommend it sadly!

      A 250ml can of this costs £2.40 a can though there is a 500ml can also available in this costing £3.98 (though I only saw the larger size for sale on Wilkinsonplus.com


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