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Category: Television / Sports

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2008 00:59
      Very helpful



      Like football - you'll wonder what you did without it

      Hi. My name's Dave and I'm a Liverpool supporter.
      That's what it's like at the moment - alcoholics anonymous. A secret to be ashamed of where the only support can come from the similarly afflicted.
      My pain this year is worsened by the fact that I haven't missed a game. Or the most part of last year for that matter. I have watched the whole sorry saga. Not at Anfield mind you. Christ, I have children who would want to come so i can't afford that. And Sky don't show them either. Anyway, they cost too much too.
      So how do I watch them? FOR FREE. Every single game! And I even iron school uniforms whilst doing it. The wife's chuffed.

      This review is mostly for the superb website, footballstreaming.info. But I can't discuss it without mentionig some associated software such as TVants, Sopcast, TVU and others.

      Footballstreaming.info (FSi)

      FSi has been around for a couple of years now. It provides a service to saddos like me. It doesn't sell, spam or otherwise annoy. It just gives me something I desperately want - footie for free. OK free sex would be better but hey......footie for free.

      How does it work?
      The site is a middle-man really. It tells you how to get the goodies. Some well loved associates, it claims, scour the internet for links to as many UK football games it can get hold of and posts them up in a forum like system.
      To get to these links, you simply register to the site in the normal forum manner, click on the live streams tab and you'll be presented with a often long and exhaustive list of games I the UK premiership, lower leagues and Europe. Click on the link and you're away!

      How does it work with added honesty
      Well Ok. You're not there yet.
      The links work off secondary software. This isn't a catch - it's just a mechanism. The links open up software you have to have installed on your PC. They're not chunky or obtrusive things on the whole -- they are small Peer-to-peer clients that feed into broadcasts coming around the world. In other words, the game is streamed through this software and onto your screen. The broadcasts are usually from Asian networks or Eastern Europe ad the best thing is that the commentary is in English straight from the same people that provide the Sky feeds. Fantastic. OK, so sometimes it's in Chinese but not often.
      The peer-to-peer software is available from the links on site, the most popular and effective being Sopcast, TVants and TVU - different games can be accessed through different software, depending on which channels the software 'covers'.

      Varies - it isn't HD. The games open in the p2p players software but can be 'diverted' to open in Media Player. Let's just say, the bigger you have the window, the worse it is. It's youtube quality - but I can see the players clearly at full window and have no problem following the action, or inaction in Liverpools case.

      The catch
      There really isn't a catch. Not one. I've been using the software for over a year through the site and I haven't had a single problem. At all. No spam, no third party inteference from FSi or the associated software. All I get is free football until it's coming out of my ears.

      If you like yer footie ad your a tightarse like me, this site is a godsend. Some 'companies' try to get your money to give you the info this site gives you for nothing and it's glad to do it. It's its mission in life and I, for one, salute them.


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