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Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile M9400

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    2 Reviews
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      23.12.2009 11:34
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Brilliant for business users

      In a bid to increase efficiency, the company I work for recently invested millions of pounds on a large-scale upgrade of its computer equipment. As a field user, I was presented with a new laptop, router and printer for use at home in my spare bedroom office, and whilst out at meetings.

      To help you understand just how important and life-changing an event this was as an end-user, let me describe my typical morning routine pre-upgrade:

      6am Lean out of bed and boot up laptop. Use snooze function on alarm clock to check progress and enter passwords etc until finally "in" around 7am. Check emails (takes ages to send/receive), then print off reports etc, which takes until about half eight as machine is so slow. Check emails again then leave the house at 9am.

      That's three hours to look at my emails and print off about six to eight reports, all because everything moved so p-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y S--L----O-------W!

      Now, with my new Fujitsu Esprimo laptop, I can be in my email, printing stuff at the same time, within a minute or two of pressing the on button. In all my experience of using various laptops for both business and recreation, I have never yet come across one which does as its told quite so quickly and efficiently. I am not a techno-buff, so I cannot tell you which of its impressive specifications contribute to this, but I suspect its going to be down to the processor, which is an Intel Core Duo. I can now work on various different applications at once, whereas before if I tried to open more than one program, the whole thing would freeze, costing me hours in reboot time.

      The other major advantage of this machine over alternatives is its highly impressive battery life. As well as printing off information for business meetings, I like to have my laptop as backup in case further info is required, or an adhoc email needs sending. In the past I would have no option but to seek a powerpoint, but now I can work parked up n my car if need be, or in cafes without endangering innocent consumers with my trailing wires.

      Its not a hugely glamourous computer - its smallish and black, with a 14.1" screen that's fine for work purposes. Its very portable - weighing only 2.3kg - and again this make life much easier for me, as I have a rubbish back, and used to really struggle with my previous laptop, often having to carry it in front of me with both arms!

      Although I don't use it for music or video very much, its more than capable when I do. The volume is quietish at its maximum, but if you are that bothered you can always get standalone speakers.

      I have only two minor narks with it. Firstly it has an annoying wireless button which you have to switch on when you boot up - I'd far prefer for this to be automatic. Secondly, the power lead plugs in on the right hand side of the machine. As I am in the right-handed majority, I tend to have pens, papers, coffee cups situated to the right of my laptop when it's in use, and it would make more sense to me to have the wire trail from the opposite side so it doesn't knock things or get in the way.

      Other than that, I really can't complain. Having had nasty accidents before with hardware, it reassures me to know this one has a special "spill-proof" keyboard (though I'm not going to test it for you!) and a strong casing making it less prone to breakage. It heats up a bit when its been on a while, but not excessively, and I have NEVER had the machine crash or freeze on me in several months use. How many laptop-users can say that?

      So I'd recommend this very highly. It's made a huge difference to my productivity at work, and freed up hours of my day for such useful activities as sleeping and relaxing. I didn't pay for this, but have checked online and it's available from £580. This is quite a chunky price for a machine if you intend to use it just for fun, but as a business machine it saves invaluable time, and the price seems more than reasonable.

      Full product specifications available at:


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      04.01.2009 17:20
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Okay for general use such as word processing and surfing the net

      I bought this laptop as I wanted something that would give me access to the internet and allow me to use Microsoft Office.

      -----Where to buy-------
      I ordered this laptop from Tesco and it was delivered within a few days, other suppliers such as PC World will no doubt supply it as well.

      -----Getting Started-----
      If you're familiar with laptops then it's easy enough to get started on this machine, connecting the cables is self explanitory and finding the 'on' button is easy. The battery needs to be charged first though before you can run it without cables.
      One bad feature is that nothing is pre-installed. It comes with a Windows Vista disk which you insert and follow the instructions, it then takes some configuring before you're away.

      The laptop is easy to carry around and doesn't take too much effort in transportation.
      It's an easy enough laptop to learn as it has the general basis of any other latop. You can set up anywhere and use it comfortably.
      There's plenty of space with a 120GB harddrive that's conveniently split into four drives so that the CDrive doesn't become too clogged.
      It's also great for running window compatible programmes.
      There's also the advantage of administrator features meaning you can control certain programmes and prevent other users from changing settings or configurations unless they have your permission


      Some little nit-picks-
      - There's no external button that controls sound, it's only available on the desktop
      - If you use Word, it's hard to use the End and Home feature
      - Microsoft Office has to be bought seperately
      - Only 3 USB ports which are quite close together, I can usually only use two of them at once.

      This is a great laptop if there's only one or two people using it, it has good parental controls and can easily connect to Wireless Internet.
      However, if you're looking for a business laptop I'd try another brand as this might not help you if you're a large company.

      At the end of the day though, it's a simple laptop and it can be easily customised for individual us. Great for students and home users.


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