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How to Pass Intermediate 2 Maths - Brian Logan

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Genre: Education / Author: Brian Logan / Paperback / 130 Pages / Book is published 2006-07-28 by Hodder Gibson

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    1 Review
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      08.11.2008 13:59
      Very helpful



      You Want To Pass Maths? USE THIS BOOK!

      Maths is an important subject. No matter what age you are you will use some degree of maths, whether it be working in a shop or designing a house! So everyone is encouraged to do some sort of maths qualification. Scottish students at High School, study different courses and gain different qualifications to the UK. In Scotland you can get Standard Grades, Intermediates, Highers and Advanced Highers.

      Now, an Intermediate 2 is a qualification which in the Scottish system is between a Standard Grade and and Higher. In the English system, it is equivelent to between a GCSE and AS-Level. In If the school feels your good at maths then it will encourage you to go on a higher course than a Standard Grade. But it will not be higher than Higher. Last year I studied my Standard Grades and Intermediate 2's and decided to review all my books.

      Intermediate 2 Maths is one of the many courses you or your child could take at third or fourth year if you are in Scotland. This subject however can also be studied in 5th and 6th year for students who feel they can do better with a good Intermediate 2 Maths qualification, than a bad Higher Maths one. Every student studying Maths, whether it be a Standard Grade or Intermediate 1 or 2. It is such a useful qualification to have and very important as it shows so many skills. All schools will have this as a compulsory subject through first to fourth year and then you have option to carry it on into Higher and, if you are very brave and smart, advanced higher.

      You study 3 units which shows in the book. However different schools will study different units. Everyone studies Units 1 and 2 and then has the options of Unit 3 OR Applications. If students are wishing to continue their study of Maths then Unit 3 is taught.

      Unit 1 - Significant figures, Percentages, Volume of Solids, Linear Relationships, Algebraic Operations, Circles

      Unit 2 - Trigonometry, Simultaneous Linear Equations, Graphs, Charts and Tables, Statistics

      Unit 3 - More Algebraic Operations, Quadratic Functions, Further Trigonometry

      Applications - Calculations in a Social Context, Logic Diagrams, Formulae, Statistical Assignment

      You can easily find them using the index which is very clear. I actually put post-its on the start of the pages so I knew exactly where I was going to put it. The book covers them excellently with such detail and little boxes with phrases you need to learn off by heart. This was exceptionally useful.

      It is almost compalsary to have some sort of Maths qualification and almost all Higher or University education establishments will require this. As a subject you can go on with simply anything: Doctors, Vets, Scientists, Game Creators, Math Geniuses, Economics, Retail, Farming... Well just about anything!

      You or your child will have studied to course for one or two years, and the first year will possibly be completely forgotten about. If like me they need a recap, as exams are getting closer, then a revision guide is a god send. However there are quite a lot to choose from, so why pick this study guide?

      I chose this one as first the title got to me "How To Pass" which sounded exactly what I was looking for. There is a huge range of books from the same company (Hodder Gibson) for different students which is very handy as if you like this book, you are more likely to use this company for other subjects. This is what happened to me anyway, and I bought all the books in the Standard Grade range and saw they also offered the Intermediate 2 version that I needed. The cover is of maths equations which is great. There is a big tick and you are able to clearly see the subject and at what level. I say that as I just about accidently bought a higher version instead of a Intermediate 2 before.

      It has a really nice introduction from the author, who is an Maths teacher so knows exactly what is in the exam and what you need to know. Also he wrote about the classic mistakes students make which is really good and how to write a brilliant essay and get top marks in close reading for the exam. Also help with NAB's and these high mark questions. So it is made for students from teachers to help pass exams. Brilliant, exactly what I needed!

      I needed something that could help me when I needed. I decided to have a good read and it seems to have a lot of information in a clear, nicely laid out form. Every so often there is a box, highlighted with a defination of a word, exam tips or a helpful comment. This was basically a teacher in writing which I thought was really handy as I needed as many tips as possible and something that wasn't my textbook to revise from. It it quite long, so you can't really read it all in one go, but it is great to read in little bursts for full effect.

      I used this before I had my prelim (a fall back exam incase anything happens in the final exam) and my final exam. I used it a lot before my final exam as unlike my textbook, it was a condensed down version and had everything I could need and that could come up in the exam. Also in the back it has practice questions which test your problem solving and mathematical skills using past paper examples. It is really useful to try these to get an idea of what exam questions will be like.

      I really do need to stress that this is not an alternative for not listening in class etc. When reading the book, it assumes that you know all the information (or most of it) already and it is really there to make sure that you do know everything, and any problems or confusions you have are corrected. So if you try and use this without doing the course or not really listening then you may find it a bit of a struggle to read.

      I thought this is an excellent book, and was very happy with it however it did have some problems like any other book. The print is all in black in white which is a bit of a drawback as it would have been more handy if there had been some colour. It isn't old fashioned but color can help learners more than black and white, if you are like that I would recommend Lekie & Lekie. It also isn't 100% great as there are some parts of the course i've forgotten and it didn't explain some more difficult words and ideas better.

      The price, I got mine from Border Books for £7.99 which is a lot to pay, but I do feel it is worth it. You can get it off Amazon a bit cheaper which is handy and is what I will do when I get my Higher books. You will only be able to buy this from book shops in Scotland, as it is a Scottish course.

      I was really happy with my results as the is really what I wanted so if you want you or your child to get their grade up then this really is for them. This book has my full recommendation to help pass Standard Grades and Intermediate 2's. I would also recommend all the books in this range but I believe this is the best one out of the subjects, for content and usefulness.

      I'm studying this subject this year, so will be reviewing the Higher version next year. Maths is a hard subject and I really needed all the help I could get. If you aren't doing Intermediate 2, I will still recommend the range completely for Intermediate 1 and Standard Grade. Higher Maths so far is near impossible but I'm hoping to pass!

      It must have worked as I got a B in my Intermediate 2! YEY!

      Copyright- Scotlandizdabest 2008 on DooYoo.co.uk



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