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Jak X - Combat Racing (PS2)

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6 Reviews
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    6 Reviews
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      16.08.2009 19:44
      Very helpful



      The worst of the Jak and Daxter games is still actually pretty good.

      Jak X is a racing game exclusively for the Playstation 2 developed by Naughty Dog.

      The game actually has a story that takes place at the end of Jak 3 though you do not necessarily have had to play the game to understand the storyline. The premise is rather simple, Krew an enemy from the previous games has left a will and all the major characters from Jak and Daxters adventures are invited to hear it. They drink a toast to him and are poisoned, the only way to get the antidote is to take part in the Kras City Championships and so they do.

      The story doesn't do too much but provide you with some motivation to play through the game, you will find more in depth stories in all the other Jak games.

      The main mode of play is the Adventure mode, in this you can take part in various different championships, the games championships will include standard single player races. In these races you will take control of Jaks car and race around different circuits, which like a certain other racing game it has environmental hazards to avoid. As you race around the track you can collect Eco pickups which will aid you in your charge for victory, yellow Eco will power your forward weapons, red Eco will power your rear weapons, blue will give you a turbo boost and green will heal you.

      The game allows for some strategy as you can keep hold of the boost power ups and weapons so you may want to keep them till near the end of the race then let loose with all firing at once to hopefully get you into the lead! There are other modes in the single player that challenge you to do a variety of things like collect pickups and destroy a certain amount of enemies which are pretty fun distractions from the core racing.

      The only problem I found with the game is the AI will cheat like crazy, no matter how many times you manage to blow them up they will still catch you up in a matter of a few seconds, it doesn't break the game but it really can be frustrating!

      Graphics are quite a strong point with lots of different environments featured and the slow motion when you destroy cars shows off some of the detailed car models.

      While it is not anything to different from another arcade racer which stars another companys mascot, Jak X is still quite a fun game to play.


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      17.05.2008 14:19



      Great racing game and lots of fun

      Jak returns after saving the planet in Jak 3 only to find out that he has to do it all over again, this time by winning various combat races. Sound confusing? Try not to think about it,as this is a tremendously fun game to play. It's a nice and noble if yet simple premise to play as you'll play race after race on different tracks coming up against different and more difficult opponents along the way.

      The game looks great, the rendering of the graphics are very impressive and the framerate never slows down as the game flows spectacularly. There are plenty of cars and little secrets to ulock along the way in this game although some of them don't really seem worth the toruble of unlocking if truth be told.

      One great part of the game is being able to race against people from all over the world with the introduction of the online mode, this is one thing that gives the game some longevity after you've completed the story mode.

      The sound in the game is nice and really goes along well with the type of game it is.

      All in I enjoyed Jak Combat racing, it managed to take a very enjoyable action-platformer and move it into the racing genre almost flawlessly, Id highly recommend this very fun game.


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      27.04.2008 16:11
      Very helpful



      A great new story from an awesome series

      With this game you take on the lead role of Jak from the Jak and Daxter PS2 series.

      This title is a fast action paced driving game (totally different from the platform series) which takes you through many racing championships around a fantasy location called Haven City

      Story :

      You control jak and with his crew have to find a cure to rescue your crew from which has been poisoned at the beginning of the title during a toast. This also takes places shortly after the Jak3 game in the series

      Krew (the bad guy from Jak2) gives you an ultimatum which is the only way to get this antidote is to race for him at the next Championship.
      As you progress through the races you uncover another crime syndicate lead by a character called MIZO who wants to destroy Jak.
      Mizo and Krew are partners and scheme there way in destroying Jak and stopping him from completing the championships

      Graphics :

      This game is VERY fast and the frame rate keeps up very well, amazing crisp colors and smooth graphics.

      Sound :

      Solid voice acting and great driving sound effects, also features 2 songs from the rock band "Queens of the stone age" - Very dark moody driving tracks which also adds greatly to this title

      Overall :

      This is a fun driving game for the PS2 and a great extra to an amazing series, if you are a fan of the previous Jak and Daxter games than i would highly suggest you add this to your collection

      this title is fairly old now so it can be found quite cheaply, Amazon are selling it for just £13.98

      So do nott miss out on this bargain!


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        27.08.2006 19:00



        A Superb Car game from a Superb Game Series

        Jak goes behind the wheel in this combat racing game.

        The Controls are pretty much the same as any car game. You have a certin button to fire a front weapon (R1) and another button to fire a rear wepon (L1). Also you'll have a button for boost (R2) and a button to give a jump boost (L2)

        As you know all the Jak games have always been platformers untill now. I think having a new kind of Jak game gives the series a new leashe of life in the series. The combat in this game is nothing more than intense and will blow you away with its stunning graphics and rock sountrack.

        On the track you can collect Eco...

        Blue Eco-Gives Turbo boost to use
        Yellow Eco-Front Weapons e.g.Rockets and Grenades
        Red Eco-Rear Weapons e.g. Mines and Forcefields
        Green Eco-Health

        There are many weapons in Jak X to use. Here's a list of them...


        SUBMACHINE GUN-A Basic Weapon-Ammo-Unlimited (On for use in battle modes)
        VULCAN FUR-Upgrade to Submachine Gun. Much More Powerful-Ammo:50
        GRENADE LAUNCHER-Throw grenades to opponents in front-Ammo:3
        TRACKING MISSLES-2 rockets are launched at target but must be used at a distance-Ammo:2
        SUPER NOVA-Destroys all vehicles in front for 3 seconds-Ammo:1
        PEACE MAKER:Destroys Vehicle in 1st place-Ammo:1


        MAGNO MINE-Three magnetic mines are dropped onto the trakc and when a car goes near them they stick to the car and explode-Ammo:1
        GUN TOWER-A tower is dropped and patrols the spot. Any car that comes near it will be shot. You can destroy it by shooting it with a Yellow Eco Weapon or by ramming it-Ammo:1
        SMOKE SCREEN-Leaves a trail of smoke behind that lingers for 30 seconds-Ammo-1
        Oil Slick-Leaves a trail of Oil behind so cars loes hanling when driven on-Ammo:1
        SAUCER DRONES:A drone that is fired back for 120 seconds and will instantly destroy any vehicle it collids with-Ammo:1
        SHEILD SYSTEM:Protects driver and damages anyone who come in contact with it-Ammo:1
        ATTACK DRONE:The attack drone circles the player and shhots anyone who comes near it-Ammo:1
        TURBO ASSIST:Stops other players from using turbo and maximizes your boost for 4 seconds-Ammo:1

        When you desrtroy other players you dark eco meter fills. Once it's full your weapons become upgraded from LVL 1 to LVL 2. Here's a list of LVL 2 weapons


        VULCAN FURY:Much more faster and powerful than LVL 1-Ammo:50
        GRENADE LAUNCHER:More grenades with more power-Ammo:5
        ROCKET LAUNCHER:2 more missiles mean players vehicles will be destryoyed in on shot-Ammo:2
        SUPER NOVA:Destroyed Vehicles take longer to recover from the blast-Ammo:1
        PEACE MAKER:All vehicles in front are destroyed-Ammo:1


        STATIC MINES:It explodes as soon as touched-Ammo:1
        MISSLE TOWER:Now fires missles dealing more damage-Ammo:1
        SHOCK SCREEN:Smoke contains electricity dealing damage:Ammo:1
        FLAME SLICK:Oil is now on fire dealing damage-Ammo:1
        SAUCER DRONE:Like missles, targest enemy still destroying it instantly-Ammo:1
        DEADLY SHEILD :Instantly kills enemy and still blocks weapons-Ammo:1
        PSYCHO DRONE:Shoots upgraded guns dealing more damage-Ammo:1
        ULTRA TURBO ASSIST:Gives max turbo for longer-Ammo:1

        That's about it for weapons.

        The story mode is short but a great ride along the way.In Jak X the big (literally) gang lord Krew (you may remember him from Jak II:Renagade and Jak 3) has died and Jak and Daxter have been invited to the reading of his will. Krew has always wanted to enter the Kras City Championship. But now he's dead he (obviously) can't enter. So he poisons the toasting drink. But this poison is slow acting so they have to win the cup to be cured. In story mode you race in 4 cups with 20 races in each leauge. As you play more and more familier faces come into the picture either to help you or kill you. In the story there are apperances from Torn, Ashelian and Sig plus new faces like Cutter, Edje and Ur-86! Plus Pecker returns just to annoy you. After story mode is completed there's not much else to do except max out all your cars stats and if not already done get gold in all races. The multiplayer is pretty much the same as a single player race.

        To customize a car you go into garage. You customize the body parts like Spoilers and hoods, tune the performance using Percursor orbs and respray the paint job. Also you can add on acsessorys brought with P Orbs.

        If you like Cars, Burnout or Jak Games you will enjoy this game.


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          13.06.2006 20:16



          Racing game

          Often when games try and combine two different gaming genre the end result is often disappointing as neither component measures up to specialist games however with Jak X: Combat Racing the combination of a racing game with combat thrown in is a success and they have even managed to retain some of the great storylines that were a feature of the first three platform games that featured the characters of Jak and Daxter.

          In the game Jak and Daxter are attending the will reading of the evil Krew, at the reading they and the other guests drink poison wine and are then told that to get the antidote they must win the Kras City Grand Championship race in his honour. For some reason they will all find themselves competing against each other even though they will all get the antidote whoever wins but this anomaly is the only real fault I could find with the game.

          This game is a lot of fun and the racing does get quite challenging at times, like similar games there are things to collect while you drive around the track that will boost your health or speed or make available weapons to you. The race track as are quite challenging and some are made even harder with some obstacles thrown in like large snowballs that roll across the track.

          This game is quite unforgiving and you will never really get to far ahead of the other competitors no matter how well you play, I liked this feature as it kept the pressure on all the way and if you suffer one accident or direct hit you will soon find yourself losing places in the race.

          In total there are 24 different tracks across 7 different arenas in which to race so this game has a good lifespan and all of the courses are varied and well set out and visually very pleasing.

          I would definitely recommend this game and it can be purchased at Amazon for £5.96 which makes it a bargain purchase.


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            04.02.2006 20:05



            a great racing game, good value.

            When I ordered Jak X, I allowed myself a healthy degree of scepticism. Would the developers be able to make the leap from platformer to racing without destroying the characters and worlds we've grown to love? The answer is simple: yes.

            Jak X continues existing plot threads from Jak 2 & 3, bringing Krew back into the picture (weaving his despicable schemes from beyond the grave, via a series of carefully laid plans before his death), and introducing us to the third major city of Jak's world: Kras City. This city is home to the spectacularly dangerous combat racing championship.

            There is no more platform-jumping at hand, the franchise has moved on now. Instead you will find a deadly and blisteringly fast array of tracks set throughout the environments encountered through the Precursor trilogy. The vehicles are excellent, and can be FULLY customised (every body panel can be swapped for a number of styles, wheels can be changed, colours, helmets, accessories etc are all at your fingertips). In addition you can upgrade/tune your armoured steeds for more explosive enjoyment.

            The engine holds up well, delivering crisp graphics and very cool motion blur effects when needed to emphasise speed. The races are punctuated by CGI sequences just like we have seen in previous games, that show us how our merry band of doomed racers are getting through the ordeal set by Krew. The story is strong; and I won't spoil it for those that don't already know.

            For fans of Jak, Wipeout, Twisted Metal or Burnout, this game is a must buy, as it fuses elements of each into a polished package. Many fans were afraid of what might happen to the much-loved franchise; but rest assured, whilst it won't be everyone's taste, there is a superb game here that continues the saga of Jak & Daxter. All we need to do is be prepared to accept the change of genre; and bask in the blistering speed and rich storyline of Naughty Dog's latest offering to the gaming community.


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