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  • Being down South it means it's a long way to travel for most of the UK
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    109 Reviews
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      21.04.2012 17:18
      Very helpful



      Brilliant for a thrill if you don't mind waiting long hours

      I have long loved the thrill of getting on a roller coaster and screaming my lungs off and that is why Thorpe Park was so ideal for me. It has a wide variety of rides, from the very extremes of SAW to fun water rides such as Tidal Wave (which you get absolutely drenched in) so it makes a great day out for anyone! With many events throughout the year such as Fright Nights (when the park is open until 10pm) and Bonfire Night events, this is one of my favourite places to go when seeking enjoyment. It is the best feeling when you close your eyes on your way home, feeling as if the car is going to make a sharp turn, upside down.

      The new ride, the Swarm (Europe's first winged roller coaster) is a thrilling ride that leaves you dizzy and excited (though I was slightly alarmed at how the crash test dummies were... erm, damaged). Others of my favourite rides are Stealth, Saw, Nemesis Inferno and Tidal Wave.

      However thrilling it may be, I would say that Thorpe Park is not good financially. One day one person ticket prices have soared up to £42 on the door and £31.50 bought online... quite a lot for a single day, though not out of the ordinary from regular theme park prices. I solved this problem by obtaining a Merlin Annual Pass (of which I have reviewed on dooyoo) but before that I used 2 for one vouchers which kept the prices at around £20, which is not that bad at all.

      Also, the queue times are very very very very very very very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long, especially for the most popular rides, especially Saw, and on some days you can only fit 4 to 5 rides in! This could be solved by purchasing fast track tickets- but those are very expensive!

      All in all, I adore this theme park but the queue times significantly mar the experience, so I could only reward this with 4 stars


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      10.04.2012 19:41
      Very helpful
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      A thrill seekers dream!

      I do love me a bit of Thorpe Park. I live just outside of London, about an hour away from the park, so I've been here a good 8 or 9 times now, so any specific questions about specific rides/the park in general, I will be very happy to answer :)

      To give you a brief overview, Thorpe Park really is very diverse. You are faced with a big, open stretch of park which is very easily navigated around. It doesn't have the spectacle as bigger theme parks such as Disneyland; it is a theme park very much focused on the rides. Trecking around the park all day can often be tiring, so I'd say only go to Thorpe Park if you're willing to queue and walk around. The park is scattered with restaurants, ice cream stalls, cafes, fast food (KFC), candy floss stalls, etc, and also has numerous toilet facilities.

      The best thing about Thorpe Park is the rides! I've never been one for teacups and carousels, so I do not feel comfortable reviewing the family rides as I don't know enough about them. The thrill rides, however, are fantastic. I will attempt a brief overview of them all.

      Saw- I have done a specific review of this. This ride is fantastic. Based on the Saw film series, you queue (for hours and hours and hours) in a Saw themed queue, with barbed wire and blades etc. You finally get inside a warehouse like area, with TV screens and creepy music which adds to the atmosphere. There are moments that you think "what am I doing here...?", and that's before you even get on the ride! The ride probably is the scariest at Thorpe Park. It starts off indoors, pitch black, and you zoom past dead bodies and creepy displays. The whole thing is very eery. When you leave the warehouse, you are presented with a great view of the park. The pinnacle point of the ride is the huge drop, which is vertical... and terrifying. Going down the drop is less terrifying than being chain lifted up of it; being pulled vertically so slowly made my heart sink a bit. However, the ride is one that you can very much enjoy if you just scream your way through it :)

      Stealth- again this is a very scary ride, but in all honesty there is nothing to it. You queue forever, you hop on and the ride is over and done with before you have enough time to get too worked up/scared. You feel extremely secure in the restraints. The ride resembles a racing car track. There are five lights above you. They turn red, they turn green, then you hear a voice shout "go, go, go!" and then you zoom off at 80mph. The speed is intense and you feel your whole body shoot forwards. You climb 200ft and soar vertically down again and then its over. The ride lasts 30 seconds but it puts you on a 10 minute high.

      Colossus- this more typically resembles a roller coaster, lots of twists and turns and drops. It's very fun and worth a ride, but it's so shaky. Your head gets thrown from side to side, hitting your ears on the shoulder restraints each time. I have 12 piercings in my ears and they were absolutely burning in pain when I last went on this ride. There is a point mid-ride when you do a number of turns consecutively and you always feel like you're above to fall out of your seat!

      Nemesis Inferno- this has grown on me! I used to think it was Colossus but boring; the ride itself feels very slow. However I have grown to like it more and more. It's the sort of ride that a younger person who isn't as much into their thrill rides but wants to get into them would enjoy :)

      Those are the only thrilling rollercoasters (there is X no way out, which is an indoor rollercoaster, but that's much more for families). The other thrill rides are:

      * Tidal Wave- awesome. Your typical boat thrill ride, but you get so ridiculously wet at the end that I'd recommend going on in a swim suit.

      * Samurai- this is the sort of ride a person like my dad hates, because you are totally flung around everywhere. The ride resembles a sort of hand shape and you sit on the fingers, as the hand and fingers rotate.

      * Vortex- this is so fun, honestly! The ride claims you feel weightless for one second, but I felt totally weightless the whole way through.

      * Rush- an air powered, huggggge swing which swings you so high you feel as if you can see the whole world from your position. The lack of restraints makes you feel as if you are flying.

      * Slammer- this ride literally makes me sick. It's my idea of hell, not even in a good way, but then again, each ride appeals to each person. The ride resembles a sort of fly swat, but as if you were swatting a fly very, very slowly. You are hung upside down for what feels likes hours and you do just feel as if you're seconds away from slipping out of your seat and to your death.

      * Detonator- this is your typical tower ride which is at every theme park. You go up, you fall down, the end. I always skip these rides at theme parks because they're so samey and boring to me, but other people love them!

      Anyone who is looking for thrills, come to Thorpe Park! It's even more appealing at the moment as it is about to unveil a brand new ride, a winged rollercoaster, the only one in Europe! This to me is so exciting!


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        19.11.2011 15:33
        Very helpful



        Park Life!!

        I tend to visit Thorpe Park at least three times a year. I live in Dover, Kent and it took us 90minutes to get there. Thorpe Park is well sign posted from the M25 onwards so finding the park is relatively easy. Thorpe Park is situated between junctions 11 and 13 of the M25 but access from Junction 12 is not possible from the M25.

        We paid £40.80 each for an adult entrance ticket to the park. If you book online you can make a saving of £5.50. Thorpe Park gives you the option of getting something called a Fast Track ticket, which basically means that you get to jump the queue on the main rides. You will be allocated with a ticket and they tell you a time to arrive for each ride. You turn up at the given time and use the 'fast track' queue and you literally get on the ride in 5 minutes. For this convenience you get charged slightly more.

        The opening times can be found on the website. For example, the park is now shut until the New Year and it opens again mid February for a couple of weeks 10am - 5pm. From here the park has longer opening hours, averaging 9.30am - 7pm but in the height of summer it opens until 9pm.

        Thorpe Park has a massive car park which is within the grounds of the park so parking is not a problem! It was also free which was nice! Even in the height of the season, parking was still available.

        Although Thorpe Park has lots of rides, they are all no great distance apart. We also went to Alton Towers this year and it was literally miles to walk from one section of the park to the other so we found Thorpe Park very leg friendly after visiting Alton Towers.

        The park has a fairly flat layout with only a few small hills which is good for the elderly and disabled.
        The park has lots of main attractions. When you arrive you can collect a map of the park from reception. Thorpe Park has 9 different zones, Calypso Quay, Lost City, Neptune's Kingdom, Thorpe Farm, Canada Creek, Ranger County, Amity Cove, Port Atlantis and Octopus Garden.

        Although we walked around the whole park, we did not go on every ride. I will describe my experience of the rides we managed to get on.

        On entering the park, you walk across a bridge and through an amusement arcade. Through the other side of the arcade takes you out into the park. The 1st thing you will see as you walk into the park is the water area on your right hand side. This consists of a small kiddie's pool with a few sunloungers for the Mum's!! There are 2 waterslides for adults and children to take a ride on. You have to ride the slide on a rubber dinghy, two adults are not allowed to share 1 dinghy but you could share with your child. In the height of summer the queues for this are quite long as the pool area gets busy with the hot weather. There is a spiral staircase leading up to the slide platform so this wouldn't be suitable for less able bodied people.

        Thorpe Park has a kiddie's area of the park which is very family friendly. Baby changing facilities are available and so is buggy hire. Apart from the above, I can not really comment on the children's area as we did not use it while we were there.
        A short train journey away from Thorpe Park (train run free of charge from within the 2 parks) is Thorpe Farm. This is mainly for children and you can see various animals and feed them etc. Again, I can't really comment anymore on this as the last time I went I was about 6!

        As well as the rides, the park offers various other events to take part in such as karaoke (The Song Zone) and trampolining. Trampoling costs extra though. They have a DJ playing cheesy type music which you can hear in most zones of the park.
        There is a large amusement area where you can play the usual slot machines, car racing etc. In this area, there are also cash machines, a small pub and a small shop.

        There is plenty of choice of food ranging from KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and more. Dotted around the park are other places to eat such as Calypso BBQ and Bar and Chicken Kebab House. There are also stalls selling hot dogs, Nachos, Burgers etc. We also found a lovely Waffle and Ice Cream stall, yum yum!

        For each individual ride there are restrictions imposed ranging from weight and height to health. These restrictions are stated on the website as well as at the entrance to each ride. For Stealth, Colossus, Detonator and Nemesis there are tester seats situated at the beginning of the queue which allows you to check your suitability for the ride.

        THE RIDES
        I will only be reviewing the rides we have ridden this year.

        This is Thorpe Park's newest ride and opened in 2011. It is basically a huge water slide. You ride down the slide in a circular boat which fits up to six people inside. You start your journey by climbing a large slope which takes you to the top of the slide. The boat is then released from a height of 84 feet and you travel on your journey to the bottom with the boat spins round and round. I wasn't overly impressed with this ride. It was enjoyable but I felt that it lacked the certain amount of excitement and the adrenalin rush that I like to feel when riding the main attractions.

        SAW ALIVE
        SAW Alive is the newest of the SAW attractions and consists of a warehouse made up of different rooms. You walk through the rooms in groups of 6-8 people. You are asked to stand in a train with your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you. The idea is you have to walk through each room (which, by the way are in complete darkness with smoke effects) and find your way through the room and into the next one. You have to complete the maze and make it through to the end! Inside there are actors (who are dressed for the part complete with makeup) who will jump out at you and try to scare you. I really enjoyed this as its different from the other rides and although you are expecting to be scared and don't think you will be, some how they still make you jump!!

        SAW THE RIDE
        This is another brilliant rollercoaster and again, another of my favourites! The climax of the ride is where you are dragged up the vertical track of the rollercoaster to a height of 100 feet and then go flying down an inverted track the other side at speeds of 55 mph. This ride certainly makes you lose your tummy!

        This is the newest ride to Thorpe Park so naturally we headed straight for it. The longest time we had to queue for this ride was 40 minutes when we went at the height of summer. Stealth accelerates from 0 - 80mph in 2.3 seconds to a height of 205ft. The only disadvantage to this ride is that at that speed, the ride is over in about 30 seconds but I still thought this ride was worth waiting for. A very thrilling experience and believe me you don't look pretty in the photo with your lips peeled back with the G Force.

        This used to be the most popular ride before Stealth was built. The seat of the rollercoaster does not have anywhere for you to put your feet so your legs are left hanging in the air - superb! You are well strapped into your seat by a shoulder restraint and bars. It has several loops and certainly gets your adrenalin rushing as it travels at around 60mph twisting and turning on its route. The queue for this was again quite long, around 30 minutes but most certainly worth the wait. At the beginning of the ride, you go flying through a pitch black tunnel and experience a cold spray of water which is not expected added to the thrill.

        TIDAL WAVE
        As you have probably gathered from the name, you get wet, very wet! You are seated in a large boat, which travels up to an 80ft drop. At the bottom of the 85ft is a large pool of water which you hit at about 40mph causing a massive tidal wave to wash over the boat. As you get literally soaked to the skin, it is advisable to only do this ride in warm weather and normally quite early on so you don't have to get into the car while wet! As the boats are quite big, and with three boats running the queue although quite large went down quickly. At the longest we queued for 20minutes.

        This is another water ride and is basically a good old fashioned log flume. You climb the step hill in your boat (which can fit 4 people) and drop the other side of the track into a pool of water. You would expect to get quite wet on this but somehow you don't. We queued for an hour and 15 minutes for this ride, this was in the middle of summer and I guess everyone wanted to cool down on the water rides. This ride has the larger drop and also a smaller drop halfway through your ride. This is a nice gentle log flume, but you do lose your guts at the top of the drop!

        X NO WAY OUT
        This is the only rollercoaster that travel backwards. Throughout the ride you are in pitch black darkness going up and down slopes, twisting and turning. We found this ride quite boring to be honest as it didn't go very fast and the drops were quite tame.

        The Detonator is a large 100ft pole which has seating around the outside in the shape of a square with seats for the passengers. You are basically lifted slowly to the top of the 100ft tower and then dropped from that height. This really makes your tummy drop and is not for the faint hearted. The queue was never very long for this ride; I think the longest we queued was about 10 minutes. The ride is over in 20 seconds though.

        Colossus is a massive rollercoaster. You go along the track which is like a corkscrew along one stretch of it which turns you upside down a total of 10 times. This is very fast and is another one to get the adrenaline pumping. This was the 1st rollercoaster built with 10 loops. The longest we queued for this ride was about 30 minutes. This is one of the top three attractions along with Stealth and Nemesis
        This is a great family water ride and to be honest, your hardly get wet! You sit in a large dinghy style boat which can fit around 8 people. You travel through the 'rapids' around the Calypso Quay zone. However, the rapids are fairly tame so this is great for small kids.

        The 1st time we went to Thorpe Park this year was back in March, shortly after it opened. We were disappointed as half the rides were not working and obviously we were unable to go on most of the main attractions. We managed to get on a few rides before they broke down and when it started raining we decided to just go home. On our way out, we were stopped at the turnstile as you exit by a member of staff. He gave us free tickets with a 6 month validity as a way of making up for the disappointment of the day. Every person entering the park that day was given complimentary tickets which we were really chuffed with. Definitely made the experience a lot more positive.
        The other two times we attended was during the summer period, once in June and once in July. The park was running smoothly although the odd ride shut for 10 minutes to correct a fault but we were always well informed of this. On one ride, while we were queuing and an announcement came on informing us that the ride had a fault and we were advised to queue for another attraction. As we left the queue, we were given a fast track ticket to one of the other main rides which again was a really nice touch.

        Thorpe Park is a good day out for individuals and families. The prices are fairly reasonable, both for entry and food and drink while in the park.


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          14.09.2011 22:40
          Very helpful



          A great theme park in South East England

          For the first time in a few years, today I went on a trip to Thorpe Park. My Nan gave me and my cousins some free tickets that she had managed to get out of the newspaper, so we all went together, along with my partner.

          Thorpe Park is a theme park set in the town of Chertsey, in Surrey. It is actually only about half an hour drive from me, yet I have not been for about 5 years until today. The park is known as the Nation's Thrill Capital, and has a large selection of rides, amusements and food places within the park.

          Firstly, to get to the park is quite easy. If you drive, the most known ways is off of Junctions 11 or 13 (do not use 12, it doesn't work) on the M25. From these exits you can easily get to the park just by following the signs to Thorpe Park. I am lucky enough not to have to use the motorway to get there, as I can get there by using the A30 through Camberley, Sunningdale and then following the signs when I get a bit closer to the park itself.

          If you do not drive, there is plenty of options for trains, coaches and buses to the park, and you can find all the information you need for these on the Thorpe Park website or on the iPhone app for the park if you have an iPhone. This app is free if you have not downloaded it already.

          If you do drive into the park, there is a very large car park available, although it will cost you £3 to get out of the car park at the end of the day. They fail to mention this to you until after you have actually entered the car park!! If you wish to park a bit closer to the entrance, it is recommended you get there a bit before opening time, but this varies on which time of year you are going to the park, as opening times are different depending on the season and which attractions are open.

          When you have arrived and or parked, it is quite easy to see where you are meant to enter the park. The entrance area is large and very colourful, so you could not miss it. If you have already bought your tickets in advance, you can either queue to collect them from the collection booth, or if you have them already, you can skip past all the queues and walk straight up to the turnstiles.

          If you do not already have tickets for the park, you will have to join the queues for the ticket boothes. If you get there at a good time, you may not have to queue for too long, and even at busy times, I noticed these queues seem to move quite quickly and you won't be left waiting too long hopefully.

          Tickets are not cheap by any means, an adult ticket will cost you £40.80 (inclusive of VAT) a child ticket will cost around £20 and there is options for disabled and elderly tickets too. I personally think this is quite a high ticket price, and I am glad we had free tickets. If you look around online and in some stores, you can usually find buy one get one free ticket offers for Thorpe Park, and I recommend that you grab something like this if you can, as it can save you a lot of money.

          Once you have got your tickets, you have to walk over to the turnstiles, which you can only get through by scanning the barcode on your ticket. This is pretty simple and easy to do, but it took me a minute to line up the ticket correctly with the ticket scanner! Once you are through the turnstiles, you will walk straight onto a bridge over a river, complete with resident geese. This bridge leads you into a dome like building which is home to a few amusements, and some food places like cafes etc. Walking straight through will lead you into the park itself.

          The park itself is massive, and every where you look from the start you can see large rides and attractions everywhere. This is where you have to start your choices on what to go on first. You can buy a park map to help you find your way around, and to pick which rides to go on and when, or you can use the iPhone app to show you a map and location of rides, as well as find out ride queue times.

          As well as rides everywhere, there is also many side attractions like games to win prizes, amusement arcades, shops and fun games like the battle beam. There is also many food shacks and restaurants dotted all around the park, so you can always get something to eat and drink, no matter where you are. You will also find a large selection of vending machines around the park to enable you to get drinks.

          The food places on offer include Hot Dog stands, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Fish and Chips, Mexican Bars and small cafes. These are quite expensive though, and if you do not wish to spend a lot of money on food, then I would recommend taking some food and drink with you. This is what we did, as we didn't want to spend a lot of money. There is also snack places like Donut shacks, or you can buy snacks from the stores.

          The rides themselves are all pretty fantastic, and there is plenty of different rides to choose from. The rides on offer include; Colossus, Saw, Zodiac, Vortex, Stealth and Nemesis Inferno.
          Colossus is a ten loop rollercoaster, which loops and corkscrews all the way around, Saw is a ride based on the horror movie series, and has spinning blades as well as a vertical climb which is positivley terrifying!!
          Zodiac is a spinner with a difference, it is a whole load of gondola like pods which take two people at a time, and is spins you sideways and vertical at the same time. It is hard to explain how it does what it does, but it really is epic fun.
          Vortex is a ride that has rows of 4 seats, all in a hexagonal like shape, and when it starts, it spins you around and then adds swinging side to side to this movement. Each swing gets higher and higher, and soon you are above horizontal, all the time still spinning as well. It is a stomach churner, but great fun.
          Stealth is one of the highest rides in Europe, going up to 205 feet, and at speeds of 0 - 80 mph in 1.2 seconds!! Only the brave need try this one I think.
          Nemesis Inferno is a rollercoaster where the track is above you, and you sit in the car with your feet and legs suspended in the air as you go around. Including loops and drops to make you scream, this is a fun ride, but not one to be taken lightly.

          There is also a selection of water rides, including Tidal Wave and Storm Surge as well as rides for kids, and rides for those who are not such a big fan of the bigger rides. Not everyone is a fan of scary rides, and I think Thorpe Park have realised this. Most people will be able to enjoy this park, and all rides have clear information on safety for each ride. All rides display a height limit, which you must be above to ride, and you will always be secured into your seats by the attendant, who double checks all safety locks to ensure you are securely in the ride and safe.

          Most of the rides offer you the chance to buy photos of your ride, which usually involve you having the funniest faces as you are thrown around the rides. You can buy a general sized photo for £8 each, or you can buy them as Keyrings or Magnets. This can easily get very expensive, as you may want to buy one for each ride! You can also buy ride souveniers like mugs, t-shirts, medals, pens etc for most of the larger rides like Stealth, Saw and Tidal Wave. This is where the prices can really rack up.

          At busy times, like in most theme parks, you can be queueing for quite some time. This is more likely in school holidays and during the summer months, as well as on nights like fright night. Luckily, there wasn't many long queues when we went, but then it was a wednesday in september! Each ride displays how long the estimated waiting time is, but I found this to be a little bit inaccurate, as some rides where much longer waiting times then stated, and some said they had a waiting time, when we just walked straight onto the ride!

          One of the side attractions is the Saw Live Action Maze, which is like a horror house, but come to life. It is based on the Saw movies, just like the ride, and when you go in, you are faced with things you would expect from the horror movies. It is dark and creepy, with scenes from the movie everywhere. You walk in a group, with your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you. As soon as you walk through the main door, you are faced with a large amount of screens showing you live CCTV from around the maze, just like you would see in the movie, and Jigsaw himself is sitting on his bike next to the screens.

          You then walk through to the main part of the Saw Maze, to be instantly scared by a man shouting at you. He is covered in cuts and blood, and soon he moves away for you to walk on in. I do not want to ruin the horror house, but be prepared to be jumped out on, screamed at, people to appear out of no where and people to touch you when you didn't even know they were lurking in the shadows! It really is creepy and scary, making me scream and jump out of my skin pretty much constantly! The lighting is low, the sounds are scary and the make up and special effects are nothing short of spectacular. I truly think this was an amazing part of the park!

          The park itself is quite clean and tidy, with plenty of litter bins placed around, even in the ride queues. There is plenty of staff around to help you with anything you may need, and there is large maps on the boards around the park so you can find your way around. There is plenty of toilets around too, so you should never have to worry about finding a toilet when you need one. These were clean and tidy too, which was quite impressive as I do not expect a lot of cleanliness when it comes to public toilets in such busy places.

          There is plenty of disabled access to the whole park too, which I think is a great thing, as everyone should be able to enjoy the park! There are lockers for people to store their things in, but these cost £1 and every time you open the locker, you need to put in a new pound coin, as this is not refundable and is swallowed everytime you open the locker.

          Park opening times vary, and when I went it was open at 10am and closed at 5pm. During peak season it is open earlier in the morning and later in the evening, as there is more daylight hours, and this is when the park is much busier. It is always a good idea to check the opening times on the Website or iPhone app before you plan what time to leave for the park. The park is not open all year round either. I believe it closes mid november and then re-opens in the early spring.

          Even though it is quite expensive to enter the park, and if you buy extra things in the store it can add up to a very expensive day, it is a great day out and a fun day too. If you like rides and amusements, this is a great place to go and it can provide a great days entertainment. It is a tiring day, and it can involve a lot of walking as the park is very big and the rides are spread out all over the place. I recommend you wear comfortable shoes!

          All in all, this is a great day out, and I recommend Thorpe Park to most people. It is worth the entrance money if you are out to make the most of your money, and if you are going in a group of people, it can be even more fun than if there was just a few of you.

          I give Thorpe Park a rating of 5 out of 5, as it really is a great place, despite the high prices. 100% recommended from me. Have a good time!

          *This review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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            29.09.2010 12:59
            Very helpful




            This time yesterday (11:00) you would of found me with just about steady hands after going on Saw and waiting in the queue for Rush. Thorpe Park was the first major theme park that I've been to so maybe it was to be expected that I would be screaming my head off, what with the rides being a lot more thrilling than the smaller attractions. Thankfully we were lucky with the day we picked as although it was warm it was also quite overcast and grey. No doubt if it was all sunshine and heat the queues might of been double the size. Although I do like Theme Parks this one was a lot bigger and the rides a lot higher. As scared as I was there were very few rides which I was going to avoid.

            Located in Surrey if you do not drive your best bet is to make your way to Staines Railway Station where there is a Shuttle bus (950) which take you directly to the park. It turns up every 15 to 20 minutes but it stops at 6pm. Costs are £2 for a single and £3 for a return.

            Once you've made your way through the turnstile, making sure you put your ticket in the right way, you head up over a bridge and it's time for you to start your day. If you do order online it means you miss out on getting a map but there are boards up around the park with blown up versions. As you cannot get on the rides with bags or anything loose the best option is to put them in lockers which are situated all over the place. They cost you £1 and you don't get them back but I found that a lot more secure than putting them in baskets next to the attractions.

            SAW was the first roller coaster that I ventured to go on which was a big mistake, what I should of done is work my way up to the larger rides rather than heading for them straight away. After a brief wait you get onto your row of seats which sits 8 people at a time. It is such a quick ride and with so many twists and turns you cannot anticipate what is going to happen next. The reason why it makes it so nerve racking. At one point you are transported, very slowly, up to 100ft in the air before you get to a complete drop, then moving into an upside down twist. Even just remembering it makes my heart flutter a bit!

            Afterwards we headed off to Rush. Sitting in your rows it begins to swing backwards and forwards with people sitting on both sides. At it's full height in reaches 75ft although when you're on it it feels a lot higher. There is also nothing to hold onto and the only thing which is keeping you in place is a bar which goes across your lap. Feeling very unstable! Something to make you feel so good about the experience is that either side there are two nets!

            Detonator was my personal favourite. As it slowly raises you to 100ft in the air you are left suspended at it's pleasure. Before dropping at an exceptionally fast speed. In all it probably lasts for about 1 minute however if there is hardly anybody waiting you might be up there for longer. And longer still in some cases. When we reached the top after about 1 minute we were told that we weren't going to drop until everyone had their arms and legs out!

            Other rides:

            Stealth-250ft in the air at its peak you move along a track at a speed of 80mph.

            Time Voyagers-4D cinema which lasts 15 minutes. One to go on if you want to settle your stomach!

            Rumba Rapids-A circular craft which as you'd expect moves along a series of bumpy rapids.

            Loggers Leap and Tidal Wave-Leap won't get you as wet as Tidal Wave where there are drying machines next to it, costing you £2. Maybe you should bring a towel. Whilst the first leads you down a high slide at quite a drop it is nothing compared to the second. If you are watching I'd suggest you stand further back unless you want a drenching!

            Collosus-The worlds first 10 looping coaster and the one my brother struggled to get me on! Loops and vertical drops happen at a regular moments. As you're moving upside down its relentless and feels like it's never going to end. This was the first time I saw that if you wanted to sit at the front you had to stand in the right section. I was perfectly happy in the middle.

            Quantum-A bit like the boat type rides you get which swings up but all the way around. It's also in one compartment so would of been the best place to start when you first got there. It isn't the most thrilling but this means you don't get the sense of dread as you're waiting to get on.

            The above are the ones that I actually went on but there is also a section for younger people and sick inducing rides which rotate continually. When you have problems with motion sickness I have a good excuse to stand back and watch. On some occasions photos are available of what you look like as you've got your eyes shut or maybe mouths wide open in terror. These would cost you about £12 but you can see them beforehand on the screens though so if you don't want to pay at least you can have a quick laugh at your expressions.

            I can't say a bad word about Thorpe Park. A combination of rides it's thrilling and can feel you with fear just looking as you hear people screaming-yes even the men! As you wait in each line you can't help but feel nervous, even more so when you're in place and you can see what is awaiting you. Although plenty of us were absoloutly terrified by the time we got off each ride we were all smiling, maybe some in relief, and confessing that although scared it was very enjoyable.

            Food wise it can be expensive - £1.70 for a bottle of coke. There is a Burger King and a KFC which have lesser prices although as me and my brother discovered don't leave it till the last minute. Pop in at just before 5pm and you'll find that you won't get a lot of choice, if they're still open at all. Hot Dog stands, doughnut stalls and other mini cafes are all over the place so you do have a lot of choice.

            You can make a whole day out of this if you go there at the right time. Open from 10-5pm they don't suddenly throw you out but they do start to wind down so if you're going to use the shuttle bus you need to get their reasonably early. It can get really cramped otherwise. We managed to go on a lot of the rides but had it of been at the weekend, summer months or at the weekend we'd probably have been on less. I've read that some people have had to wait up to 2 hours to get on a ride but the longest we stood around for was about 5 minutes.

            Buying your tickets online will cost you £26 for an adult and £19.50 for a child, on the day prices are £38 for adult and £24 for a child. A significant difference. You also have the choice of 2 day tickets as well as discount prices if you're going in a group. All of these details can be found at www.thorpepark.com

            With all this is mind I had such a good day despite my in trepidation as we watched other people lurching about looking very pale skinned as they got off. Duly note that if you can, do try and keep your head back if you are told to otherwise you will end up with a sore neck the next. I can blame Rush for mine!

            A brilliant day out for thrill seekers with plenty to see and do.


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              01.09.2010 23:13
              Very helpful



              a great day out catering for all the family.

              a fantastic place to go for people of all ages. It is so diverse and is a day that will provide you your family and friends with so many memories.
              I still remeber visiting when I was about 7 years old and going on the spinning fish rides.
              there are loads of great rides and roller coasters, especially there new editions the saw ride, which is very clever and also a great roller coaster, where the scene is set from when you enter the warehouse right through the pre ride where there are a few clever twist to trick you and then onto the screaming roller coaster which has a reasonable size drop and then onto loops etc. however some younger children may find the start of this ride scary also squimish people may not like this either. But make sure you get to this one early as there is often a long que.
              another great ride is stealth, exilerating and great for adreniline junkies even if it does only last a very short period of time, it is definatly worth it even if you only wish to experience it once.
              An old classic which has to be riden is the loggers leap, but beware you are likely to get a little wet. however its a great one if you have young ones as it's a reaonably low height description, you are also able to have a great family picture taken!!
              There are loads of great other rides to go on whether you like wet one; the tidal wave is great if you want to get soaked or if you want to take your luck on the river rapids where you share a round boat and there is a change that some one will get a little wet as you face the raging rapids.
              If you like roller coasters there is a fair few each with there best bits to impress you; amount of loops, height or speed.
              for the children there is a great selection all placed in a close vacinity of each other to make them easier to find and swap between.
              Fianally one for everyone the careosal, with a selection of bobbing horses or stationary rides, there is something for every one to enjoy.
              On top of this there are many restaraunts including fast food along with the more healthy options.
              There's various shops to allow you to purchase a range of gift items and many of the rides to a picture which you can purchase to provide you with a memory of your great day.
              Things to consider: there are many ways of purchasing cheaper tickets at the time of writing; 2 for 1 avaliable when you purchase items from some shops. some websites on line also provide this discount service. I believe you are also able to purchase tickets with tesco clubcard vouchers.
              You are able to visit the park for a second time for cheaper and you can sign up for this on the day ( there are people advertising this at the park).
              Lastly fright night created for a halloween experience is a great night and day if you wish to go early, however many of the special offers do not run in conjuntion with this event. It is also often extrememly packed and after visiting on a few occassion it left me very disappointed that i was unable to get on many rides or the special mazes that they set up for this occassion.
              Also if you are going to visit Thorpe park again or one of the other Merlin attractions including alton towers, lego land, chesington, the London eye and many other attractions in the same year it may be worth investing in a Merlin pass.


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              01.09.2010 02:35
              Very helpful




              We have just recently been to Thorpe park for my husbands 30th. There was 10 of us in total. Within our group was our daughter Maddie who is nearly 5 and a disabled friend that can't walk and therefore is a wheelchair.

              I had to well plan this trip to make sure all of us get to London in time for when the park opened and also make sure that we all have a good day. I looked up on their website to make sure there was rides for Maddie and enough to keep her entertained and also research wheelchair facilities.

              I phoned them up in the end as the disabled guide was horrendous and din't make much sense. The lady I spoke to was pleasant and helpful but not enough for what we needed to know. A man was suppose to phone me back but never did. With work and hiring and getting the money together I totally forgot anyway!

              When we arrived the park was packed and it wasn't even school holidays, saying that it was a hot sunny Saturday?! We queued up for roughly 50 minutes with no weather shelter and no air! The music was loud and keeping your mind of how hot it was.

              When we got to the ticket office the huge speakers were right above us and she could barely hear us and nearly charged me half the price more! She knew of our disabled friend as she explained that we needed to show his blue badge on the way out so we didn't need to pay for our £2 parking. She however did not inform us of a reception where we go to get information about disabled help.

              When we got in we were all so overwhelmed by the amount that was there! It sure has changed to when I went there 13 years ago.
              We divided ourselves up and my husbands sisters went of with Maddie and the rest of us went to challenge what was ahead of us.

              They have tester seats at the beginning of the queues which are for overweight or big chested people. I of course tried these as I am overweight. The seats be warned are rubbish as I could fit in the tester ones easily but after 80 minutes of queuing for colossus I was embarrassed to find out that I didn't fit by a stupid millometre!!
              Its my own fault but that embarrassment could of been dealt with before I got on the ride if the tester seats were correct.

              We then walked around and had some lunch in the Calyso BBQ bar which was cheap and tasty.

              Our disabled friend wanted to watch a stunt show that was there that weekend while we went on another ride.

              We next found Nemesis inferno which was brilliant I forgot how good rides were! Oh yes I fitted in this one! This ride your legs are dangling and your going at full speed around above the park. I did feel light headed when I got off this ride.

              We caught up with the other members and my daughter has had a great time on the beach they have there and the flying fish. Myself and my husband took her on loggers leap. Loggers leap is a log flume that is quite scary for small children. The first part of the ride you go up in a dark tunnel and go back down in dark so that creeped up on you! There is a much bigger flume that goes at some force so make sure you hold on tight! When we got off we were soaked and we all loved it and found it great fun. We did go on it earlier that day and there was 5 of us (adults) and we were squashed but boy was it a laugh!

              Last of all we went into saw maze. We spoke to the staff at the start of the queue line and they said that 2 could only get in with our disabled friend. Well 3 of them manage to go in with him. Myself and my friend were left to queue in a small, trapped queue again no shelter for sun or rain.
              We watch them go in and come out and we still had 10 minutes left in the queue. When we did go in it was scary, pitch black and smoky. I was first in our group which meant that I got to guide the group around. This was horrible! I was first to get pounced on, it was bad enough to try and find a door! Towards the end I couldn't take it any more and just ran out. I am not a person to be scared and thought it would be rubbish but I can honestly say I was pooping myself!

              From being there at 10am till 6pm that was all we had time for! We missed stealth, saw and a lot more.
              We were so disappointed that we couldn't do half the amount of stuff there. Our disabled friend was gutted that the stuff he thought that he could go on from looking at the disabled guide himself on the website he couldn't!

              When I complained to them about this they didn't care. They didn't care that they charged more for a disabled than a child and Maddie went on loads and all he could do was the saw live!

              Overall I was gutted. I would recommend to go in cooler months so that it would be quieter and maybe go in the week.

              If you are disabled or have a disabled friend make sure you phone and get to speak to someone that knows what they are talking about!

              I hope this has been helpful, thanks for reading :-)


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                31.08.2010 15:31
                Very helpful



                A fantastic fun filled exciting day out!!

                I have just come back from the ''Great Thorpe Park'' and have to say that yes it was really really great!!

                Based in Chertsey it is a well known amusement park which caters for all the family.

                I think that going to a park like this you will need to be prepared (and no I wasn't) and so this review is not only my opinion but to give you a little bit of a heads up on how it all works.

                Ticket prices in my opinion are pretty costly. For an adult ticket it costs £38.00 per person and for a child (below the age of 12) it is £24.00

                If you go in a group or book online you will make big savings. For example if you book online it decreases by £15.00 and for a child £18.00.

                However I found the best way to make big savings is to go online to many of the super saving places or discount offers where they have vouchers as sundry.

                I got a couple of cut out vouchers on the off chance from The Sun and got buy one get one free. Then in Burger King I got a half price voucher when I ordered a large meal.

                I went on Saturday of the bank holiday weekend and I knew it would be busy, but I really wasn't ready for the crowds that were heaving.

                I took my godson of 14 and his pal of 13 and we set off at 9.30 (shockingly they were both dressed and ready when I went to collect them!!)

                We travelled from East Croydon and got 2 trains to Staines and then when we arrived at Staines you can either take a shuttle bus which takes you directly there or you can share a cab if there are a few of you.

                As it seemed like the whole world and his hand all decided to go on Saturday when we arrived at Staines there was no chance of us getting on either the first or second shuttle bus.

                As we stood contemplating what to do we were approached by a family of 5 who asked if we would like to share a cab. It was a space cruiser type of thing and it seated all of us in quite comfortably.

                The shuttle bus worked out to be £3.00 for adults and £2.00 for kids (no age restrictions) but we only paid £6.00 in the cab (so we saved a whopping whole £1.00)

                We arrived at Thorpe Park and the queue was spiraling around in about 15 lanes and it seemed that the entrance was buried. Dismally we joined the queue and I was worried that the moaning would begin. Shortly after joining however we were blasted with music coming from the entrance. Capital Radio had been sponsoring some events there and helpfully had left their sound machine there so that the queuing seemed to go through smoothly with people jigging and singing in the queue. (I know they say we Brits like to queue and after being there for over ½ an hour I can totally agree with that)

                After making the boys pose for photos on the bridge they wanted to sprint off and go on the scariest rides straight away. I had to be the strict godmother and tell them that no we needed to make a plan.

                So we decided that after getting our free map of the park that we would make our way round strategically and go on a mixture of rides but after we had spent £57.00 that we would make sure we got as much out of the park as we could.

                The rides I have to say were absolutely awesome. There are many many rides in the park and you have a great choice. They are categorized as Extreme Thrills, Thrilling and Fun and Young Thrill Seekers.

                As the boys are both in that teenage bracket we were headed straight for the extreme rides. I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with them or that my heart would keep up more to the point!!

                We decided to go on Nemesis Inferno first. It is described as the coaster from Hell. Well we queued for over ½ an hour (we decided not to buy the fastrack ticket option which is basically where you don't queue). It was a rollercoaster which lasted probably around 3 minutes.
                It was fast and furious and flung me around enough to generate a slight scream and to get my heart and head racing.

                As we staggered off I could see from the glee in the boy's eyes that we were on to a winner.

                So off we ran to a slightly calmer Rumba Rapids. A huge circular sort of rubber ring type affair that gently eased round a path of water. It was mildly exciting and we bumped from side to side of the man made river and got a slight splash. But it was nice and relaxing but I could see that the boys were in need of more thrills and spills.

                Next we headed off to Vortex. I squeezed my tall self into a small silvery type circular pod and had my godson in front. I did pre warn him that I may scream to which he said it will be ok.....well it wasn't. It takes you up and then basically spins you round and about for a few minutes then plonks you back down again...and yes I screamed...

                Then we went to Rush. A huge massive great swing thing that basically swings you up to the highest point you can go without going all the way over the top and then back to the other side. It took my breath away and I actually felt really scared on this ride. Basically because there is no where really to hold on. You have a sort of plastic chunky thing over your nether regions and a bar...when you are being swung you feel like you could come out at any moment. It didn't help that my godson told me that the nets at the side of the ride where to catch you if you fell out!!

                Next we went on the Detonator. They call it countdown to Terror and I can hand on heart say terror is the exact word to use. You are lifted up to a height of 100 feet and then after a few seconds (well what seemed like loads of seconds) you are plummeted to the ground at 45mph....This freaked me out too and I am sure the whole park heard my stifled scream on the way down.

                After all that excitement and several hours of queuing I needed a glass of wine and a fag...but then I remembered that I was with the kids and this was supposed to be fun!!

                Don't get me wrong it was amazing fun but also scared the beejeesus out of me at the same time.

                So we decided to calm ourselves down wander round the park and also get something to eat. There are loads of places to eat and a mixture of food choice but it aint cheap. We queued for Pizza Hut but they wanted £7.99 per person and on reflection I didn't think that would be a good idea as it would be too heavy. The hot dogs were £4.00 each plus an extra £2.50 for drinks. Don't get me wrong it isn't hugely expensive but I hadn't brought that much cash out with me. We settled for Burger King Meal for £4.00 each.

                Deciding it wouldn't be a good idea to go on any rides we ambled round the arcade section. The boys loved it. All that you expect from an indoors arcade. Slot machines, 10p machines, dance mat, fighting, you name it they had it. With every game you play (varying from 10p - £1.00) you get tokens and then you can exchange the tokens for a prize. The prizes aren't much cop unless you have over 1,000 tokens and you would probably end up spending well over £20.00 to earn that anyway so you may as well just go to a toy store and treat the kids that way. With the tokens we earnt we still managed to get a couple of yo yos and some sweets.

                Next we went to the outdoor games. Again most of these are £1.00 and believe me it soon adds up. We had darts games, fishing, basketball, football...honestly really was a lot there to see and do. This entertained them for over an hour but cost me a small fortune.

                Deciding that we had spent enough and needed to be scared again we headed off to the Tidal Wave. Now I have been on these log flume rides (I remember Chessington a few years back) so I have to admit I was pretty nonchalant about it all. So as we approached the ride I suppose I didn't quite notice the height of it....It is 85ft up!! And you get absolutely drenched. It was scary but so much fun at the same time. We weren't prepared at all and hadn't brought any other clothes. We were drenched and luckily the sun was out and we managed to get dry. For those people who like me didn't bring any spare clothes they have a drying booth. Just a little box type mini heater really (£1.00 for 5 mins drying time)

                Sopping still a little we then decided to go on Stealth. It goes from 0-80mph in under 2 seconds and you are launched 205 feet high. This ride we queued for the longest. Over 90 minutes we were there...I almost gave up and told the boys we weren't going to go but I had to do it. In the queue you make yourself all paranoid and as you are under the ride you start to look and hear noises and see the height and you actually can feel the adrenaline before you even get on it...Needless to say I did. I got stuck as the 2 boys were so eager that they jumped in along with most of the queue and I ended up with a little 10 year old girl on the last carriage. She bounced into the seat and asked me if I was scared. Yes I replied a little embarrassed to which she told me I would be alright.
                Well you are catapulted through this ride and the speed I can't even begin to tell you really does shock you. I was full of adrenaline and screamed the hardest since arriving at the park. When I got off the ride I had to sit down. I felt really dizzy and totally overwhelmed by it. But I have to say it was totally worth queuing

                So after all that...yes we still had more to go on....next it was saw. Time was ticking on and the boys had been dreaming about this ride. So we bombed on over to the ride only to be told there were technical difficulties and the ride was shut for now.
                I thought both of them were going to cry so I swiftly directed them towards Colossus in the hope they would forget Saw at least for a while. With only an hour left until the park closed we queued for the next ride. By this point as the temperature of the day was going and a lot of people had started heading home we jumped on the ride in less than 20 minutes. But I have to say I hated it. It's a rollercoaster which does 10 vertical loops and you are hurtled through this corkscrew of a ride.
                The reason I didn't like it was because of my head. It was being flung around in all directions and my head kept hitting the side of the support in the ride. So when I got off my neck and head felt like I'd been in a fight...

                After that ride I have to say it was 7.15pm the park shut at 8 and I said to the boy's ok once last try to see if Saw is open. They bounded off and I heard them screaming with excitement. As I rounded the corner they joined yet another queue. I couldn't complain though this was the one ride they hadn't wanted to go on the whole day. (Thank the lord it had opened)
                So we queued and I was getting worried as it was then 7.45 and we were only half way and I thought they will shut the park and all this queuing would have been for nothing. Luckily the owners of Thorpe Park announced to us all that the ride would remain open until we had all been on it...Yippee...

                As I entered the ride (I won't ruin it by telling you about the inside) I was already peeing my pants. The guy in Saw freaks me out anyway so I knew that the ambiance and all the little tricks they do before you start the ride will get you in the mood to be totally scared.....

                The first ever horror movie themed ride and I have to say probably the scariest ride I have ever been on. It had a vertical drop of 100 degrees and then a fall of over 100 feet and 3 inversions all I can say is I swore screamed cried and laughed all in the space of 5 minutes. The funniest part was that at the end of it unbeknown to me that the whole time I was on the ride that they record you. I did wonder what the little button in front of me was for and now I know it was for that!! They play a few seconds of it when you exit the ride and you have the chance to buy it on DVD for £12.00 which I know is pretty costly but well worth it for the fun factor!!!

                Overall I have to say this was one of the best days out I have had in a very long time.
                It was thrills and spills all the way and I totally enjoyed myself and so did the boy's.

                The best tip I can give you is;

                Be prepared to get soaked and bring a spare set of clothes with you

                Bring lots of change to pay for:
                Lockers to put your stuff in during the day (£1.00)
                Rides that aren't free (i.e. £5.00 per non advertised ride, £1-£3 for other non advertised rides)
                Food (£4.00- £8.00 per person - at least)
                Drinks (£1.00- £6.00 - refillable all day)
                Games/Arcades (£1.00-£3.00 per game)
                Outside Games (i.e. Football, basketball etc £1.00 per game)


                THORPE PARK is situated between junctions 11 and 13 of the M25. (Access from Junction 12 of the M25 is not possible).
                THORPE PARK
                Staines Road
                KT16 8PN
                Accessible by rail or road or bus it is a very straight forward journey. There is plenty of parking (Inc Disabled bays) and if you need instructions on travel you can go to the parks website www.thorpepark.co.uk

                The opening times vary from 10am-5pm. 9.30am-6pm, 9.30am-8pm and 10am-10pm dependant upon what date you go. Again you can check these details on the website.

                A last thing to tell you on a few of the rides they take your photograph as you scream yell laugh whatever tickles your fancy on a ride and you can then get a memento. This is in the form of key rings, magnets, mugs, t shirts or DVDS. Prices range from £3.00- £12.00 or you can buy a photo pass which is £20.00 and is valid for a year; this entitles you to 4 photos, key rings or magnets.

                Overall I would have to say this is a fantastic day out. Not for the faint hearted unless you go on the smaller rides and one for all the family. Top day out!!!


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                  19.08.2010 17:21
                  Very helpful



                  My favourite theme park to date.

                  *also on ciao under username kayleaf*

                  For the first twenty years of my life I lived in the middle of Hampshire and on a few occasions has the luxury of going to Thorpe Park. Sometimes this was part of a school trip, sometimes a family fun day out and on one occasion we were able to get free entry as my Dad's work hosted a function day there.

                  I've always loved theme parks although I've only had the pleasure of going to Thorpe Park, Chessington and Disney Land in Paris. Pretty good going but Alton Towers is next on my list, oh, and Disney World in Florida when I win the lottery. Despite always enjoying them I've had a fear of roller coasters as I'm not particularly a fan of being suspended in the air or going upside-down, however I did manage to conquer this fear a few years back, barely, but I still get nervous before a ride, no matter how small it is. I think I started getting a little worried when I was at the West Midlands Safari Park and was waiting to go on the Twister coaster...I'm a real big wimp, but I love them all the same.

                  Thorpe Park

                  Thorpe Park is located in Chertsey, Surrey and is easily accessible by train and bus. It is situated between Junctions 11 and 13 and according to the website is not accessible from Junction 12 on the M25 - I don't drive, so I don't know if this is obvious but that is where it is! The train route is fairly simple, you simply get to Staines and there is a direct bus service to and from Thorpe Park which runs all day. For any using the South West Trains service, there is currently an offer where each person can save a total of £8.50 off the train ticket, bus fare and entrance ticket. The combined rail and entry ticket is £30.50. For more information on this offer, here is the website:

                  Thorpe Park is owned by the Merlin group and is a part of the Merlin Annual Pass - something well worth it if you frequent the theme parks around the UK, some of the London attractions, Warwick Castle and Sea World. It is described as 'The Nations Thrill Capital' and I think that fits the park perfectly because it's really targeted at thrill seekers. They run seasonal events throughout the year and have a huge selection of rides, restaurants and shops on site. They also run some really great offers and discounts on their website so you can get cheaper tickets for cheaper days out. Something to watch out for are the booklet of offers which are sometimes in the paper or you can get whilst shopping because they offer 2-for-1 entry, a great bargain if going in a small group of between 4-6 people as you end up paying around £20 each, which sounds expensive but it's better than paying the full whack £39 price.

                  Suitable For

                  Thorpe Park can still make a great day out for families but I would recommend it to families with older children as for a good portion of the rides you need to be over 1.4m in height and I know how frustrating it can be when you go somewhere and then can't actually go on anything because you're not quite tall enough. Thorpe Park focuses much more on thrill seekers and older riders so if you've got younger children or not a fan of the big rides I would recommend Chessington World of Adventures as it is much more family focused. This makes a great day out for large groups of friends, college and school trips.


                  I was lucky enough to be able to attend a function a few years ago at Thorpe Park with my Dad's work and it was a fantastic experience. The staff took care of our food and drink needs, drinks were available all day (for free) and included a good range of hot and cold drinks. There was also a buffet style three course meal which was very tasty. The best thing about this function was the fact that we got into the park for free and also got a few free fast-passes each so we could queue jump. There were a few families there that came with us that needed to leave a little earlier and they gave us some extra fast passes. This meant we were able to keep going on rides without having to queue up for ages. This was obviously a business function but I imagine for other functions, if Thorpe Park sounds like your kind of place they would probably host a similar event for you.

                  The Park

                  Thorpe Park is a fairly big place so stick together if you're going in a group because it can be quite easy to get lost as it seems to have expanded to fit in all the extra rides. As soon as you enter the park its thrill rides left, right and centre, as well as the odd gentle ride added into the mix. It's not a case of the big rides all hosted together, they are dotted all across the park. There are signs across the park to see the waiting times for the rides and inside the main cafe where the photo collection point is, the first place you are thrown into when you enter the park, there is a place to purchase fast passes. If it is particularly busy and you haven't pre-ordered these I highly recommend purchasing them because otherwise you could end up wasting your entire visit waiting to get on your favourite rides. There is an option to pre-order these with your entrance tickets so you can get on a few of the rides quickly and there is a selection to choose from depending on your ride preference.

                  There is, also, the option to go during the off-peak seasons, I've found these are best during the week days, not during the school holidays or half terms as you can usually get away with not purchasing fast pass tickets - however, this is another factor that will deter families from visiting as it will be during the school day.

                  Thorpe Park has a selection of record breaking and innovative rides such as Colossus, Saw the Ride & Maze, Stealth, Rush and of course the infamous Tidal Wave. Alton Tower's' sister Nemesis, Nemesis Inferno is also situated at Thorpe Park and is probably my favourite ride there. These rides all include jaw dropping heights; multiple loop-the-loops and horror-movie inspired designed coasters. Other thrill seeking rides include Samurai - another personal favourite, Detonator, Slammer and one of those horrible Pirate Boat ships that make you feel like you're going to fall out of your seat...*gulp*. It is also home to a backwards, sci-fi themed rollercoaster that is in complete darkness and has flashing lights - so not suitable for anyone that may have a condition that is affected by this. It's a great way to scare you silly and a great way to test your thrill-seeking fears.

                  There are also a host of gentle rides including the Teacups, the Flying Fish and a Carousel. Arcade type amusements can be found around the park and there are plenty of places to eat and drink including Burger King, Pizza Hut, Cafe Nero and some of the best doughnut stores, apart from Krispy Kremes, that I've had. All in all it does make a great day out but places like these often cost a lot more than they do outside the park so it may be worth considering taking a picnic as there are plenty of seating and grassy area's for you to enjoy a cheaper option.

                  Final Thoughts

                  After careful consideration this still remains my favourite theme park to date, however I haven't had the chance to visit them all. I enjoy the big scary roller coasters but understand that these are not for everyone and definitely think that Chessington is a fantastic alternative for a family day out. Parking has always been pretty good when I've been and the train and bus route has always been fairly simple. Thorpe Park is getting to be more and more expensive because of all the extra rides and features they keep bringing in. If you really want to splash out and can afforded the upgraded ticket prices I would highly recommend getting an ultimate fast track pass on Halloween, or during the 'Fright Night' season which is an advanced tickets only because it is so popular, as the park is open until late and has a variety of spooky Halloween themed attractions and gives you the thrill of riding the rides at night. However, purchased online with an ultimate fast pass ticket (lets you beat the queues on all nine fast track accepting rides all day long) is £88 per person - pretty expensive especially when you add in things like food and drink, but completely worth it if you want a truly frightening experience. Of course, you could always have a look at getting the Merlin Annual Pass if you visit these places a lot as it will save you a nice bundle. The annual passes are £150 per person and include entry, with a few restrictions, all year around to all of the Merlin Entertainment attractions including Thorpe Park. The renewal price is £100 per person and they have a variety of family offers as well.


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                  14.08.2010 21:30
                  Very helpful
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                  Great day out for thrill seekers!

                  I visited Thorpe Park for the first time today. I had never been before but everyone else that I went with had! Thorpe Park is a theme park situated in Surrey. I have always seen it as more of an adult theme park than a theme park for families as a lot of the rides have height restrictions that will not allow younger children to go on.

                  *Finding the park*
                  The park is close to the M25 and you can access the park either by leaving at Junction 11 or Junction 13, for some reason you cannot get to the park from Junction 12! You then simply follow the brown signs for Thorpe Park, it is easy to find and probably only took us 5 minutes after coming off of the motorway. If you have a sat nav the postcode is KT16 8PN.

                  You can also get to the park using public transport. Thorpe Park offers a shuttle bus service from the nearest train station (Staines).

                  *Arriving at the park*
                  We arrived just as everyone else was so it was quite busy, however we were parked and out of the car within 5 minutes of entering the gate. You are directed where to park and it is worth trying to remember where you parked as the car park is not split into sections so you just have to use your sense of direction to get back! To park at Thorpe Park it costs £2 per day however if you are disabled or are an annual pass holder it is free.

                  You are then directed towards the entrance to the park which is hard to miss as it is so big and bright! Now heres the stupid part - the queues for tickets weren't long at all, however you had to walk a good 5 minutes through barriers put out just incase it did get really busy!

                  Once you have bought your tickets you just go on through and scan them to get through the turnstyles. If you have already purchased your tickets and printed them at home or you have an annual pass there is no need to queue up and instead you can go straight through to the turnstyles. If you see a map at the entrance it's a good idea to grab one as we struggled all day without a map because we couldn't find one anywhere!

                  *The rides*
                  Now as I said before most of the rides are 'big rides' and are therefore aimed at thrill seekers. I will go through a few of the rides here, telling you in more detail about them:

                  Saw: The Ride: This rollercoaster is based on the film series of the same name and is this years big attraction to the park. It has been described as the scariest rollercoaster yet and I can see why! It has a beyond vertical drop of 100 degrees where you will fall over 100 feet. My partner never gets scared on rides but even he admitted he was unsure about this one! I really would recommend watching this ride go round a few times before going on it yourself however it is worth noting the ride goes inside aswell as out! To ride this you must be over 1.4m and it is not recommended for those under 12.

                  Stealth: 0-80mph in under 2 seconds! This rollercoaster is based on a racing car because of its speed. It is similar to Rita at Alton Towers, however Stealth drops you from 205 feet in the air! This ride is very thrilling and is over within seconds! To ride on Stealth you must be 1.4m tall.

                  Colossus: This was the worlds first ten looping rollercoaster! It also is the only rollercoaster in the UK which has 4 corkscrews. The ride is quite fast and fun but is probably not for those who don't enjoy being chucked about or being upside down too much. To ride you must be 1.4m tall.

                  Tidal Wave: This is basically a flume. However, the carriage is bigger, the drop is steeper and you will get much much wetter! It has an 85 foot plunge and the splash created at the end is immense getting everyone on the ride (and a lot of people off of the road) soaked through! This is very fun! To ride you must be 1.2m tall.

                  Rumba Rapids: These are rapids just like those at other Merlin venues such as Alton Towers and Legoland. You will be tossed about and whirled around. This is a ride which the whole family can enjoy, minimum height is 1.1m.

                  Aswell as all of the rides mentioned above you also have Nemesis Inferno, Saw Alive, Rush, Samurai, Vortex, Slammer and the Detonator!

                  If you do have younger children then there are 10 attractions for younger families including a railway, a carousel and a play park.

                  *Food/Drink and Shopping*
                  There are plenty of places to eat in the park however if you would prefer to take a picnic you can. As there are so many different places to go it isn't usually too busy, we went in a noodle bar at 1pm today and for a while we were the only people in there! Prices tend to vary with some places being quite expensive and others not so bad. For example, you can expect to pay £4.99 for some noodles or £1.70 for a portion of traditional chips.

                  Outlets around the park include KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King and you will also find places serving traditional fish and chips, hot dogs, pancakes and doughnuts.

                  A lot of the rides have individual shops selling their merchandise, however there is also a large shop near the entrance which sells a bit of everything! Again prices vary, expect to pay £4.00 for a medal, £1.50 for a pen and £5.00 for a large pick and mix.

                  *Overall Opinion*
                  I enjoyed my day here but I will be honest, I didn't go on too many of the rides! This is definitely a place for those who like the big and scary rides. I wouldn't take younger children here as in my eyes its simply not worth the entrance fee, I would rather take them to Chessington where there is something for everyone. However, Thorpe Park is brilliant for teenagers and adults and it seems to be very popular with groups of both teenagers and adults. We saw various stag and hen parties during the day enjoying themselves.

                  Queuing time is much the same as any other theme park really, you can expect to queue for around 30 minutes on most things. However, Saw the ride gets very busy. When we arrived the queue time said 70 minutes but it was more like 110! Even when we left the queue time hadn't been changed so I thought that was a bit unfair on those wanting to ride it.

                  The park was clean and tidy and I saw various members of staff picking up litter throughout the day. The toilets were clean and the food outlets were also clean and kept tidy. All of the members of staff were polite and friendly and there was always plenty about if you should need help.

                  So would I visit again? Yes, but only because I have a Merlin Annual Pass! I am not a fan of the bigger rides and therefore I would prefer to go elsewhere, however if you do prefer the bigger rides then this is certainly the place to be!

                  *Prices/Opening Times*
                  Currently prices are as follows, however there are almost always some 2 for 1 vouchers being given out somewhere so it is worth trying to get hold of one of these first!
                  Adult: £38
                  Child: £24
                  Family: £102
                  Senior: £25

                  Throughout August the park is open 9:30am until 8pm. These times change depending on season so it is worth checking the website before you leave.

                  A theme park aimed at older children and adults. Plenty to do here for thrill seekers!


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                    09.08.2010 15:01
                    Very helpful



                    Overall brilliant day and would recommend

                    After reviewing Alton Towers a couple of days ago I thought I should do Thorpe Park also as I class this as the second best theme park in the UK. Thorpe Park is situated in Surrey and the grounds it is on are well maintained which is always a plus to see as a visiter.

                    Myself and a few friends decided to go here on the basis of good things being said about it. Also it had the stealth and we just had to try that ride out. Just like Alton Towers it is a nice play which is more than suitable to walk around freely as it is very well kept and staff are always on hand to assist you.

                    Main Ride

                    The main ride when I was at Thorpe Park was Stealth and in my opinion it is a very close second in rides from the UK. You will face an agonising wait to get right to the top and once your there you see absoloutly nothing till you come crashing down at ridiculous speeds. Anyone who loves speed will have to try this ride out.

                    Other Rides

                    The other rides at Thorpe Park which I think are worthwhile of mentioning would be Nemesis Inferno and Colossus. Both of these rides are excellent and Colossus is just loop after loop after loop. I know that the Saw Ride is their now and that looks amazing so I look forward to trying that out also.


                    At the park you will find enough places to eat and drink and my favourite was the big KFC just outside of the little arcade games. It is located very well I believe and even though the places like KFC are always pretty packed it is what you have to expect when you are going to a theme park I think.


                    Overall as I said I think it is the 2nd best theme park in the UK and with us only paying £10 a person due to discount's which are very easy to find it was a bargain. For that price you get to have yourself a fun and eventful day out even though you will end up spending excess money on thins like food and drink. You will probably also get suckered into the arcade games but it's all fun. Would definatley recommend for a group of friends or family. Brilliant day out


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                    03.08.2010 20:54



                    A really good theme park

                    I've just returned from a few days down South and during my break I visited Thorpe Park with the family.

                    I've been to Florida a number of times and love the theme parks there so I was a bit concerned as to how Thorpe Park would stack up against those.

                    I bought a 2 day family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids) online for £96 which was good value. However, the tickets need to printed from home and taken to the park and the email has still not arrived, even thought I been on holiday and am back. However, I took the confirmation email with me and the girl at the ticket booth was extremely helpful.

                    The park itself can actually be done in a day, although you might need to pay extra for the fastpass tickets during busier times of the year. These tickets get you near to the front of the queues for the rides and are a really good idea. To be fair, we didn't have these and managed to do all of the rides without to much queuing over the two days we went.

                    The rides are very good, particularly Stealth and Colossus. Although not as good as the majority of the Florida theme parks the rides stood up pretty well.

                    The park itself is well laid out and is kept very tidy. It reminded me a lot of the Universal parks and I was really impressed. Also, there are loads of good places to eat in the park and they were fairly reasonable.

                    I think anyone who enjoys rollercoaster's would enjoy this park and it was a great place to get a fix until I next go to Florida.


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                    05.06.2010 13:06
                    Very helpful



                    Perhaps a Zoo next?

                    Thrill and chill

                    It's not all about fast, exciting, grip onto your big brother rides - Thorpe Park has many attractions, though you have to pay dearly for the pleasures!

                    Whenever you see the televised advertisements for Thorpe Park, it is mostly about their biggest and most thrilling rides such as the Colossal (American Yellowstone has it's own unique version) or the latest gory Saw, so you never really get to know of the lesser exciting attractions, the Park executives assume that the rides will be the first port of call, which they are for many, but families also need other entertainment, they want to chill and relax and not just be thrown into space by a whirling great spin, but to see what else the 500 acre park provides.

                    ~~~~Location and other information~~~~~

                    Located in Chertsey in Surrey, it is a bit of the beaten tracks if you are not going by car, though Surrey is renowned for its generous tourists sign-posting, whichever direction you are coming from, you will be notified pretty instant of how to get there, just follow the large malt brown signs. From the center of Woking for instance, it is roughly a 20 minute drive (7 mile radius) or 20 miles from the center of London with lots of transport links if you are getting there by train.

                    Parking is not free - something I discovered when I last went there and costs £2.00, though there is no time limit on this, so you can use it until the park closes. It is only free is you are disabled or have a disabled passenger. There are also bike racks if you cycle, though the Park has been known in the past to have them stolen and because there are no surveillance cameras located in the Car park, just the main office ones, so are manned, but may not always be on the look out if they are sitting watching what is happening elsewhere!

                    Something you will not fail to notice is the dampness of the ground if you are not wearing any footwear - It was built 30 years ago on the site of a gravel pit which was partially flooded at the time and the idea was that, it could be turned into a water-themed park, though this would have compromised the safety regulations of the rides' root security if they hadn't abolished the idea after the 70s. The park has undergone so many transformations over time, not just with the rides, but a re-theming of attractions including Space Station Zero and the flying fish, still there today.

                    ~~~~~Entry fees~~~~~~

                    Two adults: £75.00. £38.00 per person (this includes weekdays and weekends) though there is the option of saving 50% if there are two of you going on a Sunday if you book online in advance, so you only then pay £38.00 under the 2 for 1 Sunday's scheme.

                    For a family of four, it is £96.00 on the day or £88.00 if you book in advance, though have no idea of how much it would come to if you have more or less than two children. You would perhaps have to pay the £24 fee for each child over the age of 12 and £18.00 if they are older than 12, which I think is really disgusting because children aren't technically adults until they reach the age of 18. Disabled people can get in for a fraction of the price at £16.00.

                    Groups always get the best deals wherever they go and are eligible for massive discounts because that means more money they can spend on the Park's other attractions, eating there and all their merchandise - something that the park can take advantage of the profits made during the holiday seasons. There are also annual passes if you go on a regular basis throughout the year, which may work out cheaper in the whole scheme of things and are something like £80 plus, depending on how many there are of you.

                    ~~~~~~The Rides~~~~~~~~

                    I will begin here because this is perhaps what many of you will be eager to find out before reading the what other attractions the park has to offer.

                    Without question, the development and introduction of the impressively SAW, a fast and furious freefall drop, is the most popular of ride, so expect to find yourself queuing for something like an hour behind 200 other people!. I prefer the LOGGERS LEAP - 50 foot log flume, but is not in one piece, so is really 25 foot from one slant to the other. Taking a change of clothes and a towel is advisable otherwise you won't be able to go any other rides as they won't allow you to go on anything else if you are dripping soaking wet. Other exciting rides include, the NEMISIS INFERNO, a twister of a roller coaster but nothing like the COLLOSAL, which is a multi-looping rollercoaster with is reported to have a record breaking 10 inversions - I would not recommend a child of 12 on this thing as it really is a very lightening speed ride with gut-wrenching effects at the end!

                    The Stealth is terrific because its a really fast ride at 80pmh, but is safe enough for children younger than 12 to go on it as long as they are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. It's nowhere near as frightening as the Colossal that has been at the park since 2002, so is far older than some of the newer rides that by comparison, are less dynamic.

                    The No Way Out, is a boxed-in rollercoaster that travels backwards through the dark and is as scary as it promises to be, though far less so than you imagine because being in the unknown, cuts you off from what you can't see so you aren't anticipating to scream, but can't because you can't see anything ahead or behind.

                    I would honestly say that even though children as young as 12 can go on all these rides, I would not recommend all of them because children of this age have this smart thinking that they can handle anything their older sisters and brothers can, but you will be amazed at how many children this young, come out in floods of sweats and tears from all the advanced-thrills, I was overwhelmed by the hysterical cries and whimpering that went on last week.

                    When the park was taken over in 1998, by The Tussauds Group, also owner of Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, their intention was to make it more adult-themed for teenagers and young people, so not really a family day out kind of attraction. However, when I went, there were plenty of adults older than myself, in their forties and fifties, so was quite surprised at this, though many were with their children who wanted something more exciting than a trip to the zoo.

                    ~~~~ Other things to do ~~~~~~

                    Other than the rides, there are regular live shows, such as the latest bike stunt show coming this June, though every half-term, there is something new and in which families can enjoy together, so not just for groups of teenagers.

                    Lots of miniature scale rides and pleasures for children under the age of five, but are a bit more adventurous than you would expect to find at a fairground, with more interactive, team-working activities, so is educational on some level and not just merry-go rounding.

                    Lots of families enjoy water-themed activities, the park does have some of these even though not on the dangerously risky scale they had in the 1970s. The Rumba Rapids, for instance, is very exhilarating but something that the entire family can get involved, with massive inflated dinghy's that twists and spins round a path of waves and waterfalls, again, you will need towels and even a change of clothes if not wearing bathing suits.

                    If you want more water fun, then there is also the Tidal Wave (almost 90 ft drop) a merriment ferry boat does a bit of a guided tour in which aims to get you soaked! - I much preferred the version at Alton Towers that was fully jungle themed with mechanically operated Alligators and wild noise effects from lurking creatures.

                    They are also bringing back the Fright Night horror attractions, and possibly cinema-entertainment, so this will only give it more appeal and more value for money. Some places you can take your dog for a good run, but not in the actual Park ride premises, but just outside of it if you want to sit and have a picnic.

                    ~~~~~Munching Out~~~~~

                    Even if you want to just sit and have a picnic, there is a huge site, you can do this and saves money on spending on the premise's Sleepy Joe's American themed spare rib diner, Bush BBQ bar, Burger King and Hungry Pirates and goodness knows how many more restaurant and cafe outlets. Although these are all part of the overall Thorpe attraction, you will be expected to pay more for your meal than you would at any other high-street fast food service, so maybe it's best to grab some food beforehand from a local service and keep it warmed up inside some foil - It keeps it hot and fresh and saves paying 25% more on the Park's eating options.


                    Given that Thorpe Park is the third most visited amusement attraction in the UK, means that it is clearly doing something right to get as many visitors as it does and who are prepared to pay the price for going there. Personally I think that they could do with being a lot fairer to families on a budget instead of giving preferences just to groups and the disabled, but the most perplexing thing is that the rides are far too adult even for 12 year olds who think that they can brave them, so maybe they should review the age minimum or provide something alternative, so that there is something for everyone.


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                      18.05.2010 21:19



                      I would reccommend a trip to thorpe park to ANYONE.

                      Last year, I used to be totally and utterly scared of any form of rollercoaster (I was a wimp). It then came around that my friend got hold of some half price tickets for Thorpe park, so we decided to set a day to go there and off we went.

                      When we arrived at the park, the size of the rollercoaster's shocked me and as soon as we walked into the park, my friend insisted on making me go on the biggest ride in the park, Stealth. After being physically dragged by my friend onto the ride, I endured it and totally LOVED it!

                      I then spend a ton of money on another 3 trips to Thorpe park in the same month, and then a trip for a Thorpe park fright night on Halloween.

                      I would definitely recommend Thorpe Park to anyone, even if you don't like rollercoaster's at all - make sure you give it a try!

                      And if you are a rollercoaster lover, make sure you have a go on all of the biggest rides in the park! I would also recommend purchasing a fast pass, even though these are pretty pricey, this means you can cut down the queues dramatically!

                      Hope I helped :)


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                      12.05.2010 18:22
                      Very helpful



                      A really nice day out - going back soon

                      I waited about two weeks for the day that I was being taken out by my boyfriend (Andrew), he didn't tell me where we were going, but I just had this idea in my head it was going to be Thorpe Park and it was!

                      We went to Thorpe Park together about eight years ago and had a lovely day then, but it was not how I remembered it. Maybe my memory has faded but I thought it was pretty small back then, but nice, with just one main area central to most of the attractions.

                      Well when we got there I was suprised to see that the ticket entrance was absolutely packed. The first thing I said to Andrew was, "Maybe we should have gotten here earlier, as we are going to be queueing for half the day!" but we paid for our tickets and went into the park to the sound of pop music within about fifteen minutes, which was very satisfying. Tickets were £35 each which is more than Alton Towers but it is easy to travel to Thorpe Park for us.

                      The first thing we came to was a stand selling refillable Coca-Cola flasks which you can refill at any refill station in the park for free. Well, I didnt want one but Andrew just wanted to start spending so he got one and more on this subject later.....

                      We started with X:\No Way Out, a roller-coaster that takes you backwards and you are in complete darkness. I loved it! It was a great place to start as the queue was (only) 30 minutes long and it wasn't too intense, yet really fun.

                      Now he told me the reason for bringing me to Thorpe Park. It wasn't to be nice, it was because HE wanted to go through the new Saw Alive maze. I didn't want to but (as he paid) we joined the queue. It was really scary! He said, "If I had made it it would have been far better" but this was 10 minutes after his heart had regained it's usual pace. I reminded him that the girl behind me was so scared that she ripped the hood clean off my coat and that if it had been any more scary I might have ended up bald. So we gave the new Saw Alive a big thumbs up and bought a keyring. As it says on their website (http://www.thorpepark.com), "With a THORPE PARK Photo Pass you can take home four photos, key rings or magnets for only £20. The Pass is valid for the whole 2010 season, so you don't need to use all your photos up in one trip." I think you will use up all your photos in one trip but they are great memories and really good value in my opinion.

                      The toilets were clean even though they were very busy. There was a cool sink that it took me and some other girls that I didn't even know at least five minutes to work out how to use. I thought it was a cool sink, really cool infact, but you don't want people not washing their hands because they can't figure out they have to turn the tap on with their foot. Still loved it though.

                      After queuing for twenty minutes at Burger King and eating a yummy lunch we headed for a couple more rides that we loved, like the thrilling Nemesis Inferno and the more (umm..) romantic Rumba Rapids. Loved them both. The queuing for rides such as Nemesis Inferno and Colossus (with "an awesome ten vertical loops") was absolutely awful though. The queue for the SAW - The Ride was about an hour and a half (the board said 50 minutes) and it was in an extremely boring place with no music. I would have loved to hear some tunes there to take my mind off of the long queue and the terrible feetache I was getting standing in it. At this point we started to moan that we wanted Fasttrack Tickets for rides in the future. However, the ride was fantastic!

                      We had actually seen the queue for fasttrack tickets and passes and it looked worse than the queues for the rides. If we had been offered fast track tickets at the park entrance we would probably have bought some but if everyone does, it's not going to be much faster. We were overjoyed yet a bit synical that there were park officials selling fast track tickets at the ride entrances about an hour before closing time though, so we bought them for Colossus.

                      Now did I mention the refillable Coca-Cola flasks? I did? Well we looked everywhere all day for somewhere to refill our flasks. All staff kept telling us to go to the refill station at the front of the park. With half an hour left until closing time we went on a mission to find this refill station. When we found it, we were amazed to see that it was the place that had been closed all day.

                      I tell you what though, we had a teriffic time here, it's not all up-hill and down-hill everywhere so it's probably easier for parents with buggies and disabled people than a lot of parks and it's quite easy to find your way around.

                      Big thumbs up for Thorpe Park! I wonder what it's like in the summer. It might not be that much worse for queues than the time of year we went as it had just opened and with a new attraction. It would be interesting to compare a visit in March to one in August.
                      Thanks for a great day out!


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