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Liver support supplement.

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    4 Reviews
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      26.06.2009 21:36
      Very helpful
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      Live Healthy

      Yes it works

      After reading the reviews in this section and some forums I tried www.healthyliver.co.uk for himalaya Liv52. As mentioned in the other review it seems to be they are really good I tried their special offer pack 200 Liv52 tablets only for £11.99. As their promise the next day delivery reached safely and the bottles were well packed and some money saving too

      I am using Liv52 since from last one year and i am really satisfied with this herbal supplement. Himalaya Liv 52 is well recognised worldwide and if i am not wrong around 3 billion tablets sold every year.

      Lots of case study papers published to prove the supplements in different cases. To be honest with you Liv52 is a Blend of proven herbs with antioxidant properties ensures optimum liver function. Liv 52 cleans and protect the liver by the detoxification process. Liv52 neutralizes all toxins and poisons from food, water, air and medications which helps to keep a good healthy digestive system.

      Liv 52 has proved its important roles in the following conditions
      alcohol liver disease,
      pre-cirrhotic and early cirrhosis conditions,
      elevated liver enzymes,
      fatty liver conditions,
      protein energy malnutrition,
      and radiation or chemotherapy induced liver damage.
      It is safe and effective in protecting the liver.

      Liv 52 is purly a veg supplement and no side effects recorded.


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        26.06.2009 00:21
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Keep yourself healthy

        Hi All !

        Being a regular user of Liv52 here are My personal Views on Liv52.

        There are so many people still around confused whether to use Liv52 or not is there any side effects, what is the advantages, where to buy liv 52 etc etc well here are few of my thoughts about these things

        Being a regular user of liv52 it was always been hard to find reliable source, competitive price with next day delivery. After going through lots of on line stores ( normally we don't get the item or we get a damaged item ) i found a reliable supplier for liv 52 ( www.healthyliver.co.uk )with next day delivery. www.healthyliver.co.uk are offering quick free home delivery. Their special Limited offer is really interesting 200 Liv52 tablets only for £11.99 including Delivery.

        Whether you are trying for a weight loss or a body building detoxification of the liver is an important factor. Detoxification is a must in the following cases
        1. Weight Loss / body building
        2. To Rid Yourself Of Toxins
        3. Keeping The Digestive System Healthy
        4. Passing Drug Testing

        Liv52 is the best in all the cases to keep your digestive system happy. Liv52 is a Blend of proven herbs with antioxidant properties ensures optimum liver function. Liv52 neutralizes all kind of toxins and poisons from food, water, air and medications, the detoxification process cleans and protect the liver.

        Liv.52 is popular and effective among Anabolic Steroid users, heavy alcohol drinkers, people undergoing liver rehabilitation and simple health conscious individuals.


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          03.03.2008 20:25
          Very helpful



          Liver Detox - Herbally. Excellent Product

          After reading rave reviews about Himalaya Liv.52 I decided to get some. I went for the Combo Deal which was on www.liversupport.co.uk which consisted of 1 x Regular Strength and 1 x Double Strength.

          The Regular strength bottle says "Liv.52" on the front and the Double Strength has "Liv.52 DS" on the front of the bottle.

          The Double Strength tablets are slightly larger at DS tablets 8mm than the Regular Strength.

          WHAT IS LIV.52?

          Liv.52 is a liver detoxification product which is consists of a natural blend of herbs. Which has been proven to help with the regeneration and detox of the liver.

          WHO IS IT FOR?

          Liv.52 is suitable for everyone - even the normal person who has nothing wrong with him. As it's made from herbal ingredients its completely safe. Its detox properties make it a good product to use every now and again to cleanse your body.

          Research suggests that Liv.52 is safe yet strong enough to support people who has liver cirrhosis, people with a high enzyme count, or alcohol liver disease. It can help with the regeneration of the liver.

          I've even read that it can prevent you from having a hangover!


          Himsra 130mg
          Kasani 130mg
          Mandur Bhasma 66mg
          Kakamachi 64mg
          Arjuna 64mg
          Kasamarda 32mg
          Biranjasipha 32mg
          Jhavuka 32mg


          The Combo Deal (1 x Regular Strength and 1 x Double Strength) was £24.99 with free first class registered postage.


          The double Strength dosage was (from the container) "Initially 2 tablets twice a day, followed by one tablet twice a day, or as directed by your physician"


          The order was packaged in a padded bubble wrap jiffy envelope along with an invoice.


          The delivery for the product was fast. I got my order next day.

          THE RESULT

          I used the full bottle of Regular Strength and the Double - taking the full recommended dosage. I do feel a better sense of well being, and also I have an improved appetite allowing me to eat more frequently throughout the day - and in return increasing my metabolism and this resulted in me loosing 5lbs in weight!

          I can't tell you what it's done to my liver - because I have not had my blood checked before/after the trial.


          I personally preferred the Double Strength as the dosage was much less frequent.


          Make sure you buy it from a reputable store. I got mine from www.liversupport.co.uk they are the only UK distributor to stock the double strength. I have searched eBay as well and I must admit they are cheaper on there; but many of them are imports - So I don't know what I'm getting and wouldn't trust anything on there. So for piece of mind and for a good service get yours from www.liversupport.co.uk

          Also make sure the manufacturer is "Himalaya" as they hold the official license for the original formula. It just takes a quick google search to see how much copycat product there are out there.


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            12.02.2008 18:31
            Very helpful



            Backed by lots and lots of research since 1955. Has helped me with my health herbally.

            I decided to purchase Himalaya Liv.52 from the official distributors website www.LiverSupport.co.uk because my liver enzyme count was very high and I've read research about this product which seemed too good to be true - I thought id give it a try.

            HISTORY OF LIV.52

            Let me tell you a little history behind the product - it was first released in 1955 in India and now is being sold worldwide and in some places regarded as being a registered herbal medicine actually being prescribed by doctors to their patients. The ingredients are completely herbal yet very effective in their use (as proven in independent research papers).

            There are two strengths that you can purchase Regular Strength and Double Strength - I decided to go for the regular strength.


            Liv.52 is all herbal; here are the contents of each container

            (1) Arjuna: A heart tonic that has been used to support cardiovascular functions.
            (2) Black Nightshade: Supports a healthy liver, skin, kidneys and bladder.
            (3) Capers: Improves the functional efficiency of the liver.
            (4) Chicory: Increases bile secretion, promotes digestion, inhibition of free radical induced DNA damage.
            (5) Negro Coffee: Promotes normal bowel movements.
            (6) Tamarisk: Tonic and diuretic.
            (7) Yarrow: Support of the digestive and urinary functions, healing and soothing effect on the mucous membranes, regulates gastric and bile secretions.


            The Liv.52 plastic container stands at 6.5cms x 4.5 cm's and consists of 100 tablets. The bottle is foil sealed for your protection - confidence that there has been no tampering; and each tablet has an "H" imprinted on it - standing for Himalaya. The container had a 3 year shelf life so buy in bulk and save.

            THE TABLETS

            The tablets have a sweet, red coating on them and are not bitter or foul tasting at all. The tablets themselves are small at about 0.5 cm's so are very easy to swallow.


            The dosage is: 2-3 Tablets 3 Times a day

            If you decide to go for the Double Strength - the dosage is 2 tablets 2 times a day initially when starting and then you can go on a maintenance phase of 1 tablet 2 times a day.

            THE RESULTS:

            I was told my doctor that my liver enzyme count was very high - also knows as liver value count. This was due to my liver being under a lot of stress and overworking (due to what reason I don't know). I decided to talk to him about Liv.52 as recommended by a friend - he had heard about the product, and had read the research related to it and told me I can try it but at my own expense. I was happy to as it was a herbal alternative.

            After 2 months of taking the full dosage I went back to my doctor and had my blood work done - and guess what - my liver was back to new!! The liver values were back to normal. My doctor was skeptic of Liv.52 before but now is a believer.

            I now take Liv.52 everyday to maintain my liver health - as I do occasionally drink alcohol and also take medication on a regular basis it will help with the regeneration and detox of the liver.


            I purchased mine from the official distributors LiverSupport.co.uk and here are their prices:

            Regular Strength:

            £11.99 for 100 tablets (1 container)
            £35.97 for 400 tablets (buy 3 get 1 free offer)
            £143.88 for 2000 tablets (20 containers - works out at £7.19 each)

            Double Strength:

            £14.99 for 60 tablets (1 container)
            £44.97 for 240 tablets (buy 3 get 1 free offer)
            £179.88 for 1200 tablets (20 containers - works out at £8.99 each)


            Postage is free of charge worldwide, order as much or as little as you like and postage will always be free.

            The postal service they use is Royal Mail 1 st Class Recorded in the UK, and all other Europe and International orders are sent using AIRMAIL Signed For.

            I made my order on Monday morning, and it was in my hands the next day - so delivery is super fast. I went for the buy 3 get 1 free offer and they were packaged securely.


            I would recommend Himalaya Liv.52 to anyone - talk to your doctor about it, it's a herbal alternative with over 300 research papers written. I am living proof that it works. Even if you have no problems with your liver - it can be taken to detox from alcohol or impurities from food and water which are in your liver. Give it a go - as it's backed up by lots of research and been around since 1955 and most of all its all herbal.

            Upon learning about Liv.52 I have searched the internet about other people's success stories and everyone has positive things to say about it.

            MILK THISTLE

            Milk Thistle is a common supplement which everyone thinks of when they hear the words "liver detox" - well Liv.52 has been shown to be much more effective than Milk Thistle as there is a blend of different herbs proven to work with one another.


            Be careful as there are many, many other products on the market also called "Liv.52" but the ONLY registered and original formula is manufactured by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare - so make sure you check the manufacturer - don't just look at the name.


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            Liver support supplement.

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